On the wall...

So, with a little help and good advice from Peter, things are finally where they should be. Ok, I still need blinders, but I've decided I'll survive a few days without it.

On display, on my walls. At my house!

The Vester ES 335 copy. Now hanging in the hallway.

Ok, one of these do not belong here. However, I don't think anyone will notice it's not from the Darklands album.

*You trip me up
* April skies
* Darklands
* Happy when it rains
* Darklands (album)

The gothics in place. Forgot about my Thunderbird IV. Had to re-arrange it.

Now that's better. The Epiphones are finally in place!

And the Gibson and it's distant cousin had to reside on the floor. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

Outer space...

I've just gotta get me one of these. I've always wanted a Macbook. Here is the reason why YOU should get one!

You won't be sorry... Again, you might be...

Plastic fantastic...

I've seen many bands perform live. But you rarely come across the pure energy of Polysics! I just love it!

Check them out here:
Polysics - I my me mine

Or Electric surfin go go

Polysics rule!!

The Name of the game...

At work, we have certain goals for our department. We were a bit worried after our trip to Prague. However, things turned out great in New York.

We're damn proud of it.

Check out our gold and silver here:

Talking loud and clear...

I do know the meaning of bouquets. It was rather deliberate.

Gotta pack my stuff.

Say it with flowers

My home is getting "homier". Not like Homer of the Simpson family. No, I mean my home where I live, and it's getting more like a home for every single day.

Leo brought me plants.

Still need some curtains, I know. And blinders. And a few other things on my long list. We'll I'm getting there slowly. My plan is to stay here for quite a while. Not too sure about curtains, but I do need blinders.

You know, I really should go to the Arvika festival. But I just can't be botherd living in a tent. I've done that, and I'm through with it. Just look at the headline. Damn it's good.

Aah, the drunken party penguin at work. He actually got put in the corner. For bad behaviour. From what I can tell, he was actually at Kanal 5's Junifest this year. I've seen the pictures. No wonder he's stuck in the corner. Some penguins just can't behave themselves.

I'm driving back to Kalmar tomorrow. I'm gonna deliver the car to my dad, and then I'm gonna spend midsummer's eve at Öland. I think it will be great. The company is lovely.

Today I'm gonna start a new feature, stolen from my friend Jonas.

For all you Spotify users:

Today's song:

And oh, I almost forgot. Leo is shooting the next The Mobile Homes video tonight. I'm not gonna give the song away here. It's the song on the album containing three letters. ;)

My joy...

I've got a new toy. Don't really have to say anything, right? I'm never growing up, am I?

Special needs...

We went to Jam the other day. Leo found a new guitar. If they bother to sell it to him!

A Gretsch Electromatic Pro jet. Not too expensive. And it will look great next to his other Gretsch G5120

Blom also found a new guitar.  I wonder what the other guys in Nale will have to say about it! No, he didn't buy it.

Private eye...

How do you keep track of all your records? Well, if you are anyting like me (which I hope you're not!), you need some kind of tool. I found Pop.nu a few years back. I've been using it ever since.

This is what I hit today.

You can't actually see what it says. It says my collection contains 3900 records.

If you wanna check it out: The Collection


Little Boots... Enough said!


How to tune the F%#&ING Floyd Rose tremolo...

I must admit, this made it so much easier. I almost threw my Les Paul out the window last night. The Floyd Rose tremolo may be a great invention, but it's some scary shit, trying to put a new set of strings on the guitar. And how many dives will I ever record? Not many... I'm thinking of exchanging it for a LP Gothic WITHOUT the F%¤#ing whammybar.

I really don't play guitar like Eddie Van Halen anyway. Compared to him, I don't really play guitar at all.

Jennifer she said...


Yeah, I guess... Sometimes truth is even more scary than imagination. Some might say it's fear. I say life in general. We can never change who we are. Things always work out in the end.