My lucky number... #24!

Back in 1998, The Jesus & Mary Chain released Munki. The Reid brothers didn't get along and William left the stage, and the band during a show. Now, they are back together and the record is great. It's all one could hope for. I tried to get a copy of the translucent orange version, but it was already sold out. My good buddy Fredrik went to Glasgow this weekend to see Depeche Mode. In a store, he found me a copy of this beautiful record and brought it home. How great is that? Cheers buddy!

2LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Damage and Joy (Orange)

Episode 012


Every time a week starts with a few new items for your collection, is a good one. So, this must have been one of those good mondays.

2LP Depeche Mode - Spirit
12" Tempers - Fundamental Fantasy
12" Schwefelgelb - Dahinter Das Gesicht
12" Veil Of Light - Ursprung Remixed
12" Ancient Methods - The First Siren


When you're supposed to follow your co-workers to Nostalgipalatset and leave without any records. Yeah, right...

LP Cold Cave - Full Cold Moon
12" Keluar ‎– Ennoea
LP Noise Unit ‎– Grinding Into Emptiness
12" Noise Unit ‎– Deceit / Struktur
12" Noise Unit ‎– Agitate / In Vain
7" Fad Gadget - Ricky's Hand
7" Fad Gadget - Life On The Line
LP Ash Code - Oblivion
LP Ash Code - Posthuman


When Anders Karlsson of Celldöd and Varg decided to make a record together. The obvious name is Vargdöd. I remember hearing about this project at Kollaps Records a long time ago. Finally, it's here!

LP Vargdöd ‎– Brutal Disciplin
12" Rendez-Vous - Rendez-Vous EP


I went to Anders house today. He got me some really nice stuff!

12" HøRD ‎– Futures
12" TRAITRS ‎– Heretic


From Holland. Two albums I've been looking forward to hearing. A lot!

LP Uniform - Wake In Fright (white)
LP Liaisons Dangereuses - Liaisons Dangereuses

#18 Fuzz Club Deluxe editions

A nice delivery from Fuzz Club Records. A Bundle of deluxe editions.

LP The Underground Youth - Delirium
LP The Underground Youth - Morally barren
LP The Underground Youth - Voltage
LP The Underground Youth - What kind of dystopian hellhole is this?

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