It is nothing...

I just stumbled over a new band. And they're quite cool actually. Thanks to Dennis at Rundgång. Check them out at Spotify. They're called A Place To Burn Strangers.

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Nope. It has nothing to do with that. This is just todays "interesting" facts.

Check it out.
The history behind computer related symbols and stuff.

Paper wings...

I feel bad for Adrien Brody. I like him as an actor. Why was he cast in the shit movie The Predators? One of the worst flicks I've seen... I think he might regret that one. Ok, AVP 2 was worse... But this one is reallt bad... I even think he might regret he agreed to take part in this movie. At least I hope he does... It's really really bad...

From despair to where...

Can't sleep. I was checking out the nightlife last night with some friends from back home. You know your night is about to end when someone pukes on your shoes, right? No, it wasn't me. I don't drink. Just some drunk idiot we passed by. I can't wait to get back home to Stockholm.

I just read an interesting article in Aftonbladet. It was about Roger Nelson, Prince, The Symbol, Victor or The Artist Formely Known as Prince. I don't know what he's called nowdays, but let's just make it simple and call him Prince.

His new album, 20TEN is not avaible in stores or online. Only with some kind of magazine. (Like The Ark I guess. And I quite like their idea).

Prince decided to refuse the rights for his songs for youtube and iTunes. Because internet is not what's hot anymore. And he got in some sort of argument with iTunes about them wanting his songs in advance before they pay him.

This means, this guy is so loaded, he doesn't care if he sells any records or not. Imagine that. Or he is plain stupid.

I am a record collector. I love the physical media of a vinyl or CD. But I totally understand why some people choose to keep all their records in a digital form. It will only take up space on your harddrive. Not in your livingroom or where every you may keep your records. I do get that. I'm not for it, but I get it.

My experience tells me, iTunes actually works. And people buy stuff from there. But by all means, Prince, if you wanna have people downloading your songs without paying for them (because they will), be my guest...

And the rest of the people who would like to go to an actual recordstore to get your new album. Well I guess they can't either. It's nice to see someone trying to make their records avaible for people to buy.


In the cat-egory for stupid stuff this week, we have a winner.

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Brain scraper death dive...

I don't know where to begin. My mind went blank. My brain stopped working, and I said stuff I actually didn't mean. Which is something I don't recommend. This cost me way too much. I don't even have a clue why I did what I did. I just did it. And it hurt like hell. I think I might have had one of the worst nights of my life.

I do care. I do give a fuck. But that's just words. Just like the ones I said yesterday. Which makes me sad. I shouldn't have. I wish I hadn't. But I did, and nothing can change that. This sux. So, what words do apply and which doesn't? How are you supposed to know? No one can, I suppose. And you can't take them back either.

I am empty. I guess it's too late to apologize anyway. What is done is done, and now I will have to live through this. It's cause and effect, all over again.

*87 days without snus
*97 days as a vegan