Sometimes you just can't let things go...

Yesterday, I stopped by Nostalgipalatset. I found a nice copy of the Sisters of Mercy 30th anniversary edition of First And Last And Always. I didn't buy it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went back to the place on my lunch break today.

BOX Sisters of Mercy - First And Last And Always
LP Big Black - Songs About Fucking
12" Luminance - The Light Is Ours

Mr Postman...

They did alright this time. Got even more mail today.

LP Ritual Howls - Into the Water
MLP Soviet Soviet - Summer, Jesus
12" Zanias - To the Core

A delivery from the U.S.

I finally got the Soft Kill album I've been waiting for. And I also found some cheap stuff at Stockholms Skivbörs.

12" Peter Murphy - Final Solution
12" Peter Murphy - Tale of the Tongue
LP Peter Murphy - Love Hysteria
LP Commando - VI
LP Soft Kill - An Open Door (Red)


Lazy sunday afternoon...

I went by the excellent An Ideal For Living today. If you're strolling the streets of Södermalm, you might as well do just that.

LP Valis - The Demolished Man
LP Randy - Randy The Band


Plus 1, Debaser Strand.

I actually got to play my first gig here in Stockholm. It was a blast of course. It was a triple bill, the excellent Roya with Jimmy on stage, Operation Blue Eyes, including Jonas, André and myself, and Tikkle Me. The latter was some kind of electro-folk-stuff. Really good live. I had to buy their record of course.

LP Tikkle Me - What is Real (White)

Even more stuff and a freebie...

I just bought some records from a friend who is clearing out all his albums. I figured, why not give him a helping hand?

12" Front Line Assembly - Virus
MLP Front Line Assembly - Disorder
12" Soft Cell - Tainted Love (Freebie)
LP VA - Enfants Terribles

More stuff...

I went to the post office today I picked up the parcel I tried to get yesterday. I was lucky. The parcel was actually there this time.

12" Celldöd - KESS03 (No 10/40 with a small print.)
LP Veil of Light - Ursprung (No 236/300.)



For the first time ever, I got a slip from the local post handler, saying I've got something waiting for me. However, when I get there, the parcel hasn't arrived yet. Never had that experience before.

Anyway, I got a personal deliver today...

12" To Feed On Others / Demon Repellent - She Said
12" Suspended In Gaffa - Your Body Is My Body


More stuff!

I went by Temple Bar on the way home. Anders of Celldöd had a small party to celebrate his new 12". I bought it. Well, kinda. I've already ordered a copy from Bandcamp. The record I bought today wasn't Celldöd. I would probably have bought it anyway!

12" Xaõ Seffcheque ‎– KESS02
LP Pure Ground - Giftgarten
12" Bleib Mordern - Danse EP



I think I have something like eight more records on their way. And it's good stuff too. I got one in the post today, and I'm gonna spin it for breakfast.

12" Hante. - No Hard Feelings

Train to Skaville

I bought my first record by the Ethiopians. Also, it's the first record from the legendary and excellent label Trojan Records!

LP The Ethiopians -The Original Reggae Hitsound Of The Ethiopians (1966-1972)
LP Danzig - Danzig