7" Dame Bonnet - Thoughtful Hits


7" A>M - A Fascist Can’t Dance




A big order from www.electronic-obsession.se
LP The Invicible Spirit - Can Sex Be Sin
12" James Ray And The Performance - Dust Boat
7" Fad Gadget - For Whom The Bells Toll
7" Insperial Carpets - This Is How It Feels
7" Robert Marlow -  The Face Of Dorian Gray
7" Robert Marlow - Claudette
2x7" The Lorries - Crawling Matra


7" Blind Delon - Plays Throbbing Gristle & Psychic TV
LP Villes Nouvelles ‎– At The End Of Truth
LP Rendez Vous - Superior State
BOX Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again - The 12" Singles
BOX Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward - The 12" Singles


Pink Milk, Choir Boy & Cold Cave live at Kraken, Stockholm.
12" Pink Milk - Purple
LP Choir Boy - Passive With Desire (Blue)
10" Cold Cave - You & Me & Infinity
12" Heat And White - Violence Patterns


2*12" The KVB - Only Now Forever
LP Hørd - Parallels
LP Suir - Soma
LP VA - Det är grymt i norr
CD VA - When You Look On The Bright Side, I Will Sit With You In The Dark


LP Qual - The Ultimate Climax


Finally, it's here. I was a bit worried. I got a message saying this record was shipped more than ten days ago. It shouldn't take more than a week from England, no? Anyway, it showed up, and it's beautiful and great!

12" The KVB ‎– Fixation/White Walls Ep

Episode 012

New Episode!


Yeah. I turned old. I can't believe how old I am. I decided to celebrate this by buying a few new records. What else...

LP Play Dead - Caught From Behind
LP Bad Religion - No Control
LP Bad Religion - Against The Grain
LP New Order - The Peel Sessions
2LP TM404 - Acidub
LP Millencolin - Pennbridges Pioneers
LP Millencolin - True Brew

Då som nu för alltid.

And so here it is. The last studio album by Kent. I've only spun it once today, and I can't really say anything about it. It's not bad. But I guess I'm not a big a fan as I used to be. I don't really know the last three or four albums to be honest. I have them, but I've hardly played them. I should really do that. My good buddy Fredrik got me a ticket to the last show at Tele 2 Arena. I wouldn't want to miss out on that. That should be pretty cool. I lost my CD version of The Misfits Collection II when I moved from Östermalm. It's not missing anymore...

2LP Kent - Då som nu för alltid
LP The Misfits - Walk among us
LP The Misfits - Collection II



I got this great album in the mail today. Dennis at Rundgång asked me if I ever head of Nej. I said no, and he just sent me the great album. It's like a mix of Swedish and Finnish. It's awesome. Noises post-punk at it's best.

LP Haul - Separation
LP Eagulls - Ullages


Ghost Dance...

My good friend Jesper has a very nice habit to introduce me to new artists. A few years ago, he introduced Ghost Dance. I picked up a super cheap compilation today.

LP Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust
LP Sveriges största singel
LP Sveriges största singel II
LP Sveriges största singel III
LP The Dolkows - Story of Robi & The Nudes

Kollaps popup store...

Yeah. Couldn't help myself...

7" Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– Turn Hegel On His Head
7" High Functioning Flesh - Human Remains
LP Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– An Interlude To The Outermost
LP Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat ‎– To Live Vicariously


The post is here...

I was rather worried. I got my records sent to different post offices these past few weeks. Today, everything seems to be back to normal... I finally got a second copy of the new Youth Code album. The first one was fucked up by the post. Somewhere between USA and Sweden. Gibby at Dais was awesome and sent me a replacement. These guys rule...

LP Koban ‎– Abject Obsessions
LP Youth Code ‎– Commitment To Complications
12" Rendez-Vous - Distance


I won! For real...

I have a habit playing records every morning. Records isn't really the word for it, a record would be closer to the truth. I take a photo very morning and publish it on instagram. By doing so, I actually got chosen as a lucky winner. Vinylmusix draws a winner for every month and I got to pick a record from his stash. I chose:

2x10" Radiohead - Kid A

Thank you very much! 

Weyrd Son Records.

Got a nice package from Belgium today. They certainly know how to pack stuff. They're awesome and always add small details.

7" Drab Majesty - The Heiress / The Demon (Blue)
12" Koban - Vide
LP Charnier - Charnier (Blue)


Dais Records.

Gibby at Dais Records, might be the coolest cat around. He saved my day. I got the new Youth Code album today. I don't know if US Postal Service or PostNord fucked up the package. Could have been the mailman who left it at the office. There was a big hole in the package. You could see the album sleeve had been ripped, and you could see there was a piece missing from the record itself. Someone obviously dropped something or stepped on it. They broke it. This record was one of the limited purple ones. I bought it on pre-order from Dais Records in the US. I had a very nice mail convo with Gibby at the label and I sent him an email, with some photos of the destroyed and demolished record. I wanted to order a new copy, and I noticed all the purple ones were sold out. He just said, if you pay the shipping cost, they would replace it. How cool is that? Seriously, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT? That's like super cool. I'd gladly pay the shipping to have a new, playable record. Gibby, you fuckin rule man... Thank you so much.

So, I can't really put the new Youth Code record here, because technically, I don't have a playable copy. I have a broken copy which I will chuck in the bin. Before I do that, here's a picture of what my copy looks like.
But I also got the new Västerbron today.

LP Västerbron - Till vilket pris som helst

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