Don't lose your... Arm...

This is what really went on...

Robot Chicken

What's going on?

There is something very strange going on here...

Check it out!

In chains...

Got it today. It's a shame it's not very good. And how the hell am I supposed to fit it in my collection!? All I need now is the normal CD, the Limited CD and... Well, I think that's it really.

What is that?! A PG12? I've never seen that before on a Depeche Mode album.


This is pretty cool. Fredrik Strage is talking about the new Depeche Mode album Songs of the universe AND The Mobile Homes - Today is your lucky day at Nyhetsmorgon.

Check it out
here. You'll also find the link to TV4.

The Beginning is the end is the beginning.

We went to Sugarbar last night. Club Ultrafoxx hosted the Rupesh Cartel releaseparty for Anchor baby. Yes, finally it's here for the public to enjoy. You know where to get it. ;) The gig went great. I was dead tired from the long trip from Åre. I decided to leave the party at 2 am. Åre was fun. Snowmobiles rule! I know I'll probably never get one, but if I ever get a chance to drive one again, I will! And so should you! We had dinner at Hummeln on friday night. It's located pretty remote. They drove us up on snowmobiles, and it was pretty windy. The food was great, and the ride down the mountain was pretty scary, and cold!

Today I've splashed £1300 on new furniture, I've paid some bills and I've been a good boy and done my laundry. I can't believe I'm gonna do my last laundry here at Östermalm next sunday. The serious relocation is getting closer by the hour. I can't wait. I've decided to stay in Stockholm for now. I've bought a flat, and I think it'll be great. It was expensive, but it's gonna be worth it. I'm sure. The only thing that's missing is my stuff from Kalmar. I went there last week to pack everything. Thanks to Cim it's well wrapped in plastic. :) I expect the stuff to arrive a few days after my move. And I also need to get my stuff from my current flat over to my new address. It'll work out. Several people has told me they're willing to help me out. And that's just brilliant.

Tonight was the premier for the new Filip and Fredrik show Söndagsparty. I thought it was pretty good. Marilyn Manson and Jonas Gardell in the same sofa. That's pretty weird. And cool at the same time.

Some random pix from my shitty phone.

What?! Someone actually trashed the machine at work? Naah... It can't be.

This is the one they should have used! ;)

Aah, that's just great. Free paper. ;) Bobby is full of great ideas! :)

Smurfs invading Kungsgatan in Stockholm.

Like I said. More smurfs invading...

Like I also said, Bobby is full of great ideas! :)

What a brilliant idea! I'm considering inlisting their services when I'm leaving my current flat! :)

Stockholm during the first touch of spring... It's magnificent...

Hasse during the trip to Åre.

The view from the balcony at the hotel in Åre.

Going to the snowmobile experience.

No, there wasn't that much snow by the road. But just a few minutes away....

It looked something like this!

Alex on a snowmobile!

Thérèse, Hasse and Johan.

The next day, some went skiing. We tried hiking. Not very willingly...

The reason... You could see the end of time... It was very windy, you could see for miles, and I was longing for a shower.

We had lunch at fjällstugan.

The final shot of a sunny day in Åre.

I'm phoning a friend, and he says that...

A great review by Fredrik Strage.

Today is your lucky day

Goo goo muck!

Tonight was quiz night a Pet Sounds Bar. There weren't that many teams around this time. I think it was 20-ish. However, we actually beat Shaolinköping for the first time. They finished 8th. We finished at 6th place. It was really hard tonight. But we did really good!

Next time will be even harder. Mårten & The Slappers won, finishing at 170/270 something points. Looking forward to it already!

Somebody told me...

Can't wait. I've so looking forward to the last ever Tinitus festival. Klinik and Portion Control. It's gonna be great. I hope. We'll see. At least I know I've got good company. :)

This sunday, I'll be on a bus headed for Kalmar. I need to pack up my stuff at my fathers place. And I need to make sure he will get a new kitchen table. The one he's got is mine, and I need it back. I'm gonna buy him a new one. I can't wait to get the keys for my new flat. My biggest investment so far. And probably the biggest one I'll ever make. Until that day I can actually buy a house. ;)

Now comes the fun part. I need to shop for new furniture. I'm gonna keep my bed and the kitchen table. The rest is going to be spanking brand new. I'm gonna try to keep the number of pieces in the flat to a minimum. I still need to find some way of storing my records. I'm thinking of designing it myself. Ah well... We'll see. It'll work out.  It's a good thing I've got skilled friends!


Scary... I've been on the roof today. A small shoot for an upcoming case. We'll see if they think I'm goodlooking enough. I doubt it. Shit, just realized I forgot to shave today!

Photo by: Louise Wiker

People are strange...

This is just... Well, I'm kinda lost for words really. See for yourself. I found this article in The Telegraph. Exactly what were they thinking?!

20 ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers.

How people talk...

Finally, they're here. Pre-order your own copies today. Release date: April 15.


Fake plastic trees...

I know what day it is today. But I can assure you. This is no prank, no hoax, no lies or anything like that. This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

I just bought myself a flat. Yes I did. It's true, cross my heart and hope to die! That is if everything is working out the the bank and such, but there shouldn't be any problem. Just a few small pics, more will follow. And no, these are not my things...

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