Moz speaks...

Just read something really funny about Morrissey! According to True To You, Morrissey declined a generous offer to reunite The Smiths. Not even £35 million would make him do it. Johnny Marr had to be in the band, and there was supposed to be at least 50 concerts around the world. Morrissey, who actually is a vegetarian said (accoding to True to you);

"I'd rather eat my own balls..." Now that's integrity for you. Especially coming from a vegetarian! ;)

Why isn't there...

just one type of bag for all the vacuumcleaners of the world? Just one type! One fit all. If anyone could develop one of those, he or she would be rich! You've gotta clean, right?

Just came home from Debaser Medis. Me, Leo, Rickard and Sasha first went to Berlin bar? Dunno the name. Somewhere on söder. Very close to medis. I also me Frida from work on the way to the bar which name I can't remember. We continued over to Petsounds Bar. Very nice place. We hooked up with Hanna and Olivia. The music was a bit too loud for my taste. Overall, very nice. Close to midnight, we went through the doors of Debaser. I must say, it was a very nice place. Nice people, nice atmosphere and good music. There was this band... The Sunshine. It was their release party. Can't say what they sound like but I guess it was ok. I also met Daniel from Eskobar. Very nice dude.

Now I'm off for bed... You' d better believe it. ;)

Instant messenger lovesong?

Just saw this guy on The Jay Leno Show. This is very funny... :)

Tony Wilsons 24 hour party has ended...


Photo © Kevin Cummins

Thank you...

Black Sheep - The Violence of the lambs...


I went to the sneak preview of Black Sheep - The Violence of the lambs last night. Noble Entertainment had a preview at Sture Biografen. That was so much fun. It's not the best movie I've seen, but it's very much in the same category as Braindead or some early work of Peter Jackson. Imagine a LOT OF flesh eating, bloodthirsty killerlambs! *lol* I thought it was kinda cool! :) Afterward we went to a restaurant for some snacks and beer. I got to meet a lot of cool people! :)

I'm NEVER having lamb again though! ;)


This is from the entrance of the cinema! :)

Nine Inch Nails at Hovet, Stockholm 070807

Damn! I know some people think the last concert here in Stockholm was better. I wasn't there, so I must say I really enjoyed myself! It was awesome.


Knutte and Bööööje in good spirit! :)


This is before the concert, not too many people here.


During the show!


The final pic... There was only one encore. Hurt... I just wonder why they didn't perform Closer?! Overall 4/5. Klinge said 3/5... Well, I have to disagree, I wasn't at the last show.

A Kraftwerk tribute! :)

Velli fanny staff... ;)

Delays, delays, delays and a crazy german...

Everything was running according to plan. I got on the train leaving Kalmar at 17:07. However, when we got to Alvesta, there was a one hour delay. The connecting X2000 from Malmö was one hour late! That became 1 hour and 20 minutes, 1 hour and 40 minutes, and finally 2 hours flat. The train arrived at Alvesta at 20:20. Did the train depart? No way! On the train was this drunk german guy. He had no ticket and no money, and he refused to get off the train. It's true. We had to wait for 40 minutes. Finally the police came and took care of the guy. He was furious. We arrived in Stockholm at 00:30, instead of 21:30. At least I'll get some money back...

The trip wasn't all bad. I met this dude on the train, and we shared a lot of interests. Very cool guy. At least I had someone to talk to. I mean, I couldn't watch any dvds anyway!

Now, I'm very tired and I'm off to bed!

On a train... Not in a car...

On a train, bound for a wedding?


First of all. I'd just like to say, I wasn't supposed to go by train. I was supposed to go by car. However, Peter got pretty sick, and he had to go to the hospital. I just like to say I hope everything is going to be fine. I got pretty worried you know?


Well, I'm a firm believer of good spirit, and I prefer to see things in a positive way! There are no problems, only possibilities. That is actually very true!


Ok, so I'm sitting on the X2000 bound for Kalmar. I was looking forward to this. I was going to watch Se7ven. However, my laptop had no intention to play the damn movie!! I don't know why, it worked just fine when I went home just a few weeks ago. I haven't made any updates, no new installations. No nothing. Isn't that weird?! I've used that dvd/cdr, hmm, well, perhaps a few hours. That's it. Shouldn't it last a bit longer? That's what I thought. Obviously not. I've seen it before. Some DVD players sometimes just won't play a cerain disc. My won't play anything. It's not that I don't get any pictures, I don't get any sound! That is even more weird. So, here I am. With the slowest of the slow internet connections. This one just manages to run messenger. But that's it. No more than that. And I really shouldn't tell you how much this ticket cost me. Almost twice as much as it usually cost. But hey! I'm telling you! It's totally worth it. I've missed so many weddings due to various reasons. I'm not gonna miss this one. Well, that's my plan anyway. You never know. I prefer to look at it in a positive way!


Luckily, I just downloaded a lot of "sommarpratare" from the SR website. It's great. Just a few seconds of music. I don't really care for the music anyway. But it is interesting to hear what kind of muisic the host has chosen. Right now, it's a NAKED (?!) Mauro Scocoo! I can recommend Filip and Fredrik. That one was very funny. And Martin Kellerman. He may not sound very happy, but he has some great stories. It's like hearing a Rocky comic. :)


Ok, Alvesta is coming up. Better power down!


15 minutes later!


DAMN it's cold! Isn't this supposed to be summer? It's freakin' august?! Isn't it? Feels like late September, early October, late april or early may!? Brrrrrr FREEZING!


It's a good thing I brought some warmer clothes. I know some people laughed at me for bringing my jacket. HA! In your face!!


 Sunday 5th of August.

That was a great wedding. We had loads of fun, and a bit to eat and drink. I had a great time. I'll post some pix later. There are already a few on my facebook. They had Rekyl playing at the party. Those guys are tight. Tighter than a pair of spandex pants! ;) Rodster went up on stage and sang a Bryan Adams song. The Dutch are very very cool guys. Carla, the girl sitting next to me, she's crazy! :) We had a blast. Now I'm gonna pack my stuff and get ready to go down to the station and ride the iron horse back to Stockholm...


I must be among the most stupid people on this planet. Perhaps in the entire known universe... I just sent 10 sek to my english bank account. Just to make sure it's gonna be alive. They close it if there is no activity for two months. I was planning to send more, but I just sent them 80 pence. The cost? About £11.... THAT'S PRETTY EXPENSIVE FOR 80 PENCE!!!! *DOH*

Tonight we're going out for dinner. It's Helenas birthday. :) Tomorrow, I'm hopefully on my way down to Kalmar for Mikke and Danas wedding. That should be fun!!! :)