Fopp is GONE!?!?!??!!??!

I can't believe it... They've closed Fopp!? Per told me it was my fault for leaving.

Honestly, they've closed Fopp!!!!

This is a very sad day... :(

I never should have left...


I really like travelling by train. I really enjoy this. For the first time I've brought my laptop and I'm actually writing this while we''re passing Södertälje.

I'm also quite relieved. It looks like I'm not going to have to travel by bus. The track is closed from Transås and further down south. I'm only going to Linköping, and from there, I'm going by the sucky sucky kustpilen. By the way, Kustpilen, roughly translated, Arrow of the coast. Well, the name is somewhat misleading. I think it should be called something like The Snail of the coast. ;)

I had lunch with a friends, just before leaving for the station. I was quite amazed about the behaviour of some people. At the restaurant, 4 couples of Swedes, obviously on vacation were raising havoc. They were loud, unfriendly and just very annoying. I felt bad for the poor waitress who had to deal with them. They weren't happy with anything. The beer was too warm, the food was too cold, it didn't go fast enough, the tables had the wrong colour, the napkins were folded in the wrong way.. Well, you get the picture...

Now I'm going to the bistro to find something to eat! :)

And thought it was bad in England...

Rain. And lots of it. Could that be something that will sabotage my vacation? Well it looks like it today. I'm supposed to be on a train tomorrow, going down south. However, there are no X-2000 between Stockholm - Malmö today. All the trains are suspended. Due to heavy rain. I got used to trains not running while living in England. But this? Last time I went home to Kalmar, I had to get a flight instead of using the train. Then it was due to storm. Has the weather in Sweden become so bad you can't trust transportation? It certainly looks that way.

Well, it's not all bad. Today, my stuff from England is finally arriving. I miss my guitars. I miss my computer. Later on we're off to the cinema. It's Leo's birthday.

Last night, I met up with Ebba. It was so nice to see her again. :) She got a few prezzies. I got her Santa Jack and a book full of poems by Tim Burton! She already had that one... But she was very happy with Santa Jack! ;)

Oh, my stuff is here!!!! :D

I'm having lunch with Leo in about an hour. Better unpack. :)
A few hours later...

Ok, if you want violence, explosions and a bloody Bruce Willis, Die Hard 4.0 is something you have to see. I must say I had fun! :)

I was talking to Mattias in London today. He told me District line derailed today! I shouldn't complain about being forced to travel by bus tomorrow when I'm going home...

In the middle of summer?

Ok, I'm officially on vacation! For three weeks! Midsummer was very very calm. Went to Gunners place. Didn't really do anything. I've also tried to do some workstuff from home, and it works perfectly. No more going into work and setting the alarm off by mistake! *phew*

I've had a great day today. I met up with Leo and Mas. We went for lunch at some very nice place close to where I work. I had the chilichicken pasta. Very tasty! We went to check out the latest Quentin movie, Death proof! I loved it! After the movie we went to medis for a late dinner. Later we went to the studio and I got to hear a few tracks from their forthcoming album. Sounds very promising.

A perfect way to end the weekend. :)

My stuff from London is arriving on wednesday. That's gonna be great. I miss my guitars. On thursday, I'm going back to my roots! ;) It's gonna be great to go back to Kalmar for two weeks. :)

I'm back in business!

Finally. After living without the ability to surf, mail and chat at home, for almost two weeks... I'm glad to let you all know, I'M BACK! :D

Helena was kind enough to lend me her old modem. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'm looking forward to get the wireless running. Too many cables here! ;)

Today I visited Liljeholmen, where Helena lives. I got the modem and we had a nice sushi. Mmm... raw fish! ;) I love it! :) The one at Gröndal is great.

I should really get some work done, but that's not likely to happen. I'm off to bed. I'm very tired. And no, no celebrity spotting today. Don't know where they're all hiding! ;)

Mattias in London told me that he and Pau is off to see The Jesus & Mary Chain! *AAAAAAAARGH* Now I really miss living in London. JAMC and Kraftwerk are the only two bands I'd kill to get to see live! No, I'd never kill, but I would really really really like to see them. I guess NIN at hovet will have to do...

