Personal delivery.

Had a quick coffee with Mr Ståltråd in his garden. Nice apeshit coffee.

LP Ståltråd - s/t
LP Ståltråd - s/t

Silver version, 30 copies of the 300 made. The rust cover, remaining 270/300.

...and for the record

Ok, so I finally published my first podcast. About freakin time too.

And I bought some new records...

7" Zoo - 33 kulor i bröstet
7" Krixhjälters - A Krixmastcard
12" Nitzer Ebb - Get Clean
12" New Order - Temptation
12" Siglo XX - View Of The Weird
LP Social Distortion - White Light, White Heat, White Trash
LP Social Distortion - Sex, Love & Rock'n'Roll
LP Chameleons - Script Of The Bridge

Mail from Canada...

And an old friend, finally bought at Bananamoon in Örebro.

12" Oil In The Eye - Sex & Surgery
LP By Divine Right - Speak And Spell U.S.


All Your Sisters

I really like the idea of picking up my mail at the local supermarket. Back in the day, you had to go to the specific post office. It was closed during the weekend. If you got a package or something sent to you on a friday, you had to wait for monday. This is awesome.

LP All Your Sisters - Uncomfortable Skin (Milk/Purple)


I forgot to get this one, last time I put an order to these guys.

7" Querelle ‎– Pas De Pitié

I won...

Thanks to the 2016 EURO, Griezmann and France, I actually won some money. Something that rarely happens. How would you celebrate you may ask... By visiting Nostalgipalatset of course...

LP The Danse Society - The Danse Society
LP The Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting
LP Dernière Volonté ‎– Immortel (Incl 7")
LP Dernière Volonté - Mon Meilleur Ennemi (Incl 7")
LP Frank (Just Frank) - The Brutal Wave
LP Frank (Just Frank) / Soviet Soviet - Split
12" Tropic of Cancer - The Two Sorrow of Two Blooms

Nostalgipalatset - revisited...

It's so hard to leave that place without buying something. They have a very good selection of used records, and I must say, they are well priced. There are a few items which stand out, but hey, they actually have them, and in pretty good nick. I think it's only fair to price the stuff they way they do.

I brought home the following today:

12" The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
12" James Rays Gangwar - Rev Rev Lowrider
12" James Rays Gangwar - Fuel
MLP Play Dead - The First Flower