Paint a vulgar picture

The aftermath of the Mobile Homes concert last night. Well, I'm staying put at home today. Sugar Bar was packed last night. I think their previous record was some 124 persons. Last night, a new record. 180 persons crammed in a small place holding a max capacity of 150. It was fun.

People was really into the new songs, and they even had a shot at singing along to Close. The set included I know I will die, Feeling better, Nostalgia and three new songs as well. Both singles from their upcoming album "Today is your lucky day". It will be out on Megahype, early next year.

I read something interesting today. Did you know it's really dangerous being a rockstar? At least statistically when it comes to rockstars breaking through late 60's and 70's.

Just look at this list of dead rockstars.

Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, Phil Lynott, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, Jim Morrison, Marc Bolan, Eddie Cochran, Brian Epstein, Duane Allman, Cozy Powell, Alex Harvey, Ricky Nelson, Bonn Scott, Pete Ham, Johnny Kidd, Rory Gallagher, Brian Jones... Well, the list goes on and on.

Of the 321 well known musicians who all died prematurely in the glory of rock'n'roll,

40 was taken by drugs, 36 was taken by suicide and a whapping 22 by plane or helicopter crashes. 35 died in cars, 18 were murdered, 9 downed their own vomit and 5 in their own swimming pools. Picking up a guitar in London during the 1970's was more leathal than picking up a rifle in Stalingrad in 1942.

At the time, coming home from school, telling your mum you were going to be a Formula One driver, would have prompted a sigh from her saying "Thank God you're not in a band."

Now, things are a bit different. With the exception of Kurt Cobain who sadly blew his whatever all over a wall with a shotgun. And Michael Hutchence who went to meet his maker with an orange in his mouth. Todays rockstars are in better shape than the ones in the seventis.

Even the Gallaghers of Oasis cleaned up their act and stay well out of their swimming pools. That applies to Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream as well.

Let's hope this is a trend. There will always be exceptions. There always are. At least according to Jeremy Clarkson.

Bikini girls with machine guns...

Me and Johan went to Pet Sounds Bar last night. I've been waiting so long for an oppourtunity to check out the popquiz. I thought I knew a thing or two about music. Well, let me tell you. I'm nowhere near the guys who actually won the quiz last night. It was hard. It was frustrating. Still very entertaining. How many riddims do you know? Me? None at all. What do you know about soul lables? Me? Well, let's see. Staxx, Motown, Bolt and... Well, that's it really. It was really really hard. However, we got five bonus points for our team name, Bikini girls with machine guns. At least that's something!

I'm all done at work, and I'm currently choosing my destiny tonight. What should I do? Can't decide. Tomorrow I'm gonna check out The Mobile Homes in concert. Should be fun.

And I should also brush up on my knowledge concerning music. Damn... Next time...


Kalmar FF did it! We are the Swedish Champions!!! We went to Halmstad to get the gold, and we did! We drew 2-2, but that was enough!

Guys... Well done!

Last week also included a trip to Gothenburg and the Megahype 2008 party. Me, Martina, Mr Maple and two girls (don't remember their names) crushed our opponents! We won!!

BTW, these pics are take using my new shitty E71... *sigh*

Bigmouth strikes again!

So, Obama actually won! Thank God! This could be the lucky break the USA might need. Let's just hope he is all that he seems to be. Still no K5 at home. I've recently learned what Sergel is. It's not just a square in Stockholm. *sigh* No, I don't pay the bills for this place I'm renting. Somewhere, something went wrong. I'm off for Gothenburg today for two days. Let's just hope my cable is back on friday.

We have two new singels on Megahype. They are both released today. First up is The Mobile Homes - I'm phoning a friend and he says that.

This is your lucky day will be released early 2009.
We also have the new Rupesh Cartel single Oh no oh no!. 

Anchor baby will also be released early 2009.

I'm ending this with my current favourite line: "My name is Geraldine, and I'm your social worker!"


I always try to stay away from any hype there is. This time, I fell for it.

After reading so much about Glasvegas, I decided to try the track Geraldine. To me it sounds like a mix of Jesus & Mary Chain, 50's rock'n'roll and The Maryonettes, Strip Music, BRMC and stuff. It's not that bad. Geraldine is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time. I just had to go out and get it today. I just love James' scottish accent. If you wanna try one track, try Geraldine. I just love the Phil Spector type, "wall of sound" they use. I also find it pretty cool they use a stand up drummer. Think Bobby Gillespie in The Jesus & Mary Chain. Actually, that is what caught my interest from the start. The first song I heard made me instantly think of The JAMC. Well, I've got a soft spot for stuff like that. As you all might already know.

The name is a mix of Glasgow and Las Vegas. If you didn't already figure that one out.

There is a light that never goes out

So, he is back. Well, I've decided it was time to find the old me and be the person I usually am. Sometimes it's just so hard when something you care for a great deal, just slips right out of your hands.

I guess we all have to make some hard decisions at some point of our life. For what's it worth, I still think of you a lot and I miss you every day.

Life is way too short. It's no point in going on being sad. I know I will eventually find what I'm looking for.

Halloween has passed. And even though I wasn't able to light a candle for my mom at her grave, I did it here. I miss you so much. You know that don't you? I know I'm having problems visiting you when I'm back home, but you know I still think of you every day, right? Hopefully someone else did light a candle for you in my place. For that I'm grateful. I'm beyond words.

Mom, I miss you.

My dad came to visit the other week. It was so nice seeing him again. Haven't seen him since August. We had a nice time. I'm kinda glad I moved back to Sweden when I did. I miss London almost every day. But it's so much nicer to be close to the small family I've got.