Final entry, 2007

So, that was it. Two weeks deep down south. I had a really good time. Been trying to catch up with some old friends, and actually made a few new ones too. We went to a small pub last night. Had a great meal and good company.

Oh, I have to mention this. A few days back, I spent a few hours hanging out with Muddi at Videobolaget. I actually ended up, helping him out. Everytime someone tried to ask me a question, I just pointed at him and said; I wouldn't know... I'm just the intern.." Next time, I'll demand a badge! ;) (Next time I'll check my spelling... Thanks...) :)

I also met an old friend, I haven't seen for, well, close to ten years. It was so cool to see him and his family. He is is headed into uncharterd territory. He is going into a fishy business... ;)

There are always people you wish you could have spent more time with. And some people you really wish you met at all. It's hard to make it work. I was on vacation. No real plans, but the rest of my friends, well, of course they're busy with their own lives. It's not like they're gonna drop it like it's hot, just because I'm home. That's not going to happen. And I get that. I'm just glad I got to see as many as I did. Miss you guys a lot already.

It's also nice to know, some things never change. Some places are exactly as before. And there is some strange kind of familiar feeling when ever you step into that place.

In some ways, I do miss Kalmar a lot. In some ways, not at all. I know for a fact I don't really live there anymore. Still, there is this weird connection to that small place. Who knows. I might return one day. I don't know for sure, and I kinda like not knowing. I can tell you, I woulnd't mind at all. I think. I guess. I don't know. Right now, I'm glad to go back to Stockholm. But what I'm really looking forward to, is going to London. It's just one weeks vacation, but it's gonna be so great to see the guys again. And I'm really excited about the FA Cup game to.

I spent x-mas eve at Josefin and Garretts moms place. It was great. Cajsa bought Böna a new boardgame. I felt a bit bad about kicking their ass. ;)

Christmas day, we went Cajsas place, and Garrett got drunk! :) We tried singstar and Guitarhero. Brilliand. We went to Lilla Puben and tried to get into Söderport, however, that was full packed. We decided to call it the day, and for Garretts sake, that was probably a good idea! ;)

Now I'm headed for Stockholm. I'm on the train right now, and i think we just passed Nässjö. A few more hours, and then it's SUSHI!

I guess this will be the final entry for 2007. I think I should try to sum it up in some way.

I started out living in London. Anna and Marie came to visit me in London. At the end of May, I moved back to Stockholm. I turned 35. I went to visit Bianca i Berlin. Danni came to visit me in Stockholm. Hmm, what else. I didn't really do that much this year. I think probably 2006 was more exciting. However, the end of 2007 wasn't bad at all. And I just hope things will evolve even more. We'll see. Time will tell. I'm not in a hurry. New year's will be spent at Megahype. That should be a blast. :) Sometimes, it's strange how things turn out.

Let's just hope 2008 will be even better.

Love you all....

Happy new year!

Happy x-mas...

So, this is it. It's christmas eve 2007. Last year, I spent it in London. This year, Kalmar. I wonder where I'll be next year. That's the interesting aspect of life. Isn't it? You don't know for sure! Do you? I kinda like that. I enjoy not knowing. I hope I get to spend it with my friends or family.

To all my friends and loved ones... Merry X-mas! :)

I'm finding it hard to relax around here. I guess it's due to the fact I don't really have a place to stay. Well, I have my fathers place, and that's fine. But there is something rather disturbing, living in a room full of boxes. It's stuff everywhere. It's even worse than my room when I used to live at home. Believe me, I had stuff... EVERYWHERE.
My dad is great. And very patient. He's so kind to let me put all the stuff into that small room. But he got a car out of it. I hope he'll enjoy it. I realized I hardly ever speak of my dad. For the record, I couldn't ask anything more from him. He's just great. It's rather nice to be back in Sweden. He just turned 70.  And it's good to be around. I never knew how long I was going to stay in the UK. I wish I had some more time while I was there. But now, I'm happy to be back in Sweden. I'll always remember the good times in London. I don't have one single bad memory of the place. It's very nice to feel that way about a place. I'll always treasure it.

I'm looking forward going back to Stockholm, and even more, going back to London. Finally, some proper vacation. Mr Nolan bought us tickets for a FA Cup match! We're off to see Watford - Crystal Palace. Now, that's not very exciting you might think. Hey! It's the FA Cup! I don't care which teams are playing. I'm just there for the atmosphere.

Tomorrow I'm gonna see the Mc's. :) I'm really looking forward to it. They've been so kind to welcome me into their family. I can never thank them enough. That goes for the entire family. Well, I guess I have to try to get some sleep.

Just a final thought:

Christmas hasn't been the same, ever since my mom left us. I think of her almost every single day. I still have push myself to visit her grave. I try to tell myself, she knows I'm thinking of her. She knows I miss her. She knows.

My mom was great! She was stubborn, clever and always had a special glow. Man, she was a great mom. I just wish she knew how much she meant to me. I had a really hard time seeing her getting worse. Í wish I spent more time with her.