This is the first post from my new flat in Stockholm. I must say I reallly enjoy living here. I do miss London a lot. And I miss my friends even more. :( But this isn't bad. Not bad at all. It's good to be back in Sweden. And Stockholm is really nice. Well, we will see what happens in the future. I might stay or I might go back to da UK. We'll just have to see.

Oh, I had lunch with Hanna today! :) It's always nice to see her. She was at the office here in Stockholm to check out a new version of what's on or something like that. Dunno really. I think it might have something to do with television! ;)

Chaos, fighting and Stina Dabrowski...

Last night, Hammarby beat Djurgården 2-0. I was watching the news on TV4 and there was this segment about the chaos at Östermalm. I thoght, hang on, that's where I live!! It turned out they had gone berzerk at The Londoner, a pub you can almost see from my kitchen window! And I didn't even notice!!!! There were a lot of policemen around, and they MUST have made some noise? Can't believe I didn't hear anything.

I ran into Stina Dabrowski on the tube last night. Man, she's tall!!

And for all you people, not from Sweden, this could be a treat for you. This is the translation of the names on the tube in Stockholm. ;)

Enjoy! :)

Rain... And lot's of it.

After yesterdays rain, I almost felt like I was back in the UK. I didn't mind at all. :) Me and Helena went to Sundbyberg to visit Gunner. I tried Guitar Hero, and my worst fear came true! I sucked!! Big time! ;)

Todays link:

How about a Star Wars gangsta rap? :D

London visiting...

Today it's saturday. I'm at work, waiting for the playout to recieve the info they need to update the playlist for tomorrow. I'm very very tired. Me, Jenny, Lena, Peter and a few other guys from the office in London had a nice evening at an Irish pub last night. It got pretty late. But it was fun! :) We had a nice lunch first, lots of champange, went back to work just to finish up a few things, and later we had our friday beer. The company I work for do that every now and then. Very nice actually.

I did get some pics from the lunch and evening last night. My stuff should arrive next week, and I'll put them here as soon as I get my computer going.

Phone... Yeah?

First of all, I've finally got a home number. Officially aproved of the swedish imigraion! ;) Finally! I was worried they wouldn't let me back into Sweden. ;)

If you want the number, please send me an e-mail and I'll consider if you're worthy or not! ;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My former mates from work in London is coming here. We're going to enjoy a nice lunch, zip som champange and just have a good time. It's gonna be so great to see them again. I know it's only been about three weeks, but I really miss them a lot.

I was talking to my father last night. I kinda forgot to tell him I got the apartment at Östermalm. I do remember telling him I was going to check it out. I can hear he is happy I'm back in Sweden. You can tell from the sound of his voice. I don't think he worried while I was abroad, but you can tell he is... Well, glad I'm back I guess.

Todays best link:

A Star Wars spoof on Cops! :D

A good reason to avoid a rollercoaster...,2789,1091731,00.html

This is exactly why I don't do rollercoasters... ;)

(Swedish only... But I think you'll figure this one out...)

Day... Whatever... ;)

Sunday. Way too warm. But still kinda nice! :)

Me and Leo went to Mehdis place last night. My first swedish "grillkväll"!! ;) Very nice. I've also moved in to the place that's going to be my home for the next year. I must say, I like it a lot.

Haven't done anything really exciting. I've been working a lot this weekend. And me and Leo also went to a very nice tapas place on Sveavägen. My former co-workers from London, they're coming here this week. It's gonna be so great to see them again. :D

And oh... Paris is back in jail! I must say, my faith in the american justice system is now restored. At least a little bit...

Day 9... (This is getting stupid...)

Still, I'm sticking with the plan to reach 100 before making my final judgement of Sweden! ;)

I've actually done a lot at work today. And Henrik orderd my Mbox today! :) Niiiice.. I'm getting my own Pro-Tools rig! :D I just hope I'll get that damn computer soon. As far as I know, HP still haven't deliverd. That's bad... I know I'm gonna need it tomorrow. And to all my fans out there *yeah right* ;) I'm back on-air friday night, 19:59...

Paris Hilton?

I knew this was going to happen. I'm not going to say anything, only, this shows celebrities DO get a different treatment. The american justice system is a joke. First, they cut her sentence. Then they let her go home after 3 days in jail. Wow, that's some hard jailtime!

