Sharp dressed man...

The latest addition to Sterling Cooper! ;)

Try it out:

Check out Mad Men on Kanal 5.

Leave in silence...

Sir Bobby Robson has left us. A tragic day for fans of football, all over the world.

Rest in peace...

You gave your love to me softly...

I don't believe it. I was sitting here at work, and suddenly, my nose was running. I'm sneezing, wiping my nose and I just realized, I've got a cold!!!?

Man, I did NOT see that one coming. I don't have time to get one of those knock out colds I usually get. Not now. Perhaps on my vacation, but not now damnit!

Had carbonara for lunch. I'm sleepy, sneezy and full. I should go to bed. Really, I should.

If you've just spent like, 30 seconds reading through this, it was a complete waste of your time. Sorry about that.

This is what I look forward to:

They came from the shadows. Release, Sept 15. If you're curious, check out these as well:


You should also check out The Lillingtons. If you only listen to one album. Make sure it's this one:

Drive my car...

I've seen some of these before. These are just some really lucky people...

Check it out

You trip me up...

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept staring at the wall. Then it hit me. This is one of the coolest record sleeves I've seen.

I think it's great. It's probably a photo taken from the You trip me up video. I have it on VHS (remember what that is kids?) somewhere. I haven't watched it for a decade. Or more.

Finally I went to sleep. Woke up, even more tired than when I first hit the sack. Strange. Let's blame it on the weather. 34 days to go...

I really do need a vacation.

Now then... What's for lunch?

Oberkorn (It's a small town)

Much like where I'm at right now.

You know what? I wish I had something interesting to write for a change. I don't. Really I don't have anything useful at all. I could spill my guts and complain about a number of things. There is no point in that. Why do that? I guess I don't have the need right now. I've done it before. Nowdays, I tend to think about things once or twice before I even go there. There are always people in much more need than you.

Oh, I do have something interesting to write about. While riding the bus today, I started talking to this girl sitting next to me. It turns out she is working for SIDA. Making sure all the money people contribute to various causes in Asia, actually gets there. And something good comes out of all the work. That's so cool. She told me a lot about Bangladesh even. It turns out she'd recently been there. Her parents is working or has been working for better education in Bangladesh.

I wish I had some kind of important job. Sometimes I do. I love what I do, even if some people say it's not a real job. It's not, but it's fun and it pays my bills. But to make a difference in peoples lives. That would be so cool. What I do, isn't that importat. It's only tv. Imagine making a living, while you make sure people in need get the help they require. That's awesome.

Sometimes I think I should re-evaluate what I do for a living. When I was doing radio, I tried to make people laugh (not very successfull) and to teach my listeners something every day. It's like being a distant cousin or just some smalltalk on the way to work. Making people feel good. What I do now, isn't close to that. Please notice, I'm not complaining here. I do love my job. Perhaps I could do something else too on my spare time? Just to help other people? I've got all the things I need. So why not try to give something, whatever it may be, to people in need?

Sometimes it helps, by just being a good friend. That's where I'll start. I'll try my best. That much, I can promise you all.

Astro zombies

Man, I'm tired. I was supposed to go out for dinner with Leo and the crew last night. It was his birthday. I totally missed out. I had to stay at home. A sneak attack by the horrible Migraine. That's what you get if you don't sleep, eat and drink properly. It amazes me, I'll never learn the lesson. However, I'm doing better today.

Today I'm actually headed for Kalmar. Just for the weekend. I'm gonna hook up with Jo & Garreth who are visiting from London. It's gonna be great. I haven't seen them in such a long time.

Now it's time to pack it up and head for the bus. I'm not gonna go for the Ringarum special tonight. That's all I can say. And that's the top advice today. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

I tried to give the Floyd Rose tremolo a go. I actually got it in tune after watching a few other videos on youtube. However, I did manage to snap the G-string once more. Now I have to do it all again. I'll probably change the whole set. My second advice today, while changing strings on a FR trem, make sure you have a spoon and a 9 volt battery close by. It'll make things so much easier. You also need an Allen keys set and a small screwdriver if you need to change the springs on the floating tremolo. And patience. A lot of patience.

The Guns'N'Roses song Patience just made a whole lot of sense. That's what it's about. Changing strings on a Floyd Rose trem guitar? "All we need is just a little patience!"

There you have it.

Check it out!

A pic from the 80/20 Rule remix recording session.

Tell that girl to shut up!

Last night, me, Fredrik and Sara went to the movies. We were going to check out the latest Potter movie. It all started out well, until about 10 seconds into the movie. Just infront of us, there was this moron family. Mom, dad and their son. The son didn't understand english, and he coudn't read either. Mom and dad were so nice, translating every word at the beginning of the movie. Then this kid got impatient and started speaking loud, "what was that?" "Who is that?" "Why did he do that?"... I tried to be gentle by going "shhhhh". It worked for about 3 minutes. Then it kept going through the whole movie. I tried to tap the chair infront, he took no notice of that. I tried to tap his fathers chair, he didn't care... Finally I gave up. I don't know what the movie was like, all I could hear was this kid infront of me.

Just a small advice, next time, bring your kid to the swedish version. Do not go into a cinema and explain everything to your son. That's just ruining it for the rest of us. At least try to explain to him what "SHHHH" means. Or teach him to shut the fuck up when you're at the cinema.

You know what? I think I'm in a bad mood today. That's pretty rare. I'm gonna make the most of it! ;)


It may be 20 years old. It might not be the best design. There are several other options. But I do love this one. The Jepster bought it for me. (Over the years, he has bought me countless items off Ebay...).

Finally, it's mine! The 20 year old Boss GL-100 Guitar Driver. And I paid less than £100 for it. It's got one of the nicest distortion harmonics I've heard. All thought I should confess I haven't heard that many. But this one, I really like!

If it's good enough for The Jepster, it's good enough for me! ;)

Cheers mate! :)

Baron Lördag!

This saturday, me an Peter went to Sjätte Tunnan. Satans Kadaver had their release party for their brand new ep.

The party was good. And the set they performed... Well, it was very cool.

Have I got the shittiest camera of all or what!? Check them out

A good party all in all.

The Ade's at Gullmarsplan.

Bobby is on vacation.