A few months ago, I supported Art Fact for a kick starter. I got the result today. It looks great. Haven't had a chance to spin it yet...

12" Art Fact - Closure

Legacy of brutality!

I really need to get my The Misfits collection in order. I should at least have all the studio albums, right?

LP The Misfits - Legacy of brutality


Yeah. I turned old. I can't believe how old I am. I decided to celebrate this by buying a few new records. What else...

LP Play Dead - Caught From Behind
LP Bad Religion - No Control
LP Bad Religion - Against The Grain
LP New Order - The Peel Sessions
2LP TM404 - Acidub
LP Millencolin - Pennbridges Pioneers
LP Millencolin - True Brew

Då som nu för alltid.

And so here it is. The last studio album by Kent. I've only spun it once today, and I can't really say anything about it. It's not bad. But I guess I'm not a big a fan as I used to be. I don't really know the last three or four albums to be honest. I have them, but I've hardly played them. I should really do that. My good buddy Fredrik got me a ticket to the last show at Tele 2 Arena. I wouldn't want to miss out on that. That should be pretty cool. I lost my CD version of The Misfits Collection II when I moved from Östermalm. It's not missing anymore...

2LP Kent - Då som nu för alltid
LP The Misfits - Walk among us
LP The Misfits - Collection II



Last night, Kent invited all their fans to Eskilstuna to listen to the new and final album by the band. It's being released tomorrow. My buddies F and F went there and they say it sounds a lot like the two latest releases. I haven't really listened to Tigerdrottningen. I guess I should do that. I got the red 7" today. Figured I might as well get it...

7" Kent - Egoist


I got this great album in the mail today. Dennis at Rundgång asked me if I ever head of Nej. I said no, and he just sent me the great album. It's like a mix of Swedish and Finnish. It's awesome. Noises post-punk at it's best.

LP Haul - Separation
LP Eagulls - Ullages


Ghost Dance...

My good friend Jesper has a very nice habit to introduce me to new artists. A few years ago, he introduced Ghost Dance. I picked up a super cheap compilation today.

LP Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust
LP Sveriges största singel
LP Sveriges största singel II
LP Sveriges största singel III
LP The Dolkows - Story of Robi & The Nudes

Kollaps popup store...

Yeah. Couldn't help myself...

7" Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– Turn Hegel On His Head
7" High Functioning Flesh - Human Remains
LP Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– An Interlude To The Outermost
LP Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– To Live Vicariously


The post is here...

I was rather worried. I got my records sent to different post offices these past few weeks. Today, everything seems to be back to normal... I finally got a second copy of the new Youth Code album. The first one was fucked up by the post. Somewhere between USA and Sweden. Gibby at Dais was awesome and sent me a replacement. These guys rule...

LP Koban ‎– Abject Obsessions
LP Youth Code ‎– Commitment To Complications
12" Rendez-Vous - Distance


I won! For real...

I have a habit playing records every morning. Records isn't really the word for it, a record would be closer to the truth. I take a photo very morning and publish it on instagram. By doing so, I actually got chosen as a lucky winner. Vinylmusix draws a winner for every month and I got to pick a record from his stash. I chose:

2x10" Radiohead - Kid A

Thank you very much!