Just to put it into writing; Mom, I miss you a lot. There are so many things I never told you. I really wish I had.

All you have to know is; I love you, and I always will.

Merry x-mas mom...

The picture speaks for itself...


I also bought a small Vox AmPlug. I tried the same soundsetting on my Epiphone Les Paul. There is so much more bite coming from the Gibson. I knew there would be a differance. I could never imagine it would be like that. The Epiphones are great. But the Gibsons are way better. Now I understand why they cost twice as much. I could do with my Epiphones. But I'm really glad I bought this guitar. It's not only beautiful. It sounds great too. I can't wait to get it up to Stockholm and plug it in to a real Marshall amp...

Gibson Goth's...

A few years back, Gibson decided to build a few other Goth models. These are however quite rare. I've seen Tim Armstrong play a Gibson ES 335 Goth (see picture below). I'd love to get my hands on one of those. As far as I know, Gibson only made these during one single year. I wonder why. The SG, Les Paul, Flying V and Thunderbird IV has been in production for years. There is also the ES 135. I'd love to have one of those as well. :)

Dream on...


The Gibson ES 335. A real beauty... Isn't she? (I'd like to point out, I'm not sure guitars are female. But fom great shape of it... It must be... Right?) :)


The Gibson ES 135. Also very nice...

One more... Just couldn't let it go...

I bought it. I got myself an early x-mas gift. I got the Gibson SG Goth. I just couldn't help it. I'm getting it tomorrow. If anyone is interested in a Clavia Nord Rack 2, please let me know! :)

I also made my Korg MS10 complete today. One of the knobs has been missing for years and years. I've been looking for a replacement for a very long time. Finally... It arrived yesterday. And today, I got it in place. :) Here is the proof! :)


Note the missing knob for the External signal.


No longer missing! :)

Now, that was really nice. Very surprising, but very very nice!

So, I've been here for a few days now. Things will be a bit easier now. My father finally decided to get with the hi-tech groove. He was still on modem until a few hours ago. It's about time. :)

I've been trying to meet up with friends and loved ones. I think I've done well so far. :) I've had lunch with some of my old mates from work. I visited Mats & Ylva for some sunday afternoon football action. Liverpool - Man U and Arsenal - Chelsea. A very very nice evening. And.. Well... So far I'm really pleased with my time here. :) And I hope i't getting better.

Tonight bound for Läckeby! ;)

AND, I got the missing knob for my MS10. :) I'm gonna install it next time I go to Böööööjes house! :)

Now, I have to decide if I should get myself a nice Gibson SG Goth or to leave it in the store where I found it. My Nord Rack 2 is in trouble. I'll never use it again... I think it's... Well, I've almost decided. I think I should. Well, if I'll get a fair trade. I'll do it! :)

Vacation, day two.

I did make it down to Kalmar. Two hours late. Twenty minutes later, I called Italia, got myself a Christos Special. The first Christos I've had in more than a year. Man, it was probably the best pizza I've ever had in my life.

I'll never have a pizza from another place. Ever. My stomach is paying the prize for the pleasure. Not doing too good today. And somewhere along the way, I managed to pick up a very stubborn cold. I think the bug hit me somewhere around Linköping. ;)

So far the holiday has been great. Some minor disappointments. Sometimes I guess you've been looking forward to see people more, than they actually do. Bottom line, you've been missing them more than them missed you.

It really sucks. It's no longer a minor disappointment.

SJ sucks... Donkey something something something...

I've always been for the eviromental choice of travel. If I'm able to go by train, I will. However, last time I got on a train. I was 5 hours late. This due to a broken train from Malmö. History tends to repeat itself. Today, we're already 45 minutes late, and I've only been on the train for 2 hours. This means I'll never get to Alvesta in time for my train headed for Kalmar. No way. I bet i'm gonna have to go by bus! I hate that! I really do. I don't like it at all. This is however far from the end of it. No no no... The train is broken. It's not enogh we got stuck behind a slow train. It's got something to do with comfort I guess. Normally X2000 leans into the banks. This train does not! Not even close... *sigh*.

Prepare for a bumpy ride. Thank you very much. Next time I'll drive!

BUT, I won't let this get to me. I'm on H-O-L-I-D-A-Y! :D

I'll have it strange...

New Modern Angels latest release is a remix EP. Believe it or not... My contribution actually made it! :) I am surprised about this. I never thought my first Reason experiment would end up like this. Support your local New Modern Angel. :)

Check it out. :)


We are Motörhead... And we play rock'n'roll...

I don't really have to say anything, right? Man... That was loud. Louder than anything I've ever heard before. It was good. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. And I probaby never will. :)

We missed the first 3 songs by D-A-D, still, we got to see some of the old stuff. The new songs, well, nah... Not for me.

All in all... A great show. They don't really move... ;)


"You won't believe, what I believe when I'm alone..."


"If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you..."