Me, Fredrik and Anders went to Annexet yesterday. Kent was kicking off their new tour with four dates at Annexet.

This is last nights setlist:

01 Taxmannen
02 Berlin
03 Du är ånga
04 Töntarna
05 Sundance Kid
06 Hjärta
07 Den döda vinkeln
08 LSD, någon?
09 Musik non stop
10 Idioter
11 OWC
12 FF
13 Vals för satan (din vän pessimisten)
14 Ingenting
15 Vy från ett luftslott
16 Krossa allt
17 Dom andra

18 På drift?
19 Kärleken väntar
20 Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)

And some pics for last night.

Musik non stop and Idioter.

And just before the encore, the medley Krossa allt/Dom andra:

The fireworks left a smell of smoke...


A lot of snow. More snow. Wind. Cancelled trains. Cancelled tube. It could be worse.

Still, it's rather beautiful when the sun comes out.

This dude has had enough though...

What do I get?

Chaos. That sums up these past few days here in the snowy capital of Sweden. No tube or train. But what about the bus? Well, there are these replacement ones. However, they're always pretty filled to the limit. Actually I think they've passed the limit even. I had to walk to Gullmarsplan today. It wasn't that bad. It was sunny, and really cold, still I didn't mind. I'm gonna have to do it tomorrow as well. They say the tube won't be working for days. That sucks. You can go from Gullmars to Thorildsplan, but that's it. All the stations above ground are closed. Due to a lot of snow, wind and cold weather.

Still, you have to try to find something positive every day. Today, I think the beautiful morning was the great part. It was truly beautiful.

I rage, I melt

It took me like forever to get to work today. Aparently there was a lot of wind and snow last night. That made it hard for the tube. Though it can hardly be a surprise there's snow falling in February.

Me and Kling went to Stuarts house last night. I tried my quiz on them. They did rather well, considering it's content. Way too much electronic stuff for them.

I was supposed to get Fredrik up for a visit this weekend, however, he called me and told me his girlfriend has liquid pouring out of every opening of her body. That sounds pretty nasty, and I'm kinda glad they're staying at home. Let's hope she'll recover soon.

The day before you came...

It was interesting. Now it's just like it was before. And I'm rather lost here. I don't know what to do. I'll wait it out I guess. Again... Ah well, it'll work out somehow. You wouldn't have come here with an agenda, would you? Nah, you're nothing like that, right?

I managed to tune my Les Paul yesterday. That's not very special you might say. It's a Floyd Rose tremolo. It's fucking hard to tune it. When I finally got the spring tension right, it was a breeze. I was rather pleased with myself. Then I watched Björn Ferry get the Biathlon gold. And curling. Curling could be one of the greatest sports on tv, EVER! I love it! And soon, there will be hockey. I'm looking forward to it!

Today's pic:

And this one is up for sale! Get it while it... Um cold?

It's a very nice Gorenje... Lovely to cook on actually... And it could be yours!



We went to Pet Sounds last night for the monthly music quiz. We finished 11th, and we're pretty happy about it. It was pretty hard. The previous winners Ultrachrome made a very nice quiz. The mash-up section was brilliant. We beat Shaolinköping, and that was our primary goal. Our second goal was to finish 15 or better, which we did.

This weekend is going to be interesting... Let's hope for the best.

Herz aus stein...

So this is the recap of 2009. According to Last.FM, this is what i played the most.

No surprises...

Dressed in black...

I went to see Nitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode last night at the Ericsson Globe Arena. I thought it was ok. The volume at the arena is a bit strange. I've never been to a concert at that place before. There was this lack of heavy bombastic beats and the experience was a bit lowered by the fact I'm no longer this hardcore Depeche Mode fan. I've already said enough about my impression of their latest release.

Nitzer Ebb kicked off by doing Murderous! That was a pretty good opening song, I think. We got Shame, Lightning Man, Control, I'm here and a few newer songs too. I would have liked Join in the chant too. Still, you can't have it all.

Depeche Mode kicked off by doing In chains. From the new album. Enough said. I went for a piss during Wrong. That song is just... Wrong? I know people like it, however, I don't. I shouldn't say anything really. I've never written anything close to that anyway. Still, I'm a fan, and I'm entitled to speak my mind. I've said it before, I think Martin L Gore SHOULD feel the urge and pressure to write songs for an album. The fact that Dave got a few songs on the album isn't that great. Peace is probably the worst singel, ever to be released by any band of all time. Still, they did put on a good show. The sing-a-long after Dressed in black sent shivers down my spine. That was awesome.

HOWEVER... After the final song, the lights were still off, and after about a minute, they band came up on stage for the encore. They did three or four songs, and then they said goodbye again. The light were still all black, and we were hoping for another song perhaps. After about one minute, all the light were lit, and the anticlimax came over us like a wave of cold water. They shouldn't have waited for so long. Not very professional, I think. Do not lead us into false hope, please.

I met the guys from The Mobile Homes and Sami Sirviö of Kent. I also noticed Anto Corbijn in the audience just by the mixing console.

I should have gone with Dupont, Spetznas and Lowe to the afterparty where they hung out with Nitzer Ebb after the show. I got a severe headache, and I decided to go home instead.

It was a good night. It was also freezing cold when I walked home.