Under the flag...

Day 3.

I can't believe some people. Why would they mess up and complicate someones life, just because they can? I was raised with standard swedish values. And justice for all... I don't think women should stay at home, giving birth, slaving in the kitchen. Everyone is entiteld to whatever they want to do. And men who hit women?! WTF! I guess it takes a big strong man to do such a thing. It's really macho, right? Wankers! Abuse in whatever form or shape it might have, I detest it all. I find these people pathetic. I'm getting angry just thinking about it.

I met Janusch today. He came into the videostore while I was doing what I do best. Nothing... Since I don't really have anywhere else to go, I decided to help out packing 600 bags full of goodies and freebies. Now, my back is aching and I've got blisters on my fingers. I did a good deed. I'll help out tomorrow as well. I'm going to visit Janusch at work too. I haven't been to P4 since Camilla did the morning show there 2 or 3 years back. It'll be interesting.

No pictures today. I might have some tomorrow. Now I'm gonna watch two movies. The End of the world, and The Boat that rocked. 


Life on the line...

Yep, I'm in a Fad Gadget phase...

Day 2.

I've actually had a great day. I've been to Trekanten, I've been to Borgholm and I had some wonderful company. We also went past Färjestaden. I've been to Tegelviken and I've also managed to squeeze some poster rolling. (Don't ask...)

Here are some more un-interesting-yet-still-vacation pics.

No, it's not the road to perdition, or the road to nowhere. It's the road to Borgholm. And yes, it was rather wet. Come to think of it. It's almost the road to nowhere...

What's this? Oh yeah... I tried to capture the the ruins of the castle in Borgholm. You could say I failed, I prefer to say, I didn't use the zoom, since I was driving at the time.

The empty streets of Borgholm. I guess the tourist season is over. Come to think of it, it IS the end of august.

 Now, how's that for some un-interesting pics, huh? Pretty damn proud of it! Now I'm gonna pay for the three biographies I've just won off ebay. Then I'm gonna watch a movie. I watched a pretty good one last night. It's called Largo Winch. Keep an eye out for that one.

For whom the bells toll...

My holiday, day 1.

Well, woke up pretty late. Went... um... "downtown" to meet up Fredrik for a coffee. Went over to Videobolaget where I ended up doing stuff I usually do while I'm not working in Sthlm. So this is what's it's like to have vacation? I'm not sure I enjoy it or not. The company at Videobolaget is always great. You always have a good time there. And I could actually help customers too. However, since I'm constantly turned up to 100% brain activity while working, (believe it or not!), it's kinda hard to shut it down. Perhaps I shouldn't shut it down, a mere turning down would do. I'm restless. I need stuff to do all the time. If I don't, I'll go bananas. Normally it takes at least a week for me to "cool down". Not sure how long it's gonna take this time. I made a few calls today. I really wanted to watch the Man U - Arsenal game tonight. (They lost 1-2 btw, due to a penalty kick and an own goal...) It didn't turn out that way. Sometimes I really do think people screen my calls. Just because they think it's some kind of idiot trying to sell them something. Well, I'm not. The "one phone solution" we have at work is not working out for me, when I'm off work. Ah well, if they listen to their messages, I guess they know I've called them. If not, well, what can I do? I'll terrorize them by showing up, without telling them! That's what I'll do! Damnit!

Tonight, I was supposed to be at Sugarbar in Stockholm for the Sapporo 72/System gig. Club Ultrafoxx is celebrating it's one year anniversary, and I missed out. Ah well, next year I guess.

And now some pics from my vacation. If you're hoping for some exotic pictures of animals, plants or far away places, man, you're in for a big disappointment.

This could be the ONLY traffic light on a "big" E road cross europe. Please let me know if there are any others. It's not as bad as putting a traffic light on Autobahn, if you know what I mean. I do have a shitty camera.

While I was "working" today, sky came crashing down. No, not really, but we got some serious rain today. Only for a few minutes. I was actually waiting for some cats and dogs too... ;)

And just look at that bus! (Isn't his holiday pictures better than this?) NO, they're not! Ok?

