No, it's kinda hard right now. I think I might be struck down by flu. Not sure though. I really don't hope so. Never got the chance to get my flushot. Since I'm told I might be in danger of the virus, I really should get the shot asap. However, it's not possible right now due to my current flu or whatever virus I've already got.

It is kinda scary, really...

I stayed at home thursday and friday. Today it's saturday and I'm not feeling any better. I remember last time I got the flu, it lasted for about a week and a half. I also got hit by pneumonia. That sucked.

I'm all out of food. Need to go to the store. I can't say I eat that much right now anyway, but the fridge is more empty than usual. To be honest, it is empty. For real.

Postat av: jesper

Get well - it's an order. Otherwise we cannot visit on Sunday! :D

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You are completely right in everything you said here!

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