Just got back from Prague. We did have a good time at Promax, even thought we didn't win anything at all. Red Bee won loads of stuff. Not very surprising, they were nominated in almost all of the categories. Something fishy going on? I don't know...

When we landed at Schiphol, we found out the plane was already boarding. The big billboard said "gate closing" even. However, we made it. I'm not sure about Johans bag though. All I got to eat during the entire trip was a few biscuits. All the bread had nuts in it. Couldn't eat it. That sucked.

Prague wasn't what I thought it would be. I'll just leave it at that. I don't think I'll be going back there again. However, I missed out on the greatest happening. One of my mates from work was approached by a pimp! From what I can tell from hearing this story over and over, it was hilarious. He actually had to pretend to be gay to get rid of the pushy pimp! I'm just annoyed I didn't get a chance to see that happening.

The apartment I was considering buying, well, it turned out into a bidding frenzy. The winning bid was far over what I consider worth paying. I'll try again. I don't think anyone will win their first fight in the bidding war. I'm not giving up. There will be a place for me out there somewhere.

And here's some pictures from Prague:

The Hilton burger. STAY AWAY!

I guess some people coundn't afford to send actual people to represent! ;)

Outside Hilton Prague.

The PROMAX awad ceremony.

Sunday morning...

And this is what i feel like.... This is what I look like... Every morning.

Me, having a bad hairday.

Defcon 1

All I have to say is... Go check it out...

Check it out

We went to Pet Sounds this friday. We were really hoping to do better than 10th place last month. I'd like to add, last time, there was only three of us. Me, Johan and Patrik. This time, we had an entire team. My old buddy Kling joined Bikini Girls With Machine Guns. Andreas was also back from his IMPORTANT dinner... Well, the quiz was much harder than the one before. We managed to finish at 12th place out of 37 finishing teams, and we were quite happy with that result. We thought we'd end up somewhere at the bottom.

It was a great night. Next time, our goal is to beat Shaolinköping. Fat chance, I know, but everyone has got to have a goal, right?

I will follow...

U2 spent an entire week at The Late show hosted by David Letterman.

Top Ten Things U2 Has Learned Over The Years

Rising star...

Glasvegas played Debaser Medis this friday. I'm glad I didn't have a ticket. If that would have been the case, I would have missed Johans big birthday party. I'm glad I didn't.

Talking Glasvegas. The first hype of 2009, at least one I've picked up through the grapevine, is here.

These guys have a Joy Division-ish/Glasvegas-ish/Echo & The Bunnymen-ish sound. It's not too bad.
White Lies album "To lose my life" is avaible via Spotify.

I kinda like it. Check it out!