I don't need to say anything, right? :D

2nd place, now that's something to be proud of! Well done guys!!!

No goals!?

Just because Freddie left Arsenal, there was no report of the fab score from last night on the swedish channels. *HMPF* I was watching the Barcelona game last night, and really, they should have scored. However they didn't, and Arsenal scored 7!!!!!!! If you're interested in watching the goals, here you go! :)


Stay away from room 1408

I went to another great Noble Entertainment preview last night. (Cheers Leo!) I've um... Seen this movie before, but it's always nice to go to the movies. This was however different from the one I've been watching before. A bit shorter scenes here and there, but not in a bad way. I still think it's pretty good. And to watch the peoples reactions... That's priceless! :)

And I will never ever stay in room 1408! ;)

Resident Evil: Extinction

Me and Hasse went to see this flick last night. If you've seen the other movies and played the game, you'll have a good time. I had fun. Milla Jovovic is very cool. Even though this isn't a 10/10, more like a 5/10, it's not bad in any way. What you want when you go a see a movie like this, is some good scary moments and to get your adrenaline pumping. I promise you, there are some great moments here. :)

I don't think it'll be the same to watch it at home. If you're going to see it, check it out at a cinema. Just a thought really...


It's working, it's working, and oh, is that a floorboard?

The weekend has passed by. I guess sunday was the most productive day of them all. I went up early, did my dishes, cleaned the place up, a bit of hoovering, walked to work, did my stuff at work, went by Megahype and there we put in a new floor. Well I can't really take credit for it, but I was there and I helped out. Later I walked home, did my laundy and that's basically it! Not too bad! :)

I also finished my first project with the software that gave me a few problems. And thanks to Tobbe, I just made the hole a bit wider on my Teenage Bottlerocket records, and it now plays beautifully. :) So, the first album to be converted from vinyl to mp3 was Another way! And it sounds great!! :)

Oh, more good news. London, watch out! I'll be coming your way soon! :D Tonight I'm going to see my old partner in crime, Camilla! :) Haven't seen her for a long long time! :) I don't think I've seen her since the Radio Match reunion this summer.

NO! A turntable is NOT a synthesizer! ;)

C'mon dude. You've gotta do better than that! ;)

I was trying my best at ripping a few vinyls last night. However, I can't i was on term with the software. First of all I had some big problems installing the software. After a few hours I finally figured out the problems, and I got my first vinyl going. Teenage Bottlerocket - Another way. This is a limited edition of their debut in an ugly pink vinyl. And it wasn't really working. It kept sounding out of tune. I think it's because the centre isn't really 100%. I'll try to make the hole bigger or something... Very annoying. And after recording a few songs, it was time to cut the tracks using the brand new software. It was totally the other way around from what I'm used to. So I deleted everything and went to bed! ;)

I'm gonna give it a new try tonight. Tonight mission is A Split Second! :)

Vinyl for the future...

Look at this beauty! :) Finally I got myself a proper gadget to covert my old vinyl for use in the modern world! ;) And it was cheap too. I only paid £100 for this one. Normal price is around £200. Half price!! This unit has USB for excellent connection with a computer. Great stuff. You even get software for cleaning up the sound after it has been recorded onto the harddrive. I've been looking at different brands, and this was probably not the cheapest one, but it was still a bargin. Very solid! Designed in England and manufactured in China. Not sure what to make of it, but I'm very happy with it.

Last night was quiz night at KGB. We didn't do too bad, but we were not doing great either. However, we didn't finish last! ;) I realized I don't have any clue when it comes to new music. The quiz was split into 4 different parts. Surprisingly, we did best on the 90's part. And I can't believe I didn't get the Adam & The Ants: Young partisans. *gaaaaah* Well, next month, we'll be there for a re-match!

Leo and Mattias continued over to O-Baren, I went home. Had to get some sleep.

Tonight I'm ripping A LOT of A Split Second! :)