Day 2...

I still haven't got lost in the tube. I'm actually pretty damn proud of that! ;)

Today we had a great workshop at Summit. We've been there all day. And I managed to get there in time, even though i slept a bit late.

I've seen two swedish celebrities today. ;) I've seen Zlatan (shouldn't he be in Denmark???), and Magnus Uggla.  We also went to a great place called Nox where we had dinner. And I've caught a cold. A bad one. The one equal to giving birth! ;)

Day 1...

So, now I've been "home" for about 24 hours. It's still very weird. But it is kinda nice to be in Sweden. I haven't been here since march I think. Or was it april? Don't remember. I know this is very stupid, but it's so strange hearing swedish ALL the time. I'm very used to hear it a lot. London was invaded by swedes. But this is like, everytime you're in the tube, you go; whoa, those people are swedish! Like I said, very very stupid. It would be more surprising if people didn't.

I've also made a visit at the very swedish skatteverket. I'm officially back in Sweden now. To my surprise, they let me back in! ;) The only thing that really surprised me, was the amount of info they needed. I don't have a place to stay yet, and I don't really have an address, except my temporary at Helenas place. I was caught in a Catch 22. I can't register myself in sweden if I don't have an address, and I have to register as soon as I come back to Sweden. *sigh* Eventually, I decided to give them Helenas address. I should also tell you, I got another form, just to give them my new address, whenever I get one.

I've also went to the office at Rådmansgatan. It was very nice to see everyone again. I think this is gonna be just fine. I don't have a working area yet, but in time, I'll get that... I hope! ;)

And I didn't even get lost in the tube this time around! :) I'm getting there...

The first entry from Stockholm!

I finally made it here. I'm so tired. It's been a long day. I woke up at 4:45. Anne was going home and gave me a hug. I couldn't go back to sleep and Marcus and I had breakfast at 6 am this morning. I'm so glad Robert and Jesper came in early today. I got to see them once more before I left. Mirka also came in early. The one thing I didn't like, was the fact, this flight was so early, I didn't get a chance to say happy birthday to Hanna. :( And I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to all the lovely danish. But I'm coming back... Sooner or later.

A cab to Heathrow later, I tried to check in my bags. Nope, only two allowed. Shit! I had three. I went to the desk, and I came up with a brilliant idea. I put my smallest bag into one of the other bags. That way I only had  a total of three bags. *tadaa* ;) However, I ended up paying £138 for the extra bagage. OUCH! I had to go to Oslo today. And on the plane I met to swedes who got stranded visiting their son. Stranded due to the strike of course. Very nice people, and we ended up having lunch in Oslo. Well, the airport that is. And now, I'm finally at Helenas place in Stockholm. It's been a long day, and three capitals later, I'm ready for bed! Well, a shower first! Then bed... :)

Tomorrow I'm going to see if they will let me back in the country. ;) 


Waking up in London at 6.33 am... The last pic to be taken in Hounslow.


Lunch at Oslo Airport, 14.58...


Finally in Stockholm. Man, that was a long trip...

The final entry from Perivale...

Ok, so this is it. This is going to be my final entry from this house. I'm packing up my final things in a few hours, and I just thought I'd write something here first.

I can't believe this is actually the end. Well, it's not like it's the end of the world. Things are going to be different anyway, and this move is actually very well timed. In some ways. If I got to choose, I'd keep things like they are, but that is not the way it's going to be.

Last night we had our birthday/going away party at the Roebuck in Chiswick. I'm so glad so many turned up. To all of you reading this (who were there); THANK YOU for all the gifts. I can't even remember last time I got so many things for my birthday. Among the things was an Ikea voucher, a studded guitarstrap, a nice bottle of wine, two I LOVE LONDON t-shirts *lol*, Fopp vouchers, cd's and a book written by Wolfgang Flühr. :) Thank you very much.

