Liberal animation or Animal Liberation...

It's been a long time. Been trying to clear up stuff that has ben lagging. Lesson number one. Never trust anyone. It doesn't really matter if someone is insuring you over and over again, they wouldn't rip you off. That's just words. Nothing else. I should have know better. Today, they are all so clear. Everything is very clear. If you actually do believe some people are liars and thieves, they probably are.

I can't say I'm surprised either. I was just hoping to be wrong. I wasn't. Not at all. it was worse than I imagined though. That was a surprise!

So, in short, never trust anyone! If you choose not to, you will be fine. It's not the way I would like to live my life, but it's the only way to be sure it won't happen again.

However, life is much better now. In every aspect. I decided to award myself by buying a new guitar. (Well, for the second time.)

So, here it is. I would like to say, it looks amazing!

This is the fab Gretsch G5120 lim ed in white. It is awesome. I'm getting to the point where even I am starting to think, I might have too many guitars. I bought myself a new Fender Jaguar HH earlier this year. It looks just like this:

That was my christmas gift to myself. I guess it doesn't count. But I will seriously try not to buy any more guitars now. Even though I must admit, I am planning on building my own Fender Telecaster here:
Warmoth Guitars.

I have also decided to let some of my old analogue gear go. I don't use them anymore. I will probably save some of them, but the Roland brothers, they will have to go.