Kernkrach and beyond.

For years, I've been keeping track of all my record purchases at Last FM. Last FM is being re-designed and I've lost all the info for 2015. They can stick it. I will stop using all their services and keep track of all my stuff here instead. 
So, here is the first post. 
Last weekend, I attended the fifth annual Kalabalik på Tyrolen. It was freakin awesome, and I even bought some nice records. I even got to buy some stuff from Mr Kernkrach himself, Jürg.LP
Kollaps Records in Stockholm is a great place where I've met some really awesome people these past few years. Come to think of it, most of the people I hang out with these days, are people I've met there. 
Ok, so this is what I bought today.
LP Mängelexemplar - Heim und Garten
LP Dada Pogrom - Kolophonium
And I might as well add the previous stuff from 2015.
7” Uppgång & Fall - Uppgång & Fall
7” Ra - These Days/Prism
LP Stry & Stripparna - #4
LP Pets Or Food - No Romantik
12" Raba Hiff - FRBFRT STHML
LP Chromagain - Any color we liked
12" Agent Side Grinder - This is us
LP Veil Of Light – Ξ
LP Psychedelic Furs - Psychedelic Furs
LP Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves
LP Etage Neun - Once
LP Seppuku - Under Your Control
LP The Devil & The Universe - Imprint Daath
LP The Devil & The Universe - Haunted Summer
12" Ra - Remixes
MLP Celldöd - Pulsdisco (grå)
7" Flowers Must Die ‎– Psykjunta/Pärsonligt Söund
LP Nag!, The ‎– The Nag!
CD VA - Kollaps #2
7" Nowhere Is The Lion - (Nowhere is) The Lion
12" The Beautiful Losers - Same
LP XTR HUMAN ‎– Atavism
LP Discodeath - Discodeath
LP Född Död - Studie i närhet, Längtan och besvikelse (White)
LP Silent EM & Ortrotasche - Common Loss
12" Kord - Absence of fear
7" Nina Belief ‎– Feel The Feast
LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Walk and crawl
LP Funeraria Vergara ‎– Después De Un Día Antes
12" Camera – Système Solaire
12" I Break Horses ‎– Faith
12" I Break Horses - Denial (White)
LP Sad Lovers And Giants ‎– Epic Garden Music
LP Demon†ré* ‎– Masculin / Féminin
LP Cat Rapes Dog - Life Was Sweet
7" Dreamweapon - Body Electric
MLP Oil In The Eye - The Surgical Fatherland
12" Frak - Alice in Acidland
12" Kreidler/Automat Snowblind/Escaped/Berlin wall
LP Soft Metals - Lenses (Remixes)
2LP O.Children - O.Children
2LP Hurts - Exile
2LP Kent - Tigerdrottningen
LP Sad Lovers & Giants - Feeding The Flame
LP Metro Decay ‎– Υπέρβαση
LP VA - The Thing From The Crypt
LP Mass – Labour Of Love
LP UV Pop - No Songs Tomorrow
LP Minuit Machine ‎– Live & Destroy (Black/white marble)
LP Agent Side Grinder ‎– Alkimia
LP Cassandra Complex - Satan, Bugs Bunny And Me
LP Marsheaux - A Broken Frame (White, ltd)
12" Hemgraven - Sanddyner av glas
LP Blipblop - Noll Fyra Arton
LP Sine City - Such A Fragile Thing We Are
LP Operation Blue Eyes - The Sound Of Breaking Glass
LP Kingdom Of Evol - The Second Coming Of Pleasure & Pain
LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Barrowlands Live
2LP Cortex - Spinal Injuries
7" Distel - Nord
12" Veil of Light - Head/Blood/Chest
LP Daybed - Weird sailing
7" Sturm Café ‎– Koka Kola Freiheit
2 x 12" Sturm Café - Europa
7" Beast - Människan
7" Nightmen - Girl for you
LP Bent Spanner Arty Banner - Same
LP The Soft Moon - Deeper
7" Wedding Present, The ‎– Meet Cute (Welsh Version)
LP Pure Ground - Standard of Living
7" Claus Fovea - Cyanide
7" Kardinaljävel - Jesus
LP A Split - Second ‎– Stained Impressions
2x12" Cabaret Voltaire: 2x45
7" Veil of Light - Cold skin
12" Kite - VI
LP Vanligt Folk - Jag har utvecklat mig till både en hund i en katt
LP The KVB - Mirror Being (Clear)
12" Youth Code - A Place To Stand
7" Nitzer Ebb - As is
7" Stadion Der Jugend - Väktare av mörkret
7" Vicious Pink Phenomena - My private Tokyo
7" Devo - Satisfaction
CD VA - Electronically Up Yours - Anarchy In the E.Y
12" James Ray And The Performance - Mexico Sundown Blues
12" The Smiths - Heaven knows I'm miserable now
LP New Order - 1981-1982 (Clear)
7" Pure Ground - The Arsonist (Gold)
LP Hante. ‎– Her Fall And Rise (Clear)
LP Västerbron ‎– Idiotologi
LP Petra Flurr + Modernista ‎– Download Selbstmord
LP Nicole Sabouné ‎– Must Exist
LP Sally Dige ‎– Hard To Please (Clear)
CD Hellvoxters - Hellvoxters
7" The Mobile Homes - Don't give up
7" The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of love
12"A Split Second - Scandinavian Bellydance
12"A Split Second - Mambo Witch
12"Portion Control - Rough Justice
12"The Weathermen - Daytime TV
12"The Weathermen - Once For The Living
12"The Weathermen - Take it off!
12"The Neon Judgement - A Man Ain't No Man...
LP Click Click - Bent Massive
12"Siglo XX - Till The End of The Night
LP Siglo XX - Flowers For The Rebels
LP Signal Aout 42 - Pro Patria
LP Sleeping Dogs Wake - Understanding
LP Imiafan - Neurozone
7" Tata Technikk - Bláskertel Flakka
10" Container 90 - Roller Derby Girls
LP Alles - Post
LP Selofan - Verboten
LP Diskoteket - Det ska se ut som slutet
What can I say... I love vinyl...