I should perhaps get the pics up now, but I've packed my cable to the phone somewhere and I can't bother to go through all my stuff. I'll post them later. :)

I guess Danni tried a bit too hard! ;) She got me the latest Megadeth album! *lol* But, hey! It's never too late to discover something new! *lol*

Today was the last visit to central London. Me, Per, Lucy, Mattias and Peter M met up at Tottenham Court Rd. Were it all started. That used to be our meeting point when me and Peter M first arrived here. For the last year, it's been Leicester Sq, outside Odeon. We had lunch, I had an English breakfast. A perfect way to end things! ;) We went Fopping one final time. I got Fopp vouchers from Peter W, and I just HAD to use them, right? 

I guess I overdid it a bit, but that WAS my final Fopp visit while living here! For those NOT interested in records, skip this part! ;)

Joy Division - Stil
Joy Division - Unknown pleasures
Ladytron - 604
Manic Street Preachers - Lipstick traces
The Sundays - Reading, writing and arithmetic
Nine Inch Nails - Further down the spiral
Saint Etienne - Smash the system - Singles and more

So, this is it. Tomorrow I'm shipping all my stuff to Dogge. And then it's the final day at work. I guess I'd better check the flights. I'm supposed to fly SAS on tuesday. To my knowledge, they're still on strike at the moment. We'll see what happens. I guess it's gonna be BA if they're still on strike on tuesday.

This is it. It's time to pack it up!

I'll be back. Next time I'm gonna be writing here, I'm gonna be in Stockholm.

Goodbye Perivale!


How old are you... Really?

I'm turning 35 today, and Jesper gave me this quiz, just to see how old you really are...

I'm actually 28,1 years old. My score was 15,4.

How old are you: (sorry, swedish only...)

To all the guys at work (especially Hanna who got me the goodies), thank you very much. I've had a great day, and thank you for the prezzies! I'll cya (most of you) on saturday! :)

Per and Lucy bought me dinner, we had Pad-Thai, no surprises there... ;) I also got the perfect gift from Jenny, Weronica and Mirka. Thank you very much! :)

This morning, I had to say goodbye to Noah and Josefin. They'er off for Ireland today. :( And I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to Garrett. He was at work. But I'll see them this summer in Sweden. :)

The last supper...

One week from now. I'll be at Helenas place in Stockholm. Can't say I'm not looking forward to that. But I just can't believe this is it. Tonight, me and my flatmates had our "last supper". Well, together anyway. They're leaving for Ireland on thursday. And they won't be back until tuesday. And... Well. By then I'll be gone. :/

Me and Mattias went for a final traditional day today. Lunch at Leicester Sq, a walk to the first Fopp at Shaftsbury Ave. I bought a very nice book today. Written by Ian Curtis widow. £3. That's good value for your money! We also went to check out Forbidden Planet, one last time. Who wants a lifesize Leia?


They have so much stuff in there!!! I can't believe all the merch availble!!

Now, it's actually time to pack up my stuff. 7 days to go, 3 day at work, and that's it.

Very mixed emotions about this... I don't know how I feel...


I'm good! And bad... ;)

My good friend Anna, she's the bomb when it comes to stuff like this! :)

Good or bad? That is the question! I tried it, and this is the answer:


So, that must be good, right?


Riding the bus to Ealing Broadway tonight, I noticed something. The busdrivers. We met a lot of different busses, but the busdriver only greeted the ones driving the 297! Now why's that?  They work for the same company, they must have like a big gathering like a christmas party, and they are in the same profession. Still, they only wave to the ones driving the same busroute. Isn't it weird?

I wonder if it's the same in Sweden. But I guess I'm about to find out soon. Me, Per and Lucy went to the fab Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I just love that place. Per promised me to fedex a burger every now and then. I do remember my friends back in Kalmar promising me a Christos Special sent by mail. Still haven't seen any! ;) In some ways, I guess I'm happy about not getting a cold pizza in the postbox! ;)

Some new pics from our last visit to Zoobar! :) And more...


Jake, Michael, Danni, Jesper, Veronika, me and Anna. :)


Gustav, Hanna, Danni and me.


