Sounds of the universe

I can't believe it. I just had to buy it....

On April 20, Depeche Mode releases the deluxe box of their brand new album Sounds of the universe. I'm not a big fan of the first single Wrong. Still, I just had to go for the £59 box deluxe edition of this record. *sigh* When will it end? Or where will it end?

The deluxe box edition contained so much more extras, I had to get that one. I was choosing between the normal limited 2 disc version and this one. This edition had demos of old songs. More behind the scenes material and some other stuff I can't remember. I'm such a nerd. I know I will eventually go out and get the "normal" limitied edition as well. I probably will. And the normal, normal edition too. I think I'll stay away from the vinyl. At Mute Bank, they had this offer, where you could buy all the editions at once. You saved like 4 quid. That's just stupid. If you have such an offer, you should be able to save more money than that. 4 quid! That's not even a pack of fags!

I was also gunning for 4 Fad Gadget albums on CD. Fireside favourites, Incontinent, Under the flag and GAG. I had to hold back, and for the first time (while ordering records online) I felt quite grown up. I made the decision NOT to get them all. I will save them for another day. I used to have all the Fad Gadget albums, 12" and 7". I think I kept the Singles collection. The rest is gone. I bought this great collection two years ago, and I don't really miss the other albums and singles at all. I'm too impatient to listen to 12 inch versions anyway.

If you don't own anything by Fad Gadget, this is all you need. This one is great! Get it here.

Sounds of the universe is named STUMM300. That's pretty impressive. Album No 300 released on Mute Records. I remember having the first 50 and I was quite proud of this collection. I also had the first 50 7 inches. No, I was missing a NON 7 inch... But I do remember having the rest! 

I rememeber a time when a brand new Depeche Mode album was the greatest thing in the whole wide world. Now, it's more like... Ah well... Should be interesting... Things change. And so does people.


Yep, that is the title of the new Depeche Mode single. If you haven't heard it, you will find a clip at Youtube. Not gonna bother to give you the link even. The new much anticipated single from the Basildon trio was a huge disappointment. Well to me that is. Perhaps it's just my taste that has gone off into an entierly different direction. Still looking forward to the new album I guess. I know I'm gonna buy it. I bought Dave Gahan's second solo album last year. Or the year before that, can't even remember. I don't think I've listened to it yet.

Same goes for the new U2 single. It's not very good. I'm gonna check out the album anyway. It's just kinda weird. All the stuff you were so excited about. All the new records you used to look forward to. It's not very exciting anymore. I'm more obsessed with buying old stuff. Things change... Not aways for the better...

The Mobile Homes is doing a gig in Gothenburg this saturday. If you haven't seen them yet, go to Storan and check them out. It should be a good concert.

Lips are silent...

We went to Strand (I think it was called) on friday. Close to Hornstull. Kamera had a showcase gig. I've totally missed their second album. The new one sounds a bit different. I've never seen them live before, but it was not too bad. Me, Rickard and Leo went to a winebar at Slussen. There we hooked up with Johan Kinde. He's very nice. Very funny. Kinda weird to hang out with him. Now I'm just looking forward going to Prague. And a visit at the end of March. Now I need some coffee... I suddenly realized why I've got such a bad headache. I haven't had any coffee for 2 days! That must be it!

Bikini girls with machine guns.

On Feb 4, 2009, Erick Purkhiser died from a pre-existing heart condition. He was 63 years old. He is probably more known as Lux Interior of The Cramps!

The creautre from the black leather lagoon... R.I.P.

Brain scraper death dive

I've seen DIF beat Timrå 4-1, I've had a few beers at Republik, and I've once more got a sore throat. It's a strange world.

So, let's make it even more strange:

Now you know...

No heart...

So the Robert Marlow concert wasn't tip top. But it wasn't bad either. I think you could say it was a 3 of 5. Sugar Bar is a nice place.


Look what Bobby just made for me. My own traffic sign!

Now that's nice...

The More you ignore me, the closer I get...

We actually did it. Yes we did. We went to Pet Sounds Bar last night for the monthly music quiz. It's always the same. We go there with the best on intentions, just to find out we don't really have what it takes. However... The first time we went there, we ended up at the bottom. So far, we haven't finished last. Then I think it was 13th place, last time 11th place, and this time, we actually ended up at 10th place! No. There wasn't 10 teams competing. There was actually 38 teams finishing the quiz.

We did really good. Considering the quiz master Andreas was occupied with something less important than the music quiz. We did really well without him! However, it's pretty clear we lack the knowledge of hip-hop.

Still, I'm very proud of what we managed to do last night. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns... We are on the rise!

Tomorrow I'm going to Sugar Bar. Robert Marlow is doing a gig at Club Ultrafoxx. Not a great fan, but I've got nothing better to do. Why not? They do have beer.

