London Underground.

This is what the driver said a few days ago...

"This is Osterley, you don't have to mind the gap, but... Erm... Be careful when you exit the train..."

Normally they always say: Please mind the gap between the train and the platform...

Looks like I'm in for a big change of lifestyle. I'm not gonna say anything else, nothing has been decided. And I'm not worried. Things always seem to happen for a reason. And why worry about something that's out of you control anyway. There is no such reason at all.

I'll know for sure next week.

Tomorrow I'm off for Berlin. It's gonna be great!!! I promise to post some pictures when I get back! :)

No, I'm not getting one, but...

A few days ago, the Sony PS3 was finally released. Come to think of it, it must have been at midnight this friday. Me and Mattias went to Virgin Megastore at Tottenham Court Road on thursday afternoon, and we saw them. All stacked up there behind a fence with BIIIG guards.

Pau later told me, the first 100 persons who bought the PS3 (and was in a queue for more than 40 hours) got a big surprise when they picked up their new toy. A representative from Sony made an announcement, telling them, the first 100 would get a FREE 42" plasma screen, and a cab!!!!

Suddenly, I wish I'd been in that queue. The free giveaway is worth approx. £2000. You do the math... Wow...

But, I was watching one of the games they were playing, and I got sick. I felt ill. Same old story. Motion sickness. So I guess I won't be getting one... At least not now! ;)


A very cold day in London. I tell you, it's a VERY cold day here. Well, not compared to some of the world's coldest places perhaps. But it is cold. Ok, not that cold. I remember my teacher used to tell me, there's no such thing as bad weather... You know the rest. I used to hate that! :)

A slow day at work. No hockey or football today. That is usually the best thing about working saturdays. Nope, not today. But we do have a few movies tonight. I haven't seen King Arthur in a long time. I guess I'm gonna watch it tonight. But before I can do that, I really should finish the stuff i'm supposed to do. So I guess, well, here I go. Well I'm gonna try anyway. Sort of. Maybe. Perhaps I should get a latte first? YEAH! That was probably the best idea I've had in a long time. ;)

What you should do isn't always what...

you actually do...

I know I should finish my scrips. I know I should empty the dishwasher, I know I should edit my sounds, I know I should read all the papers in the folder, I know I should probably do anything above, except writing something here. Well, sometimes you never do what you're supposed to.

I was watching Clerks II last night. And it was. Well, ok... There were a few bits and pieces that was really funny, but nothing like the first one.

I should also point out I coming out of the closet. I'm officially a musicgeek! Well, I don't think that's like a big surprise for anyone who know me, but still. I thought I'd point it out anyway, and just to let you all know, I am very aware of it.

I bought two Depeche Mode albums today. Construction time again and Black celebration. Nothing strange you might think. However, I've got them on vinyl and I've already got them on cd. Now it's SACD... *sigh* They got me. I bought it... Because I HAVE TO HAVE IT IN THE COLLECTION! I ended my DM collection a looooong time ago, however, I've got all the other SACD's, and they just can't be without one another. Maybe, perhaps, sort of, I guess....
Well, enough said. Now you might understand why I'm a geek! *laughing* But I don't care. It's not like I'm a serial killer or anything. Or a cerial killer perhaps! ;) Noo, nothing like that. I just like collecting stuff. I wonder where it all began. I remember I used to collect magazines. Like Agent X9. I was convinced I'd marry Modesty Blaise when I grew up! :) She was like the most beautiful girl in the world, until someone pointed out she was actually not real, just a cartoon. Damn... ;) I was a comicbook collector, big time. Tintin, Spirou and Gaston. Gaston was probably my favourite. :) I remember I used to have a friend who looked a bit like him. No names here. He might be offended! ;) Even though I hardly think he will read this. Nooo. No names! :)


It's a very cold day here today. I was freezing going to work. I think the weather back in Sweden is probably better. You lucky bastards! ;) But it's been a nice day at work. I started out with lunch with Lucy! Haha. I go to work, leave my bag and go "Ok guys, I'm off for lunch now...." Perhaps you should actually do something before you take a lunch break. Naah. Not me. If have to eat! And I've had way too much sugar today. I'm like bouncing off the walls. I really shouldn't do that.

At least I don't turn into this when I'm on a sugar rush! ;) We all know what happens when this guy has too much sugar!!


Now I'm gonna finish my stuff and go home! Tonight it's Bubba Ho-Tep night! ;)

Bubba Ho-Tep

WTF!? :D


How's this for a plot outline:

Elvis and JFK, both alive and in nursing homes, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

Now this CAN'T BE BAD!! Right? ;)

And if I told you it's Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead who's playing Elvis, it must be even better! :) I haven't seen this yet, but just roaming the quotes at IMDB makes me all smiles!! :D

Elvis: Even a big bitch cockroach like you should know... never, but never, fuck with the King.