Now I'm gonna watch a moive. I was hoping to hear from someone. But I didn't so I decided to stay at home instead. You know, I can do whatever I want to. Because I am on vacation. Tomorrow is day two. Without any plans, I'm a bit worried I might become really restless. I wish I'd brought my Ozone and Reason. Now it Largo Winch time.

Today's song:
La Roux: Bulletproof. I never thought I'd fall for yet ANOTHER hype. I here by confess, I do like La Roux, and I bought the Glasvegas album when it came out. Mainly because of Caroline (I think her name is). If you have a band where the drummer is standing up, pounding the drums just like Bobby Gillespie when he was in The Jesus & Mary Chain, it can't be bad, right?


I remember not long ago. I had like 51 days left until my vacation. Days have passed, people has returned from their holidays, and soon, really soon, I'll be off on my own. Finally. I've been waiting for so long. I can hardly believe it's actually time for me to go on holiday.

I don't really have a plan for this vacation. And I like that. I've been kinda stressed out these past few weeks. I know it's gonna take at least a week before I land somewhere near the sea of tranquility.

I went to my flat yesterday. The door was screaming at me while opening. A lot of dirt, grit and stuff is stuck in the hinges. I hope they will clean it up, because, my door was very silent when I moved out! Hopefully my bathroom and my kitchen will be done when I get back from my vacation. Soon I'll be living in a completely refurbished flat! Soon...

Forever fades away

Today's stupid link.

Penguins & polarbears

The buzz at work today, it's about those damn penguins. Just look what we found this morning. It's sickening...

They never learn...

Me, Mehdi and Lina went by my flat today. My bathroom is now looking like this:

It's a bit different comparing what it looked like while I was living there. But it's gonna be great, once it's finished. Perhaps not as good as it was before. Still, it's gonna be brand new.

We also went to IKEA. We were checking out my next kitchen. I think I have a plan now. Gonna move the stove, get a nice workbench and then I'm gonna get me a new fridge as well. It's gonna be great.


Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait... I really do need vacation now. It hit me the other day, I've been working a long time without a longer break. I haven't really been off work since christmas. It's 8 months! No wonder I'm getting tired. When I do get back from my vacation, my flat should be almost finished, and I can start living there for real. I'll even get my space in the attic. That means the boxes will leave my kitchen floor. Perhaps I could even have breakfast in the kitchen at the table? That hasn't happend yet. I'm quite looking forward to it. Not as much as getting my vacation going though.

Friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, then... It's vacation!!! I remember it being 40 + days left. Imagine all that time passing by.

What are your plans for the summer? Hang on... The summer is gone before I'm going on vacation. Technically anyway.

Let's extend the summer. I haven't even been to the beach this year! Man, that sux!

Drunken lullabies

Today's link... It's here: Alan?

And oh, my voice is back. And my flat has been turned into a smaller construction site. Am currently re-located.
I'm also only approx 2 weeks from vacation. Finally...

The Sound of silence...

Well, that's what's coming from me today. I've lost my voice. It's true. The only thing that comes from me is some sort of hissing. *sigh* I got this bad cold this weekend. I was completely out of order. Now I'm doing much better. This has actually happend before. Whenever I get a bad cold, I tend to lose my voice for a day or two. Not the greatest company for lunch. I'll tell you that for sure.

I've finished the electronic mix of ghost in the machine. All the programming has been done. I think. Leo is actually going to help out with the mixing. I suck at that. He knows what he's doing. We'll see where it will end up.

I spent this weekend watching the second season of  Dexter. I can't wait for the 3rd season. This is probably one of the best shows, ever!

Today, today...

Yep. Make sure to remember where you are today at this time.

Six words long...

All it takes are 4 chords. And that's about it. Check it out.

Axis of 4 awesome chords

Rapper's delight

If you're only gonna check out one youtube clip today. It'd better be this one!