LP High-Functioning Flesh - Culture Cut (Clear + blue)
LP M!R!M - Iuvenis (Clear)
12" Celldöd - Terrorbalans


12" Rein - Freedoom (White, limited).


I really got this one last night but I forgot to register the record in the collection.

LP Hante. - Between hope & danger (blue violet)


LP Animal Youth - Animal


2 x 10" Echo West - Kreutze
12" Front 242 - Endless Riddance (2nd edition)


A broken record. Cheers PostNord. You managed to bend it. Even though it said fragile. You had one job...

I had to pay the same amount again, to get a new record. I also got a CD. (!)

LP Junodef - Ocean
CD ToiLet - The Essential


I got the new Ash Code 7" from Synth Religion today. :)

7" Ash Code - Icy Cold


I guess I've become a bit cheap after becoming a freelancer. But here's todays stuff from the record fair at Farsta Gård.

7" Stukas - Gonna Kill Her!
7" The Nookies - Whatever They Say
7" Niccokick - Bye Bye! Friend. EP.
7" The Tourists - So Good To Be Back Home Again
7" Soul Patrol - Stay On The Ground
7" Soul Patrol - Seven Days
LP VA - Back From The Grave
LP VA - Tymes Gone By
LP Schonwald - Night Idyll


Lunch at Nostalgipalatset.

LP Línea Vienesa ‎– Remando En El Volga
LP Klinik - States
LP Neon Judgement - Early Tapes