Another nice Weyrd Son Records release. This time a reissue.

7" Carol - Breakdown (Black splatter. 2017 reissue)


Long lost.

Back in the beginning of August, I bought two Portion Control twelve inches from a nice guy in Italy. After nearly a month and a half, he refunded me. They records never showed. I was thankful and promised to send the money back, if the records actually arrived. They did! Eventually. I've of course sent the money back. Again. :)

12" Portion Control - The Great Divide
12" Portion Control - The Great Divide (Remix)


7" Whispering Sons - White Noise (Milky clear)


12" Klinik - Fear
LP Dive - Dive
LP Dive - Inside Out
12" Trisomie 21 - Shift Away


7" Drab Majesty - Oak Wood
LP The Mission - Children
LP The Mission - Carved In Sand
2LP The Church - Hindsight 1980-1987


LP Second Still - Second Still


LP Fad Gadget - Gag
LP Perfekt Alibi - Perfekt Alibi
LP Iamtheshadow - All Our Demons
12" Klinik - Pain and Pleasure