I've got nothing to write about. It's all been work, and nothing else. The bathroom is slowly getting back to what it once was. Still need a shower curtain though. I think they might buy loads of them and take care of it soon. I hope. I'm tired of the bathroom getting all splashy and stuff.

Anna was here last week. It was nice seeing her again. I can't believe I didn't get the chance to hang out with her during my three weeks in Kalmar this summer. Well, that's what you get when you go on holiday in september. Next year I'm going for 2 weeks in june and 2 weeks in july. Why? The World Cup of course!

I need to get away from here for a few days. I'm gonna check out some flights bound for London. I really need to go there soon. I can't believe I haven't been there since May 2008. I have a few days off coming my way anyhow.

Tonight I'm gonna check out Kurt Olvars Rebeller at Snövit by Skanstull. I haven seen them perform live since way back in 1998. I can't believe it's been 10 years. I remember seeing them while playing a gig with Metallhundarna at Alcatraz.

And now I need to attend to my laundry. The laundry at my house is shot to pieces. The machines doesn't work, there is no way of drying your clothes and the place is a mess. I need to do it by hand. That's even more boring than doing it the "normal" way. But you do need clean clothes, right?


Me and Fredrik went to Annexet in Stockholm last night for the Massive Attack concert. It was fucking awesome. I've been to a lot of concerts. My favourites include Depeche Mode at Scandinavium 1988, IAMX at Debaser Medis 2008, Therapy? at Hultsfred 1992 (I think it was 1992, could have been 1993), Nine Inch Nails at Hovet 2007 and Ramones at Hultsfred 1992.

I'm adding last nights Massive Attack concerts to one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to witness. It was great!

A shitty camera takes shitty photos. Doesn't matter. It was great!

Blue in the face...

I'm worried. I don't know what to do. I wish I could do something, but it's really out of my hands. Sometimes I feel like a really bad friend. I'm trying my best. I am.

I've finally moved back into my flat. It's been almost two months. Can't believe it's been that long. Thanks to two good friends of mine, I've had another place to stay for a few weeks. I could never thank them enough for taking me in. I'll try to figure something out to show them how much I appreciate them for doing that.

The place is still a mess. It's dust everywhere. There's no way of doing laundry. I still need a place to put my stuff in the attic. However, I've got running water in the bathroom now, and I don't have to take a shower in the basement. That's a good thing. I'm happy to be back, but there is this whole situation with my friend, that takes all my energy. I am so worried, I can't function properly. I just wish I could do something. I don't know what. But I HAVE TO do something. This isn't working.

Some might say, you shouldn't care that much. It's got nothing to to with you. I say, wrong. If you've had someone in your entire life, and that person is in distress, do you turn your back? No you don't. You do whatever is possible. That's what I'm trying to do. I know he'd do the same for me.

I'm swamped at work. I'm swamped at home. I'm swamped everywhere. I need to sort this out.

All I do is worry.


I'm sorry mate. I didn't know what else to do... The only thing you should know is; I did what I did because I care. That's just it. I can't let it slide and do nothing. I just can't. I never could. You might even hate me for doing this, but I had to. You can't expect me to do nothing, you know me better than that. You of all people should know that.

I am sorry.

Push me, shove me...

I went by my flat yesterday. It's getting there. The bathtub, sink and toilet are all in place. No water yet. They still have to take care of the rest of the drainpipes before it will be working properly. And then it's the electricity. Big cables everywhere. I hope they will hide the a bit more than this, because right now, it looks horrible.

So, this is what it looks like now:

There's no mirror yet, as you can see. It's getting there. There are some small stuff to be painted in the hallway. The kitchen is all done, I think. I hope I'll be moving back there next weekend. Living in Liljeholmen is okay, it's just that I miss being at home. At MY home. I haven't been living there for almost two months now. I left mid august. Well, they said 6-8 weeks. And I think we're at the end of week 6 now.

Inspite all misery, autumn and the lack of warm clothes... I think I'm doing rather well. It was nice going back to work. Even though nothing was working on friday, because our workflow is from another dimension. It's not meant to work like that. I didn't mind. It's rather good to keep myself occupied with other stuff. And I think it's working.¨

Last night, me and Fredrik went to see Camera Obscura at Strand by Hornstull. I'll be honest. It wasn't that good. It wasn't bad, just not my cup of team. Not my type of pants. The guy who was warming up the crowd, he was cool. Magic Harm, or something like that. I didn't catch his name. He did the same thing that swedish chick was doing. Playing stuff, recording it, and playing something else over that. And so it builds into quite complex rythms and melodies. The songs weren't that great, but it was very cool live.

After that, I went home, found Mehdi on the couch paying his new favourie game on his iPhone. I watched the end of High Fidelity, beat Mehdi three times in NHL10, and went to bed.