White china...

I'm at Jen and Weronica's place in Chiswick Village. A very nice area with lots of trees and buildings. Approx 10 minutes from the Office where they both work. It sounds like it's a pretty quiet area. Ok, so they do have the District Line just around the corner, but I don't mind that at all. It's great to be here.

Today I'm gonna try to find "The Hacienda - How not to run a club" by Peter Hook. That is the only thing I want to bring back to Sweden. But Foyles was out of stock. I'll go through the rest of the shops in Soho.

I've got a pretty bad cold. My nose is blocked, AND running at the same time, and I'm running a fever. Doesn't really matter.

It would be nice if I could lose my headache though. It could be worse. A lot worse.

Hairdresser on fire...

I forgot to mention this last night. The Hotel where we are staying, it's really really strange. The corridors are massive and to be able to find your room, you have to navigate through a maze. I'm not the only one who got lost here. On my way down to breakfast, another guest was looking rather lost and asked me: "How do you find the reception?" Now we're off for Chiswick Park.

Eaton rifles...

No, I'm not in Eaton. It's closer to South Kensington really. I'm at the hotel right now. We had a nice dinner and some drinks too. To start with, our flight was delayed from Arlanda. Like 50 minutes or so. But we got on our merry way, and two hours and fifteen minutes, we touched down at Heathrow Terminal 5. I've never been to T5 before. They were just about to finish it when I left for Sweden. Tomorrow, we are off to Chiswick Park for a meeting. Then I'm gonna see some old friends and stay here until sunday. Great!

For sale!

A nice Simmons SDS 800 kit. A friend of mine is selling it. If you are interested, contact me.

And yes, the kit on the pictures is the item up for sale.

Astro Zombies...

My old mate Petter stopped by the office today. It was really good seeing him. I don't really know when I met him last time. Must have been sometime during the summer of 2008.

He gave me the silly clip of the day.

Check it out here!

I had to go to the police today. I've lost my passport. I just can't find it. I must have misplaced it somewhere. The policewoman at the counter was really helpful and understanding. I've got a new one coming my way early next week.

If things go as planned, I'll be flying to London next week. That will also mean I will miss the Ultravox concert. That sux...

But I'm really looking forward going to London again. I haven't been there since May 2008.

Buffalo gals...

I just got the very sad news. Malcom McLaren, the former Sex Pistols manager has died from Cancer.

Malcom McLaren, Jan 22, 1946 - April 8, 2010.

The world is suddenly pretty vacant. RIP...


Or something quite similar to it. I don't know how to be off work really. I guess I've forgotten how. I know, this is something that would be filed under luxury and things you shouldn't even have to think about. Not even once. I'm just not that good at doing nothing at all. My plan was to simply exist in the space time continuum. In some ways I have, in other ways, I haven't. Doesn't really matter. I'm doing fine. I really needed to get out of Stockholm for a few days. And I find Kalmar rather beautiful anyway.

I know, it's not very green yet, but it will be! I remember coming here as a kid and doing a lot of unsucessful fishing. And losing a lot of rods too. And bait. Come to think of it, I was nevery really good at fishing. I did enjoy it though.

I remember me and some friends playing poker, staying up all night. We were going to catch the fish by surprise by being there very early in the morning. A great plan. We thought. This was the same evening Denmark beat Germany during the 1992 European Championship final. We were amazed they beat Holland in the semi final a few days earlier, and we thought they'd be toast playing Germany. That didn't happen.

Back to the fishing... We ended up going fishing at the break of dawn. We didn't get any sleep what-so-ever. I remember my first throw. I tangled the line, and it was a too big of a mess to get it untangled, and I was out of the game. That's apporox 2 minutes after arriving. The other guys had the same issues and we ended up leaving the place after just 3 or 4 minutes of action fishing. Such a sad sight. Remember, if you plan to go fishing, check out the area. If you can see the wires anywhere in the area, do not stand below them. Chances are your fishing line might hit the wire (may it be a telephone line or worse like electric), and then you'll be in a mess. I know, because I've actually done it. Luckily, it was just a simple telephone line.

I can't remember when I've ever written such nonsense like this. I do hope you didn't finish this story. It was of no use at all.

I guess this is what might happen if you shut down your brain function for a few days. You end up doing what I just did. And for no reason at all.