You can't always get what you want...

We all know that, right... I should try to be here more often. I do have things to say at times. Perhaps not right now. I'll just blame the pollen. I really hate the blooming of the birches.
I'll just skip that part and ask if you think you might be able to buy happines. I wasn't sure until I bought this:
It's a Fender Jaguar FSR. It's got blocks & bindings and a matching headstock. It's the most beautiful Jag I've ever seen. Surprisingly, my Telecaster FSR has been my number one the past two years. It's  my go to guitar, and I must say I'm surprised I used it more than my Gretsch. Now I need to switch out my Jazzmaster for a white one and I would love to find a white Jaguar Bass too. A white Jazz Bass would do the trick, but the Jag is the one I want. So, you CAN buy happiness. At least some kind of happiness.