12" Nitzer Ebb - As Is
12" Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here (Limited)
LP Silent Signals - Tracking The Black Hole
LP Te/Dis - Comatic Drift


A nice surprise from Avant!

7" Hand of Dust - Walk In White
LP Night Sins - Dancing Chrome
LP The Agnes Circle - Some Vague Desire


LP Bootblacks - Fragments
LP Thåström - Centralmassivet (Green)
7" Kold Front - S/T


My favourite number...

LP Kabinett Död - Kathiztan
LP Nightmen - Can't Void Success
LP True Moon - True Moon
12" Ritual Howls - Their Body
LP White Hex - Gold Nights
LP Sally Dige - Holding on


Another nice Weyrd Son Records release. This time a reissue.

7" Carol - Breakdown (Black splatter. 2017 reissue)


Long lost.

Back in the beginning of August, I bought two Portion Control twelve inches from a nice guy in Italy. After nearly a month and a half, he refunded me. They records never showed. I was thankful and promised to send the money back, if the records actually arrived. They did! Eventually. I've of course sent the money back. Again. :)

12" Portion Control - The Great Divide
12" Portion Control - The Great Divide (Remix)


7" Whispering Sons - White Noise (Milky clear)


7" Drab Majesty - Oak Wood
LP The Mission - Children
LP The Mission - Carved In Sand
2LP The Church - Hindsight 1980-1987


LP Second Still - Second Still


LP Fad Gadget - Gag
LP Perfekt Alibi - Perfekt Alibi
LP Iamtheshadow - All Our Demons
12" Klinik - Pain and Pleasure


A long awaited acquisition.

12" Nitzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn/Get Clean


Aftermath. After Kalabalik på Tyrolen, a car breaking down and a rental diesel. I am so tired.

BUT I bought a lot of records during the weekend. I visited Rundgång in Växjö and snagged a few at the festival.

LP Marcus Norberg & The Disappointments ‎– Heal The World
12" Front Line Assembly - Iceolate
12" Front 242 ‎– Tragedy ▷ For You ◁
L'P Göteborgselektronikerna - Nattrafik
7" Belgrado - Panopticon / Vicious Circle
LP Belgrado - Obraz
LP Buzz Kull - Chroma
7" Diesel Dudes - The Hercules Initiative
CDR Maskinpop - Revolver
7" Deadbeat - Lost Your Marbles / Playing The Game
10" Radio Virus 25 Years On Air


A nice dinner and a new delivery.

7" Poison Point - Imaginary Veil
LP Die Selektion ‎– Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt (White)
LP Glorious Din ‎– Leading Stolen Horses (White)


I've been on holiday. Got some nice stuff while I was gone.

12" Baical - Euphoria
12" The Neon Judgement - Cockerill-Sombre
MLP Portion Control - Hit the Pulse!

#60 Annual personal shopping...

I'm at the Electronic-Obsession HQ.

12" Bazooka Joe - Drive (TP)
12" Front Line Assembly - No Limit (Damaged Goods Remix)
12" Dead Or Alive - It's Been Hours Now
12" Bazooka Joe - Drive
12" Front 242 - Masterhit
12" Never Stop!
LP Siouxie & The Banshees - Through The Looking Glass
LP Bazooka Joe - Virtual World
2LP The Cure - Mixed Up


LP NONN - NONN (Translucent green)


You know when you get to hang out with someone who is really cool, and they brought you gifts... Yeah. I had one of those evenings...

7" Andreas Tilliander ‎– Love Me Like I Do
12" Andreas Tilliander ‎– Back To The USA
2LP Andreas Tilliander ‎– World Industries


I didn't expect this one today. I thought it would arrive sometime in late August...

Box This is Trojan


12" Forces - Newbody



Don't you just love it when someone gives you a free records? I do... Cheers Anders!

LP The Sound - From The Lions Mouth
LP L'Avenir - Soir

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