Me and Danni the Demolisher! ;)


Me and Kristine.


Danni und Hanna. :)


Danni outside The Falcon House. :)


Danni and Michael at the Roebuck in Chiswick. :)

Jesper on Michaels new toy! :)


Me and Noah at Brent Cross shoppingcentre.


Danni and Mattias at Notting Hill Art Club. Shitty bands, like always. The worst part was this girl from Singapore who just made a lot of noise with her computer. I really tried to enjoy it, but it was quite impossible! ;)


Mattias at Notting Hill Gate.


Robert with his monster...


A closeup of Roberts MOTM Modular. :) I just looove those flashing lights!


Marcus enjoying himself at work. Yeah, we're at work!! So? ;)


Somewhere in the middle, Anna and Marie doing the very tourist thing to do. Taking a picture of Big Ben.


This is our... Well front yard. One of the neighbours daughters decided to go for a joyride, and ended up driving right through our... Well... See for youself. No, noone was hurt, bruised or beat up. I just think she might be grounded for the rest of her life! ;)


Peter has a new hobby...


And I had N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with it! ;)


Marcus and Danni at the SBS party at Movida last friday.


The Jake! :)


Marcus and Hanna. And the whole night was a blur...


Trine! :)


And finally a picture of my favourite balloonanimal! ;)

Some people never learn... Do they?

I know... All my friends know I konw. I never learn. But it doesn't really matter. Last night was fun. SBS had a big party in a VIP lounge at Movida. Very close to Oxford Circus. Free drinks and high spirits. :) And yes, my head hurts a bit. I left at midnight. But I know some of the guys were still around at 3.30 AM. I bet I feel a bit better. Well, I hope I do.

GBK! Yep, that where me, Pär and Lucy are heading this afternoon. Can't wait! So hungry!

Pics from the party is coming later! :)

No Fixmer/McCarthy

I knew it. My last chance to go to Being Boiled was spoiled by a severe headache. :( Damn! Fixmer/McCarthy + 4 is playing right now. Mattias and Pau are there, waiting for me. That sucks. I wish I was there, but it's impossible today. I just can't go to a concert if my head is about to explode. Well, that's what it feels like.

We went to West Kensington yesterday. Me, Mattias, Pau and Jenny. Sweden was playing Russia. I recently found out about the hockeytournament in Moscow. I had no idea... Sweden lost fair and square 4-2. Russa was much better. Today I haven't really done anything. No! That's not true. I've packed my Roland SH-2. It's ready to be shipped to Sweden! :) I think someone down in skåne will recieve it shortly! ;) Tomorrow it's back to work. Only two days this week. And I've only got like 10 days left at work. It feels very strange. This friday there is this big SBS party in central London. Should be fun. And before that I'm off to Old Street with Anahita. That'll be fun! :) She's been told about some resturant that is supposed to be really good! :) Now I'm off to bed! Right now....

And the winner is... (rather, the loser is...)

Just to continue my last entry.

Des'ree - Life.

Yep, it's been decided once and for all. This is the worst lyrics ever. At least she didn't write the song herself! ;)

Strange lyrics and strange ideas...

I was waiting for the district line at Acton Town the other day. I couldn't help but notice something really strange. When the district line train comes in to the platform and the doors open, the train is tilted away from the platform. That makes it harder to get on the train. If it would have been the other way, that'd be fine. Very strange. And who chose the pattern on the seats on the tube! Those are not very pretty! It just hit me...

Well, I've got some more information about my move to Stockholm. I'll try to negociate my salary a bit. I've had the same, since I got here. No raise. I think? Not sure come to think of it. Well, you can always try. I'm actually looking forward to it all now. If I could chose, I'd still stay here and do what I do, but that's not gonna happen, so... Well, this isn't all bad. It's kinda nice to go when you're peaking. Not when things start to go the other way. The only thing that worries me, that is finding a place to stay in Stockholm. But I'm in no rush. Helena has been so very kind to let me stay at her place. What would you do without friends like her I wonder... She's the greatest! :)

Me and Mattias went on our normal route today. Lunch at Leicester Sq, a stroll to Fopp, spent way too much money, had a coffee, a beer and kept walking around. Today was freezing! Well, not freezing perhaps, but a lot cooler than these past few days. Kinda nice really. Got some new movies and a few, just a few records. ;) Damn, I'm gonna miss this life. I guess it's been way too good. But if everybody got the chance to work like I do, I think people would perform much better. That's just what I think...

