So cold without a gun

It's really cold outside. Still, it's rather beautiful.

-13 C this morning. Very cold, but very beautiful.

One final note. May 2010 be a better year than 2009. All in all, it pretty much sucked bigtime.

Down on me...

Rain... Way too much rain. I was actually enjoying the cold winter landscape. However, the weather decided to go a bit mild, and it kept raining all through christmas day. Now there are just puddles everywhere.

Still, it's a bit more chilly today. And today, I'm going home. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

I've been through Johan Falk 1-6. 4 of them was actually pretty good. I've met just the amount of friends I could handle in 3 days time. As much as I wish I had more time here, I can't wait to go home. This is not my home anymore. And I don't think I'll be back here for quite some time. Can't find a reason except my father. And might as well visit me. Some things never change.

Last christmas...

It's christmas day. Last night was really nice. We went about 80 km north of Kalmar to Eva's cousins. I haven't seen them in 4 years. They're just as nice I remember them.

Now I'm tired. Didn't get any sleep at all. It's always a shame when you do something you normally wouldn't do, and then realize people are not what they claim to be, and also pretty nasty to other people. I know I shouldn't be surprised, still I am.

Good luck, where ever you may roam...

All stood still

I went for a long trip by bus today. Due to a big accident on the E4 just south of Stockholm, the trip took almost 2 hours longer than expected. We weren't moving for 45 minutes just south of Södertälje. As far as I know, a truck was blocking the south lane at Järna.

This is probably the first time I've heard positive cheers while pulling into Ringarum! We were all very hungry. One pyttipanna later, we continued our journey, and now I'm at my fathers place.

It's past midnight, and this actually makes it christmas eve. The day I seem to dread the most every year for some reason.

I'm kinda glad I'm not staying here for too long this time.

Merry Christmas mom. I miss you...


I spent the whole sunday assisting Leo during a videoshoot. I'm not allowed to say anything about it really, but it's gonna be great. Here's some pics from last night.

A pretty lousy picture of Leo and my SH 1 in Hasses car.


Per and Leo using a forklift. That guy will do anything to get the right shot! That looked a bit dangerous actually.

A cone... Not really important.

Two of the participants from last night, and the director.

Sometimes I think Leo is into wigs, in a really fetish way.

I noticed these strange creatures during a stroll at Söder the other day!

Winter struck Enskede Gård.

Last thursday, I finally got the shot. The Swineflu shot that is. I was rather surprised what it did to me. Insomnia, a painful left arm and numbness. I actually had to go home from work on friday. Now I'm doing better. I was really tired the whole weekend, hopefully it'll turn for the better now. And I won't be sick during x-mas.

A night to remember...

Just got home from Pet Sounds Music Quiz. The last of the season. There was a bit less teams participating tonight. 27 teams in total. I can't believe this really. I'm all speedy and stuff.

Tonight, we beat: Shaolinköping, Uptown Rockers FC, Mårten & The Slappers and Quiz Army to name a few.

We finished 3rd!!! It's actually amazing. We thought we didn't start out very good. It turned out, we did just fine.

3rd place in the geekiest quiz in Stockholm.

Stuart, Johan and Andreas... You are the shit!

Bikini Girls With Machineguns might not have won, but we did an amazing effort tonight!

World in my eyes...

I went down to Kalmar this weekend to pick up my stuff at Börjes place. He was kind enough to let me stash my synths'n'stuff there when I left for England. It's been four years in Feb. Can't believe it's been that long.

Fredrik was kind enough to go with me. It kinda sucks to have to drive all the way down there alone. And Oskar was kind enough to lend me his car.

The weather was a bit shitty. No visibility at all. Fog and rain. Boring...

Like I said. No sunshine what so ever.

And there was no stopping at Ringarum. I'll never do that willingly. Travelling via Silverlinjen, you don't really have a choise.

Fredrik thought this was pretty funny. MODE. Yes. He's into that band from Basildon.

Finally, a picture of a small yoga class at work. Doesn't seem that comfortable... But it's supposed to be good for you. What do I know?

Tonight we're off for Pet Sounds Music Quiz. The last one for this semester. We're aiming for top 10. (Like that'll happen...)