We had a few beers here at the office last night. We ended up playing Buzz. I won twice, and I'm currently the champ of the K5 office! I really should get a life...

Only love can break your heart...

Going back from Gothenburg, Börje gave me the latest edition of Q. I found this fenomenal list of break-up country song titles. Just listen to this:

01. I've been flushed from the bathroom of your heart - Johnny Cash
02. Here's a quarter (Call someone who cares) - Travis Tritt
03. She's acting single, I'm drinking doubles - Gary Stewart
04. My wife ran off with my best friend and I sure do miss him - Wayne Carter
05. You're out doing what I'm here doing without - Gene Watson
06. I've got tears in my ears (From lying in on my back in bed while I cry over you) - Homer & Jethro
07. You're the reason our kids are ugly - Loretta Lynn
08. Tequila makes her clothes fall off - Joe Nichols
09. She's got the goldmine (I got the shaft) - Jerry Reed
10 If drinking don't kill me (Her memory will) - George Jones.

I'm phoning a friend and he says that...

Friday Feb 6, 20:50

I've seen a lot of movies. I've seen a lot of shitty ones. You know a movie is really bad when you get hang ups on the cast. I've been forcing myself through Transporter 3. I really can't recommend this one. It is really really bad. The first one was ok. The second one was not very good but entertaining. This last one (yes, let's hope they never make another Transporter) was really bad. I've been watching Mythbusters. Cars don't explode while falling off a cliff. Unless someone is shooting at it with a minigun. No, this Is just a really bad movie. Stay away. It's a movie about garbage, and that's just what it is. Garbage. The only good thing is the soundtrack.

Sunday Feb 8, 18:40

I've had a great weekend. I've just been to Gothenburg for a Metallhundarna reunion. It was fucking awesome too see them all again. It's been years... We all swore it's not gonna happen again. Ivan invited one of his friends. He brought along several beers of different kind, and we got to try some of them. It was really cool. He told us why they tasted the way they did, and also a bit about the history about the beers. We had some really good ones. It was very interesting. We had a blast all weekend. Even though I suck at bowling, and poker! It was so good to see the guys again. I hope I will be the host next time around. First I need a place of my own. All in good time. It'll work out somehow. Ivan had a great apartment. It's a shame I didn't get to see his son and girlfriend. Next time. I'm looking forward to it already.

My next trip will be to Prague. I get to go to Promax this year. It's gonna be cool. I ‘ve never been to Prague before. I'm stoked.

Metallhundarna 2009

I think most of my friends know I support Arsenal. However, I'm not gonna mention todays draw against Tottenham. No, I want to pay a tribute to Ryan Giggs. Yes, I don't have any problems appreciating players from other teams. No, I don't have to say anything bad about any team. (Except for Chelsea of course...)

Ryan Giggs started out in Manchester United in 1992. He has scored goals in every season ever since. In todays match against West Ham, he was the only scorer. Imagine that. He has scored in EVERY season the past 17 years. I'm impressed. Giggsy, U da man... All day long. Now, this must be some kind of record?

And oh... Here is a picture supporting the fact I suck at bowling. Just look at my score. You might say I've got some ups and downs...

See for yourself:

And no. I didn't get a third strike in the 9th... And HCP 0? I've got loads of them!

Never understand...

Spotify is still not too bad. I've only lost a few tracks so far. I guess it's gonna be worse. Still, it keeps me floating at work. Today I've been going through this one:

There was actually a few versions I didn't have. I'm gonna get this, put it on the shelf and probably never listen to it. If you have almost everything, you need to make sure your collection includes this magnificent collection of rarities & b-sides.

The name says it all: The power of negative thinking. Scotland must be a dull, dark and depressing place.

Last night we went to Wirströms for the quiz night. You can't reserve a table and that's why we went there at six o'clock. Just to get a table. We found one, that said reserved, and that usually means it's been reserved for the quiz. Because you CAN'T reserve a table. We orderd food and drinks, waited, waited, waited and then waited some more. When we do get our food, we're told we have to leave. The table has been booked. Which you can't. But it's been reserved. How is it possible to reserve a table if you can't?

The first waiter was really sorry about this. The second waiter was more rude than sorry. We had to eat our cold burgers while standing at a piano. The place was packed. There was no way in hell we could get another table. It took the edge of everything. We left the place and went for a few beers at another place. To sum it up. Someone reserved a table, which you can't. The food was cold, took a very long time to get, and we were told we had to give up our table, at the same time we got our food. No refund, no real excuse, no nothing. Not very professional if you ask me.

I'm just annoyed we paid before we got the food. I would gladly have walked out without paying. I'm not even sure I'm going back there. I won't eat there anymore. That's for sure.

Tonight I'm headed for Gbg. It's time for a Metallhundarna reunion. It's been a long time since we were all together. It's gonna be great. I'm really stoked!

The cutter!

Sometimes things go wrong.