I read something very funny in today's London Lite... The lyrics that have irritated music fans most over the years. Whether overly pretentious, a lame excuse for a rhyme or just plain ridiculous, the words that make listeners cringe are being compiled in a chart. Examples supplied in a poll for The worst pop lyric in the world... Ever include the baffling reference to apple crumble in ABC's That was then this is now, and meek admission of Des'ree in Life: "I don't want to see a ghost... I'd rather have a piece of toast."

The winner (or rather loser) will be annouced by DJ Marc Riley on his BBC6 show tomorrow. But there is controversy over some overlooked classics, such as Elton John's apparently pointless line in Your song; "If I was a sculptor - but then again, no..."

Before you continue, I'd like to say, I know I haven't written anything really. But if I would, I'd rather scrap the song than release it... If I would have written anything like this that is.

Some really shitty lyrics:
ABC: That was then but this is now

"More sacrifices than an Aztec priest. Standing here at that leash. All fall down. Can't complain, musn't grumble, help yourself to another piece of apple crumble..."

Snap: Rhythm is a dance:

I'm as serious as cancer, when I say rhythm is a dancer.

Say what!?
Human League: The Lebanon

Before he leaves the camp he stops. He scans the world outside. And where there used to be some shops, is where the snipers sometimes hide...

Nooo, Phil, c'mon... That's not a good rhyme...
Razorlight: Somewhere else

And I met a girl, she asked my name, I told her what it was.

I'm not even gonna comment on this one...
Duran Duran: Is there something I should know?

And fiery demons all dance when you walk through that door. Don't say you're easy on me, you're about as easy as a nuclear war!

Oasis: Champange supernova

Slowly walking down the hall. Faster than a cannonball. Where were you when we were getting high?

Probably somewhere else. And staying away from drugs!
Des'ree: Life

I don't want to see a ghost. It's the sight that I fear most. I'd rather have a piece of toast, watching the evening news.
Black Sabbath: War pigs

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses.

Hmmm, I guess they ran out of words...
Toto: Africa

The wild dogs cry out in the night. As they grow restless longing for some solitary company. I know that I must do right. Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.

Pretentious? Moi?
But the worst one, all categories. That's actually a swedish song.

Do you remember Caramell? They had like one hit. Perhaps more. I tend to jump/bend/fold/scratch every Caramell record I got my hands on. This is in swedish, and I won't even bother to translate.

Ring ring jag ringer med min telefon
jag hoppas du ska svara
jag vill att du tar mig härifrån
till en plats där jag vill vara
låt oss fara dit när solen gått ner
jag hoppas du ber
Kan inte tänka på annat
än bara dej


You can  N O T  do that... This really sucks. You can't make a rhyme out of  "än bara dej, tjollahopptjollahej..."

I know there a lot of shitty lyrics out there. But these ones are some of the worst. Have you got any lyrics that could possibly be worse? Please leave them below! :)

That said, I actually feel a lot better. This has been on my mind for a long time! ;)

Readings mascot, sent off the pitch!

This is pretty funny. Last night, Reading beat Newcastle 1-0. But todays topic is the fact that Mike Riley (the ref) sent Readings mascot (a big lion) off the pitch! He thought the mascot was way too close to the pitch!

Kingsley the mascot is now hoping to avoid being suspended the following match! *lol*

Readings coach Steve Coppel said; "Kingsley looks like many of my players. I can see why the ref got confused." I should add, he was laughing while saying this.

Check it out:,2789,1058370,00.html