May the 4th be with you...

It's been ages. Probably more than ages... I've been busy, and I think I actually forgot I used to write something here every now and then.
First things first. I want to show my respect for Sir Alex and Paul Scholes from Manchester United. Hats off to you guys. Even though I am a Gunner at heart, I will miss Sir Alex. Same goes for David Beckham who announced he is retiring from the game.
Sweden beat Canada in the quarter final last night. What an amazing victory!
I currently working on two projects. Dirty Grounds and NMA. The latter is coming here this weekend. I'm looking forward to play through the songs a few times! Dirty Grounds will be recording a few more songs before we will put them on Soundclound.
However, the greatest thing for me, is my upgrade to Reason 7. Reason finally supports MIDI. It's freakin' awesome!!!
Hm, this isn't very interesting. I hope you find something more interesting to read.