Weyrd Son Records.

Got a nice package from Belgium today. They certainly know how to pack stuff. They're awesome and always add small details.

7" Drab Majesty - The Heiress / The Demon (Blue)
12" Koban - Vide
LP Charnier - Charnier (Blue)


Dais Records.

Gibby at Dais Records, might be the coolest cat around. He saved my day. I got the new Youth Code album today. I don't know if US Postal Service or PostNord fucked up the package. Could have been the mailman who left it at the office. There was a big hole in the package. You could see the album sleeve had been ripped, and you could see there was a piece missing from the record itself. Someone obviously dropped something or stepped on it. They broke it. This record was one of the limited purple ones. I bought it on pre-order from Dais Records in the US. I had a very nice mail convo with Gibby at the label and I sent him an email, with some photos of the destroyed and demolished record. I wanted to order a new copy, and I noticed all the purple ones were sold out. He just said, if you pay the shipping cost, they would replace it. How cool is that? Seriously, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT? That's like super cool. I'd gladly pay the shipping to have a new, playable record. Gibby, you fuckin rule man... Thank you so much.

So, I can't really put the new Youth Code record here, because technically, I don't have a playable copy. I have a broken copy which I will chuck in the bin. Before I do that, here's a picture of what my copy looks like.
But I also got the new Västerbron today.

LP Västerbron - Till vilket pris som helst


About a year ago, I had one of the worst days at work. A year later, the same thing occurred once more, and the feeling is just the same. Terrible. Unfair. Understandable. But terrible and it makes me sad to lose even more of my dear colleagues. I do understand cutbacks. But it still sucks. Big time.

At least I had a record waiting for me at the post office. Not the post office I was expecting though. I had to go to a different one, because they fucked up. Oh well.

LP Nightmen - Fifteen minutes of pain (Red)

Clearing the wantless...

I got two nice items from the UK today.

LP Placebo - Black Market Music (Gold)
LP Placebo - Meds (Pink)


Record Store Day 2016

So it's finally here. RSD 2016. April 15 also marks the 15th anniversary of the loss of Joey Ramone, bless his soul.

I went to Delicious Goldfish Records, Hot Records and Solna Skivbörs. I also passed Bengans in central Stockholm. I actually didn't buy any RSD-releases. Today was just my average saturday.

7" Ladomir - Inför Min Dom
12" New Order - Thieves Like Us
12" Wiseblood - Motorslug
12" Wiseblood ‎– Stumbo / Someone Drowned In My Pool
12" Curve - Frozen
LP Havoc - 319
LP Test Dept. ‎– The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom
LP Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
LP Sparks - Propaganda
LP Pete Shelley - Heaven & The Sea
LP Hüsker Dü ‎– Candy Apple Grey (Lilac)
2LP Hüsker Dü ‎– Warehouse: Songs And Stories (Green & Yellow)


The final Kollaps...

I thought my days at Kollaps was over. But they made a decision to clear out everything at half price. I did something I haven't done since way back when you decided to buy a record depending on the cover.

I'd say 80% of the stuff I got today, I got it weather or not the label, cover or just a basic feel for it. I don't really care if they suck or not. I made a bargin.

LP Soho Preachers - Wake up (Clear)
LP TSTI ‎– Evaluations (Grey/marble)
LP Les Invalides ‎– Au Revoir · 1978-1981
LP Les Maîtres ‎– Demos Lp
LP Necro Facility ‎– The Black Paintings
LP Parade Ground ‎– The 15th Floor
LP VA ‎– Freikörperkultur
12" Heckmann* ‎– Coldwave
12" Isinglass ‎– One 3 Four


Fuzz Club!

Got a great package from Fuzz Club Records today. Three albums by The Underground Youth.

LP The Underground Youth - The Perfect Enemy For God (Clear)
LP The Underground Youth - Haunted
LP The Underground Youth - Mademoiselle (White)