Elvis: Jack wait. Marilyn, how was she?
JFK: That... is classified. Top Secret! But between you and me... Wow!

And finally:

Elvis: Ask not what your rest home can do for you. Ask what you can do for your rest home.
JFK: Hey, you're copying my best lines!
Elvis: Then let me paraphrase one of my own. Let's take care of business.
JFK: Just what are you getting at, Elvis?
Elvis: I think you know what I'm gettin' at Mr. President. We're gonna kill us a mummy...

And, Bruce Campbell is currently working on Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires. Now that's a title for a movie for you!!! :)

Well, it's been one of those relaxing days today. I've still got a pretty bad cold. Lucy and Mattias was going to Covent Garden tonight, but I went home. I'm working all weekend, and I want to be at my best tomorrow. I just want to get rid of this cold. I'm off to sleep soon. Danni was here last night. We were watching a Eddie Izzard. That was fun!! It's so much more fun to watch something like that with someone else. I'm getting used to (and I hate it) watching stuff all alone. I think watching, well, whatever you're watching, is so much better when you have the company of someone else. It's the same with movies. I would never go to the cinema alone. I don't think I ever have... I know people who'd rather go alone, but I tell you. I'm not one of them.

Me and Mattias went to Chiquito (biiig surprise)... We went to Fopp (biiiig surprise)... We bought silvery stuff in plastic (biiiiig surprise)... And we had coffee. Well, let's just say, it was quite an ordinary day. ;)

Now, it's time for Clerks II! :D

Home from home, and a bumpy ride...

So I'm back in da UK again. It's been a few great days home in Sweden. I'm exhausted. It feels like I've been all over the place. I've realized a few things on my trip. I've realized you can't really see everybody you'd like to visit. It's just impossible. I think I managed pretty well, but there were a few I didn't get the chance to give a call even. I had a quite busy schedule. But I know I'll have more time when I go home for my vacation this summer.

I also realized I don't belong there anymore. This is my home now. It's not that things have changed, it's not that I don't miss my friends. It's got nothing to do with it. This is where I live, and this is were I work. This is home. For how long? No idea. I had a very good time, a few disappointments too. But hey, you can't have it all you know. All in all, I'm happy with my visit. AND I did get the chance to have the worlds greatest pizza too! :D The Christos Special!


I really don't eat pizza here, why fake it when you know where you get the best ones!? There's really no point!

Now I have to try to cure my cold. I'm off to sleep. Feels like I could sleep for days.

To all you guys I met during my visit, I love you all. I've missed you a lot. You know where to find me. I hope some of you will come here and visit. You know you're always welcome!

A very special thank you to Anna and Jesper. I love you guys!!!! Thank you for always taking care of me while I'm visiting!!! I can't believe how much Embla and Mimer has grown! :) It was so great seeing you again. I promised Embla I'd return this summer. You know me, I ALWAYS keep my promises!! :)

I forgot my digital camera in England, the following pics are taken with my phone. *hmpf* Well, it's better than nothing I guess...


This is actually on the way home from Skåne. Shit. I put them in the wrong order.... *gaaaah*


This is Embla! :)


Ok, funny story. Kinda. Perhaps not. Well, when Radio Match became Mix Megapol, the guys in blekinge brought two little goldfish. One was called Uffe, and the other Peter. I'm the black one, and the sole survivor. Says a lot about me, right? ;)


Ah, driving over the bridge to Öland... I wonder how many times I've done that...


Compact living? Imagine putting all the stuff you own, in one room. That's what I've done here. This is all I'm good for, except for the stuff I've got in England that is. I gave the rest away. I can't believe I did that. I should have sold it!!


Ok, I don't really know how to explain this picture. It's taken at Seven Sportbar in Kalmar. This was pinned on the wall. I used to go to school with the guy to the... the... Hmmmm... To the right? ;)


Ah... Småland is pretty beautiful. Isn't it? Shittty quality pics, but I'd rather put some pics here, than none at all...

And oh, the bumpy ride part! I've had one of the worst flights ever today. First of all, the ride from Kalmar to Stockholm was... Well VERY bumpy. I'm just glad we GOT the coffee. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster for 45 minutes. Horrible. And the flight from Arlanda to Heathrow. That was almost as bad. Luckily I fell asleep. I missed the most part of the flight, but the lady who sat next to me. She wasn't doing too good. Like I said. I'm glad I slept through the most of it... Off to bed. Like.... Now....

The longest day...

Monday, March 12.

