I got some great records in the mail and I also have a friendly neighbour who gave me some of the records he was planning to sell.

MLP Matt Skiba / Kevin Seconds - Split
LP Vietnam - Vietnam
LP Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits
LP Glady's Knight & The Pips - Glady's Knight & The Pips


I missed out on A Projection last night. My buddy Anders brought home a copy of their new album.

LP + CD A Projection - Framework

#15 A delivery from Electronic Obsession.

Yeah! Why did I ever sell these records? These used to be in my collection a long time ago, and I can't really figure out why I ever sold them.

7" Fad Gadget - Back To Nature
7" Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites
7" Fad Gadget - Make Room
7" Fad Gadget - King of the Flies
7" Fad Gadget - Saturday Night Special
7" Fad Gadget - One Man's Meat
12" Front 242 - Interception



I got two records today. One was a gift. And what a gift...

10" The KVB - Into The Night
LP Monopol - Weltweit


I just love it when you get records almost every day of the week. This time, from Rundgång Rekords;

7" Svart Katt - Rosta sönder


The two latest from FlexiWave.
7" Colouroid - HHH/Shove
7" Kord - Horizont/Vision


Just one more addition today.

10" theHELL - Sauves Les Requines

#10 Record lunch...

Went by Stockholms Serie & Skivhandel during my lunchbreak.

LP Manic Street Preachers - Holy Bible
LP Commando M Pigg - En stjärna bland faror

#9 More stuff from Germany.

When I bought the two albums by Schonwald, I decided to get the Shad Shadows album too.

LP Shad Shadows - Minor Blues
LP VA - Monosynth 2