I've got a bad cold. And no sleep at all, thanks to the coughing... Well, it can only get better. We went to a conference with the company last week. It was really fun. Last weekend wasn't that great though. I was forced to stay at my couch all weekend. Fever and a loooot of nosewhiping.

Well, today I met a celeb. ;) I actually met Robert. Yep, Robert from Boxer. I guess that doensn't really say much... But it was cool. Kinda. He was very nice. And oh, he does exist! But his name is not Robert.

I just came to the conclusion, this is rather pointless. I think I'm off for bed instead!

Mein herz macht bum!

I don't really have that much to say today. However, it's impossible for me to ignore two things.

1. HV71. Down by two, getting their shit together and equalizing. Tomorrow they're playing Linköping at home, and they have a good chance of getting the series to 3-2....

2. Patrik Ingelsten! A perfect hattrick. Kalmar FF is on the rise. 

And oh... I almost forgot. I'm going to help out the guys at
Megahype with promotion. I'm crossing to the other side. ;)

Check out my first project. 

Lowe - A 1000 miles

Upcoming projects are The Mobile Homes and Rupesh Cartel. I'm stoked! :)

Tanz mit mir!

It's been a great week. Ice hockey on K5 (which means less voices to process), a nice concert with Lowe at Obaren and a few beers with some of the guys from work. Oh, Anna was also here for a visit. I don't think I've seen her since new year's. We went to KGB where they were dancing to the same russian songs as always! Not her cup of tea! ;) Today we spent most of the time at Megahype, editing the songtracks from the upcoming Mobile Homes record. This week will be a short one. We're off for a conference at work on thursday, and Björn will cover for me. Still, I have to take care of everything until thursday. Tomorrow will be a quite busy day. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the guys from London again! :)


Now what am I supposed to do with this? I got this today. Well, I'm supposed to display it with pride, and I guess that's what I'm doing, right now:


Thank you John. ;)


Me, Rickard and Leo went to Kolingsborg for the Tech-Noir club last saturday. Run Level Zero, System and Dupont all performed live. It was not too bad at all. It's been quite a while since I've been to a concert. Must have been Motörhead/DAD come to think of it.

Today I met some really cool people. If you're into St Etienne, you really should check out Papercut. I met them at Megahype, where they were recording some vocals for the song Adrian. Man, if I still had my old job, I'd be playing the shit out of it. Check them out! :) I just can't get the chorus out of my head. Hans from Mobile Homes also came for a visit. Their new single (will be realeased by Megahype) is produced by Sami of Kent. And it might as well have been recorded back in -81. It's a very good popsong. Hans is also a very nice dude.