But this also proves she's nothing but a rich girl who can do whatever she wants. Wow, imagine the power!

I just wonder if the people with the free paris t-shirts are jumping up and down now... The must be pleased.

Fuck that...

Tomorrow... I'm finally on my way to my new apartment! :) The place that's going to be my home for the next year at least. :)

Day 8...

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! :D

I've got a place to stay. I've got a place to put my stuff!

The people I wrote about yesterday called me back today and told me the place was mine if I still was interested! :D U BET I WAS! These are the very very nice guys I met yesterday. Down to earth, relaxed and... Well, people you instantly trust and really like. :)

I'm going to live, (and I can't believe it) in a very nice part of Stockholm. Östermalm. Approx. 50 (?) meters from my front door, there's the tube! :D I can walk to work from there!!!

Nice weather, a nice tour of SBS Radio, a signed contract and lot's of sun. I couldn't ask for more! :D


Day 7... One week in Sweden.

So, my first week has passed. I've been here for 7 days. Today was my first day at work, actually working. I now know how to operate the alarm at the office. That is good to know. ;) I think I remember anyway. I hope... Perhaps. I'll need it on saturday...

I've also checked out the first apartment. I didn't get it. But they were very nice people. And I'm their 2nd choice. I'm going to Gärdet tomorrow for another. We'll see what happens. I'm off tomorrow. I'm gonna meet up with an old friend who used to work for Hit FM Växjö. Mr Hansen is going to show us the SBS headquarters. Should be fun. Haven't been at a radiostation for a long time now.

7 days in Sweden. I do miss London sometimes. I do miss my good friends, my "family" and the things we used to do. This however, isn't that bad at all... What I really like, is the fact you can walk almost everywhere! That is great. You don't have to ride the tube. In London, no way. I wonder how much time I would need to walk from the office in Hounslow to Perivale. No, I don't want to know. ;)

Stockholm is a nice place. So far...

Day 6

First day at work in Stockholm. I must say, I'm in no way disappointed. I've had a great time today. A Pro-Tools introduction, meetings, lunch and champange. That's not too bad, is it?

Tomorrow I'm off to check out a flat. A very expensive one, but it's very very nice. I really hope I'll get it. Cross fingers, toes and what ever you possibly could cross....

Oh, and I've got a new telephone number. E-mail me for info if you haven't got it yet! :)


Day 5

Ok, I feel better. A nast cold made me stay very still for a few days. I guess the air is too clean for me here. It takes a while to get used to that. I actually did go outside yesterday. Had to get something to eat. I went to the local sushiplace around the corner. They've got a brilliant yakaniku. And Sami, the guitarist in Kent lives very close to that place. Celebrity spotting, swedish-style! *lol* Stockholm is a very small place. I do think I like it. But I really miss London. I miss meeting up with my friends at Leicester Sq... Having lunch... And go wild at Fopp. :( I really miss my "family", friends and... Well, living in London. I can't say this sucks, but I know things will be better as soon as I've got my own place. I really enjoy spending time with Helena. But I want a place of my own. I've registerd at a few places and I've been offerd a few flats. One was £730/month. That's not too bad if you'd be on english salary. I'm not anymore. They've cut my pay a lot. £730/month is like 10.000 SEK/month, and I couldn't afford that. Well I could, but then I'd have to eat noodles and soup for the rest of my life. Don't want that lifestyle. Need a bit more quality.

We'll see. Today I'm gonna meet up with Camilla. Haven't seen her since I went back to Kalmar in March. I'm really looking forward to see her again! :)

Day 3 and 4...

Day 3. Well, didn't do much yesterday. I've got a bad cold and fever, dripping nose, my head is aching and I guess I'm in the state where men almost give birth. ;)

I was out all day. Not out, out. Inside out. That's being very still under a blanket. You get it, right?

Day 4. Stil ill? No, that's a song by The Smiths. I thought I'd go to Kungsträdgården today. But I'm not. Not at all. I'm not going anywhere. I must get better soon. Monday, that is the first day at work. That's gonna be... Interesting! :) I'm looking forward to it. Even though I do miss London a lot. :( And I miss my "family" too.