I'm no longer a hocke virgin! I've been to my first game of Elitserie hockey. :) It was great. Me and some guys from work went to see DIF-HV71 a few days ago. We had the Kanal 5 Suite, and let me tell you, it's bloody awesome! I had a great time. The game wasn't that good, and it ended a tie, 2-2, after 2-0, 0-1-01. This is not the last time. For sure. :)


Anyone can play guitar...

Last night, me and Leo headed for Victoria. He had tickets for the documentary Air Guitar Nation. It's a story about the WC of Air Guitar. Yep, in Finland. You might have heard of it. I really enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed this one. However, we were alone watching this. Kinda strange.

We decided to go for a falafel, and then we continued over to the cinemacomplex at Söderhallarna. We decided to check out this one:


Two of the greatest moviemonsters IMHO. However, this is NOT a very good movie. I did enjoy some of it, but it's not like the original Alien(s) or Predator movies even... I think the first Alien vs Predator is better. This was too much of a teenflick. However, some of the scenes were really cool. I still have to grade it 2/5. A shame really. If you're into this kind of movies, you should watch it. Or not. ;)

Train in vain.

For the first time in 25 years. Topper Headon joined Mick Jones on stage, performing Train in vain and Should I stay or should I go...

Check out a video from their reunion

This video is shot at a Carbon/Silocon gig. The band features Mick Jones, Tony James (Generation X/Sigue Sigue Sputnik), Big Audio Dynamite's Leo "Eezykill" Williams and former Reef drummer Dominic Greensmith.



I've just been to the movies. Me and a co-worker went to see Control by Anton Corbijn.


A movie about the life and death of Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

Check out the official website here:

I must say I did enjoy it. However, Sean Harris in 24 hour party people is doing a better job, playing Ian Curtis. It's not that Sam Riley isn't good. No, not at all. I just liked Sean Harris better.

If you're into Joy Division, you must see this one. If you're not. Well, perhaps you should see it anyway. Just don't see it before you're on your way out partying. 


My final shoppingday in London. What did I come up with? Well I thought I'd be bringing home a shitload of cd's and dvd's. This is not the case. Not at all. Ok, I did buy a few things, but not nearly what I was hoping for. It's not that that I didn't find anything, but I don't know why. I just didn't buy them.

I bought this great boxset with the entire Bottom series. I bought 2 other dvd's and like 7 or 8 cd's. That's it. To sum it up, I'm a bit disappointed. Really, I am. But hey, there is always next time around. This is hardly the last time I go to London. I will come here more frequently I hope. I really love this city. I don't really remember a lot landing here due to me running quite a fever, but I do remember the carpet greeting me at Heathrow. I'm not really sure how I got to Perivale, but I think it might have been by tube. I think.

The tube in London, now I could write an enitre chapter about it. It's dirty, smelly, not working properly and it's almost always packed. Compared to the one in Stockholm, it's not very good. But it IS very special to me in some weird way. I actually went on the Metropolitan Line for the first time ever when we went to Barbican. At least that's one new experience. ;) Oh, Barbican, I did go there. And the London Aquarium. I don't think I've ever been on the other side of the river at Westminster before. I have been to Richmond, but that is probably the only time I've crossed it before. That's strange.

To wrap everything up, since this is my last entry from England (this time...) I've had a blast. Meeting old and new friends. Just walking around familiar and unfamiliar places. Getting lost in the Islington area. Checking out Emirates Stadium. Well, I never got to Abbey Road, but who cares. I can always do that next time.

Now I must pack everything up, and try to get some sleep. I'm dead tired. I got to see Peter M today. We had an English breakfast and I also got some books written by Jeremy Clarkson. Those are great. Now I have something to read on the flight over to Stockholm.

To all the guys I met, thank you so much for not forgetting about me. I certainly never forgot you. And I never will. Trust me, I'll be back...


Me, Peter and Jovanna went to Barbican the other day. It's a very cool complex, built in the 60's. The plan was, you'd never have to leave the place. Everything you'd ever need was supposed to be at The Barbican Complex.  Art, food, and flats. Everything. It's a very very cool place. We went to this art exhibition called seduction. I recommend it. I also passed Emirates Stadium. Man, it's great!  Later that evening we went home to Peter and Vannas place at Holloway Road/Caledonian Road. They have this tiny, but very nice one bedroom flat. Home made pad-thai... Mmm... Very very nice. :)


Peter and Vanna at King's Cross St Pancras.


The Barbican Centre.

Today I met up with Anahita. We went to the London Aquarium and we also went all geeky and went to the Star Wars Exhibition next door. I guess you could say it was the two of us and a lot of geeks! ;)

Anahita at The London Aquarium.


A Stormtrooper.


A shitty picture of Boba and Jango Fett.


Deep frozen Han Solo.


Anahita and Darth Vader.


"Is that two Wookies behind you, or are you just happy to see me...?" ;)


Me looking stupid at Big Ben... Rather more stupid than usual... ;)

Tomorrow I'm headed for the place where it all began. The Corner of wait and breakfast. I'm gonna meet up with Peter again, and I guess I'll do some shopping too. I'm going to Debenham's looking for that frame, and I'm also going for some final shopping.

Say it with flowers?

I went down to Chiswick Park today. I really wanted to check out the new office. And believe me, it was great. I also got to see some old friends, and that made it even better! :)

I did my best to stay in their way! ;) Just look at their new surroundings.


Imagine this place during the summer...


Just don't slip... ;)

Some guys have all the luck...

That's what Robert Palmer said anyway. Today, I consider myself pretty lucky. I've met Per, Lucy and Mr Rehnberg! :) We went Fopping! And it was great. All the old Fopp's were closed when I moved back to Sweden. Some even say it was my fault they were shut down. ;) A few months back, they got one store going again, under HMW. The one at Shaftsbury Ave. Not the big one at Tottenham Court Road, but it's better than nothing. I think I may be back there in a day or two!

Today I've been to Ealing Broadway, Kensington, Chiswick and Soho. Pers and Lucys place was great. Not far from the Chiswick Highstreet. Tomorrow I'm heading for Chiswick Park. :) 

Watford - Crystal Palace: 2-0!

So, I've been to Watford. And I had a blast. As I understand, not many people consider this to go hand in hand.

The Police station is located on Shady Lane, which I think is very very funny! :) Now, that's not the reason I went there of course. I went for the FA Cup match, Watford - Crystal Palace. A London derby. You already know the score. The quality wasn't great, but I really enjoyed myself. Our seats were at the home stand, and that was just behind the goal. It's always nice to see the home crowd taunt the ref! :)


Vicarage Road Stadium. Home of Harry the Hornet...

(I'll post some more pics from this adventure at facebook...)

To fly or not to flu...

After spending the new year with the Megahype crew, I was struck by the flu. I was supposed to go to London today, and I can tell you this much, last night, I wasn't too sure I was going. But I did. Against all odds... I made it here, sort of anyway.

It's so nice to be back in Perivale. I've missed so much about England. I've missed the tube, I've missed all the smells, (technically, I never caught them today....), the way people act, well... I've just missed it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be free of fever, and Èanna is coming to pick me up. He got us tickets to the FA Cup Match, Watford - Crystal Palace. You may laugh, but it's just another notch on my belt! :)