It's getting closer. To be honest, doesn't really affect me in any way. I'm not into dressing up or having candy. I do like vinyl though...

LP Depeche Mode ‎– Catching Up With Depeche Mode
2LP Paper - We Design The Future



I've been looking forward to get my hands on this excellent album for quite some time. My friend Freddy told me about these guys from Leeds about a year ago. I kept playing Nerve Endings and Possessed, over and over again. I love this record! Can't wait to hear their new stuff. The band should be in the studio, recording their next album right now.

LP Eagulls - Eagulls

Minuit Machine

The French band is back with their sophomore album. I think it's just as good as their debut. They were really good at Kollaps Festival 2 earlier this year.

LP Minuit Machine - Violent Rains

National Edge Day!

And Cassette Store Day... Two in one!

Went by Kollaps Records, as one should on a sunny saturday. I didn't get any tapes though. I guess I should have... I ran into Varg and Claus Fovea. Nice dudes.

LP Ian McCulloch ‎– Candleland
LP Cement ‎– Påträngande Verklighet = Intrusive Realtiy
12" Nimam Spregleda ‎– EP


Beyond the Beyond

A long time ago, people started exchanging their vinyl albums for CD's. I am in the process of going the other way. Because I can.

I went by Jonas at Kollaps today. Brought home:

LP The Weathermen - Beyond the Beyond
7" Doric - Doric



Almost two weeks over due...

On Sept 25, New Order released their long awaited debut on Mute Records. I pre-ordered it back in June. You would think it would arrive, at least close to the actual release date. It didn't. It arrived almost two weeks later.

If I would have known this, I would have bought this record at my local shop. I even paid more for it, since I gave them a few quid extra for the shipping. So, I paid more for it and had to wait almost two weeks for it. I won't do that again. That's for sure. I remember having the same problem when I ordered the limited boxset, Songs of the universe.

Finally, I will get to enjoy this long awaited record! Finally!

2LP New Order: Music Complete (Clear)

Wednesday = Kollaps Records

Every wednesday, Kollaps Records, one of the greatest record shops in Europe, stays open until 8 PM. This is great. You can swing by after work, and almost every time, meet up with some nice people. Which is equally awesome.

This is what I brought home today;

10" Doric ‎– So Far, So Near
10" Ferdinand Cärclash ‎– Find Your Heart
LP Black Egg – Melencolia