One year ago...

About one year ago. To be exact, one year and 8 days ago, I registerd at LastFM. Just for fun I thought. I soon realized you could find a lot of exciting stuff, just bu checking out their tips. I really recommend it. I discoverd many of my current favourite bands through that site. And here is the somewhat surprising summary for 2006-11-20 to 2007-11-28.


I am a bit surprised. Check it out for yourself.

Filmjölk funkar fint. :)

And I just realized something else. Tomorrow is November 29. In fact, in a few hours it is November 29. I moved back to Sweden on May 29. I can't believe it's been 6 months already. Strange...

I've been better...

Why isn't there a vaccine for the horrible thing I've just been through? I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have to go through this. Man... I'm glad I'm alive. I was thinking about writing my last will and testament. However, I guess I survived. Now I've gotta figure out what to eat. I've eaten like 1 slice of white bread and perhaps 2 glasses of water in almost 3 days.

Sushi should be quite kind to the stomach? Right?

Sweden is going, England however... Isn't?

Finally we're there. We're going to the European championship. *Phew*... However, Englands game at home at the new arena... They were down 2 and made the equalizer, but was beaten 2-3... Sad... Perhaps Svennis wasn't too bad at all. England will probably wake up to one of the worst hangovers ever... I still think it's very sad they didn't make it.

Me and Helena went to Leos place tonight to watch the game. That was nice... And I had a very strange yakaniku...

The Mary Onettes!

This is kinda cool. I was watching this weeks Grey's Anatomy. Right in the beginning you can hear Lost by The Mary Onettes. Just thought I'd mention it. Their album is really good. If you're into Joy Division, you'll like them. (Unless you think they sound way too much Joy Division. I like it...)

Check out the song here: 

The song is called Lost!

Check it out! :) And oh, they're swedish! :)


It's very cold... Outside AND inside! (Chilled to the bone and five miles to home...)

Friday night was spent at the Megahype party. You'll find some pics from the event at my Facebook. Yesterday was spent cleaning up the mess after the party. When I got home yesterday evening. It was a bit cold in my apartment. The Boiler was broken, and last night was... COLD! Today I've been at work almost all day. Woke up early and decided, there was no use in staying home. I might as well go to the office right away and get my scripts for tomorrow done. I'm off on friday to take care of my danish guest! :)

I forgot how cold it gets here during wintertime. Man, I miss living in London right now. I bet they all wear t-shirts! ;)

I remember last october, when we sat at Leicester Square. I remember having lunch, wearing a t-shirt. Well, not only a t-shirt of course. I'm not stupid.... ;)

They don't talk anymore...

I've been very busy at work, and to be honest, really not in the mood for social interaction. It's all coming back shortly I hope.

For you guys, not into New Order. This is the story. Peter Hook told some magazine or whatever; "New Order has quit. There is no more New Order". Bernard said, no, that's not true, and Hooky replied, I own half of the name, you can't keep going. And besides, I AM the true New Order sound. To cut a long story short, they're not the best of friends! ;)

So, check this out...