I'm stuck att LHR. I missed my flights by minutes. How annoying is that? From a scale of 1-10, I'd say about 205.382. Now I've bought gifts, had lunch, 3 cups of coffee and finished reading my NIN biography. I have nothing to read on the train tomorrow, and that kinda sucks. But at least I'll get to see Helena tonight. She was kind enough to give me a place to stay tonight. But I won't get there until aprox 1.30 local time. I hope there is still an Arlanda express service when I get there. By the time I'm writing this, it's 18.35. I've been here at LHR for more than 8 hours. That's like a full days work! And I can't go to the office in Hounslow. The reason? I'm not clever enough. No, I do know the way over there, BUT I bought some gifts, and I'm not allowed to bring them back through the security check. *sigh* How clever is that? Pretty stupid I'd say. But hey, what can you expect from someone who's got less braincells than an evil giraffe! ;)

This sucks donkey AND hippo ass.

I just hope my flight isn't delayed. Then I'd probably lose my temper and throw a sandwich at someone or something like that.

Tuesday, March 13.

It's now 07:35 and I'm at Helenas place. She just went to work. I made it. I caught the last train out of Arlanda. I had 3 minutes from getting my bags to get to the plattform. I don't get it. I was probably on the last flight arriving att ARN. How come the last train goes out of there 10 minutes after it had arrived? We weren't delayed. We were actually ahead of schedule. I don't get that at all. But I made it. And then I got the last cab at Centralstationen. Finally I arrived at Helenas place at 1.25 in the morning.

Now I'm gonna have a shower, and then I'm gonna get a cab to the station, pick up my tickets and get on my way!

15 minutes later... Aaah. SWEDISH WATER!!!!! I forgot how nice it is to take a shower in Swedish water. It's clean, no limescale, no strange smell... Ah, I could get used to this. ;)
Friday, March 16

FInally! I've been home for a few days. I have realized I can't possibly meet everyone I'd like to.That is just not possible. Right now I'm at Jesper and Annas place. I'm in SKÅNE!!!! :) It's so good to see them again. I'm staying here until sunday!

And I finally had a Christos special. It was GREAT!!!!!!!! :D

A busy sunday at work! ;)

Ok, so far, I've had lunch and 4 cups of coffee. I went down to Aldi to get us som kindereggs. After that we had a laugh putting the toys together. A very busy day at work. Hahahaha. Now I actually think I'll do something. Or rather what I'm supposed to do! ;)

Hot Fuzz

What can you say! I had a really good time last night! If you like stupid brittish humour, you HAVE to see Hot Fuzz. It could very well be one of the most stupid movies I've seen. I loved it. Londons finest and most arresting officer is moved to a small town where there really isn't any crime. Until... Well, you have to see this one. You might like it and then again you might think I've got terrible taste. Haha...

And we had a nice dinner to. I've never had food from Marocco before. Well now I've had, and it was brilliant! :) I also tried melonjuice. It was great!


Wow, I've been to Uxbridge. Was it any special? No, not really. But now I've seen it. And if it's shopping you want, you'll have it here. I guess  it's almost the same as let's say Ealing. But a bit more quiet and not as crowded. Me, Jo and Noah went there today. Had lunch and just strolled around the place for a few hours.

Tonight me and Danni are off to finally see Hot Fuzz! I think that's gonna be great!!!! :) I've been looking forward seeing it for a loong time! :)

It's a stupid cop story, but that is just what the doctor orderd! ;)

Some random pics...

Finally got home last night. Didn't sleep that well. Had strange dreams.

Well, that doesn't really matter now. Everything is up and running.

Ok, now to the fun part! ;)


These two go quite well together, no? :)


I took this picture when we went to Stockholm for the company's christmas party in december. This is taken from the window of my room at Birger Jarl.


We do get snow in London! THIS IS THE PROOF!! ;)


Another proof... And imagine the chaos... It's not like the english are using spiked tires... Noooo....


A nice view (except for the car in the left corner) taken from my room at Skepparholmen. This is where we shot Brokeback Skepparholmen! ;)


And suddenly... This passes by... Hmmm...


And the grand finale... This is me and Noah! :) Isn't he adorable?

An interesting night.

Ok, one year ago, I started working here. One of the betamachines broke down and we had to change it. That took a few hours. There was a fight across the street at the local pub and 10 policecars came. I was thinking, WHERE AM I!?

This day started with me going the wrong direction on the tube. I was supposed to deliver Jen's iPod, but I went straight to work. I kinda forgot when I came to Acton Town. Don't know what happened.

Then we had some nice cake from Ikea and coffee in the afternoon. Mirka bought it for us. She's the best! :)

Then hell broke loose.

I can't say anything about it really, BUT I can tell you this. We've had a flood AND a fire here today. Like I said. It's been an interesting year, and an even more interesting night.

One thing is good though, Bianca got her keys to her apartment today. Und ich freue mich! ;) I'm really looking forward going there to check it out. :)

I just can't stop thinking what's gonna happend NEXT year! ;)