Arland - Heathrow...

Today... Exactly one year ago. I touched down att LHR. I can't believe it's been a year. Tomorrow I've been working her a year. Feels like a few months. Very strange. I guess time flies... :)


I just had a fantastic experience.

Today I bought the new Nine Inch Nails dvd. Beside you in time. It's a liveshow from their 2006 tour. This is a band I've never seen live. I'd love to see them.

This is a great dvd. I think it's even better than "all that could have been" or what ever the previous one was called. Don't know why, just more energy.

It was awesome. I'm not sure anyone cares, but this is a tip for you. Get it, you won't regret it. Sounds like a tagline... ;)

And oh, I forgot. Me and Tais went to the National Art Gallery the other day. It was a great experience too. Tais new so many things about the painters and the paintings. She told me some great stories. Very much more interesting than just reading what the signs say. :) She studied art at the univerisy in Madrid. She's gonna stay here in London two months, and I hope I'll get at chance to go back to the art gallery with her.

Now I'm off to deliever Jen's brand new iPod. :) It's big, it's black, and it's fully loaded! ;)

Jackie is going hooome...

We went to All Bar One in Chiswick last night. I can't go to Jackie's real send off party at industry this saturday. Well, I'll try to go, after work. However, we ha a nice time last night too. A lot of the nice danish guys and a few swedes too. And even Steff! He was back from Switzerland for business. He said, after 15 minutes, it felt like you were home again. :)

It was a nice evening. Good food and nice beer. The only sad part is that Jackie's leaving. But we all agreed, it was auf wiedersehen, not goodbye.

In-ear sucks...

A few days ago I bought a new pair of headphones. I went to the Apple Store on Regent street. This is probably one of my favourite stores... EVER!

My iPod headphones, well, they've kinda disintergrated. They don't work. At all. You have to crank the volume up to max to be able to hear anything. That is not good. I was thinking, well, I should get a new pair before the trip to Stockholm. And so I did. At the store i chose between the normal headphones and the In-ear. I remember sitting at Andreas kitchen table back in Kalmar and he was saying something about them, but I couldn't remember what he said. So I went for the more expensive ones, the in-ear for £25.

I didn't really try them out before flying off to Sweden, and imagine how I felt when I discovered they didn't fit me!!!!!! I have to small ears... Or to big. I don't know. They don't fit anyway! And I spent 25 quid on them!!!

Then it hit me. That's the reason I didn't buy Andreas pair. THEY DIDN'T FIT! *doh*

So I was thinking, ok, wednesday, I'm going back to the store and getting myself a new pair. THE OLD ONES! But luckily I didn't have to! :D

Madde had a regular pair, and she wanted the in-ear ones. I got 10 quid and her old pair. (I'm sorry Marcus, but you've already got a pair... She had something to offer that I needed badly!) ;)

Now I'm a very happy man with a new pair of headphones, that actually FIT!!!!! :)

Brokeback Skeppsholmen.

Ok, I've been to Sweden for this years first conference with the company. We had a great time, and this time we got to try the co-workers actual jobs. Very hard, and you really have even more respect for the people you work with.

And we made a movie too. A short gay drama/lovestory called Brokeback Skeppsholmen. Very funny, a very beautiful lovescene in slow motion involving a lot of snow and hugs! Hahahaha... At least we thought it was very funny...

I think I might have taken some pics too, but I'm very tired and I've got a bad cold, so I'm just off to bed...


I've seen a legend playing live at the Notting Hill Art Club. Well, not a legend, but almost!  ;)

Tonight, me, Danni and Pau went to Notting Hill Gate. It's was tuesday, and it was Being Boiled night. That's Clients club. Every other tuesday i think it is. Or something like that. I don't know.

They have great music and normally very good bands too. This is the place where me and Mattias watched Luxxury, Capital-X and Robert Görl.

For the first time, I got to hear a german version of David Bowies Heroes. Never heard that befor. Very... Hmm, how do you say... Well, german I guess! :) Very interesting.

The first act was one guy with the same beat going over and over and over and over... It sucked pretty bad. I was actually worried Danni would never ever go with us again! Hahaha.. The second act. Well, a good looking girl fronting, bad songs, but overall pretty okay. Finally the last act, YOUTH from Killing Joke. His new outfit was pretty cool. Not very good songs, but very cool live!

That's it. Now I'm very tired. I have to pack. Tomorrow we're off to Sweden, and it's cold there. And a lot of snow. So... Goodnight to you, where ever you are! ;)

Even more... Snow...

Woke up yesterday morning. It was white outside! I thought Garrett was joking when he said there was going to be even more snow. But he was right. And London came to another halt. Again... Well, I guess I'm quite lucky. I had yesterday off, and today, most of the snow has melted. I went out to the postoffice and that was it. I stayed at home all day. I was actually a good boy.  I did my laundry and cleaned my room. That was it!

Next week we're off to Stockholm. And I guess there's even more snow there. I'm not even sure I look forward to it. Well, it's gonna be fun to meet up with all they guys from the office in Stockholm, but the cold weather and the snow make me... Well, feel like I want to stay here... Haha...

I took another photo of Jo's car. I'll post it asap! That is the proof, it actually snows here too! ;)

The word tired comes to mind...

Ok, so this has been my last day off. Haven't been working for a week now. I went to Sweden and back. But that's it.

To sum up this weekend... Well, I guess I'm a bit tired after all. Not like exhausted or anything, just a tad tired.

Friday. Woke up pretty late. Didn't really do anyting all day long. Met up with Pär at Ealing Broadway. Got on the tube, and Pär... Well, he wasn't on it! A guy, holding the doors kinda jumped off the train and down on his foot. I had to get off the train at west acton and wait for him to catch up. Haha... We went to Old Street. Jackie works at a place called industry, and we checked it out. It was nice.

Saturday, met up with Pär, Mattias and Danni. We went for lunch, and then just went for a walk. Somehow we ended up at a pub. It was a perfect day actually. Went home, was really thinking of getting to bed early, but didn't really. Didn't do anything..

Today, sunday, me Pär and Peter W went for lunch. Weiter zu Shepherd's Bush. Never could spell that... We went to a Vue and we saw Smokin' Aces. I don't think they liked it. I loved it. Pretty violent, a lot of blood and a twisty plot that you could hardly keep up with. What more could you possibly ask for on a beautiful sunday? :) Ok, it's no The Departed, Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. But I thought it was pretty entertaining. :)

Now, I'm gonna enjoy a coffee and do nothing for the rest of the evening. Makes sense, doesn't it? ;)

Heathrow-Arlanda-Heathrow in 24 hours...

Man, I'm tired. I've been to Stockholm and back in less than 24 hours. We went last night and flew back tonight. Meetings, lunch, meetings and another flight.

I couldn't sleep last night, I was watching this documentary on TV4. It was about a planecrash. Flight 26 something. The plane was a MD-80 (I think) and all 88 + crew were killed. Due to cutbacks, the maintenance wasn't done properly, just to save a few extra quid. And that made the plane crash.

When me an Jen flew back tonight. Guess what type of plane we had. THE MD-80! Now, is that a bad omen or what!!! ;)

Oh, and for all you wondering. The family is back, and things are looking bright. It has been a few very worrying days, but the doctors say he'll make a full recovery.

Once something like this happends, you kinda realize, that nothing in the world matters. Nothing at all. Now I'll try to get some sleep...