7" EP Svart Katt - Allt blir nog bra
LP Solar - Things We Found, But Left Behind


2x12" Bolywool - From Void To Matter Vol 1-3


LP Ståålfågel Sällskapa mig genom natten


Two new records from Kess Kill.
LP Vanligt Folk - Hambo
12" Violet Poison/Bakunin Commando  KESS08/VV008B


Nostalgipalatset & prezzies...

7" The Persuaders - Her New Candy
12" The Smiths - This Charming Man (New York)
12" The Smiths - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
12" Tubeway Army - Peel Sessions
12" Twice A Man - Across The Ocean
LP Twice A Man - Slow Swirl
LP Sonic Surf City - Épico
LP The Glove - Blue Sunshine
LP Världen Brinner - Slöseri Av Tid


12" Klinik - Fear
LP Dive - Dive
LP Dive - Inside Out
12" Trisomie 21 - Shift Away


The two latest from FlexiWave.
7" Colouroid - HHH/Shove
7" Kord - Horizont/Vision

#6 From Germany

Got some stuff I've been thinking about ordering for a long time.

7" A Place To Bury Strangers - Keep Slipping Away
LP Crocodiles - Summer of Hate

From Germany...

I got a new 12" from FlexiWave today. I also realized I have missed out on a 7" from the same label. I will have to get it next time I order from KernKrach.

12" Die Fly Die ‎– Standing On Mermaids


Last night, Kent invited all their fans to Eskilstuna to listen to the new and final album by the band. It's being released tomorrow. My buddies F and F went there and they say it sounds a lot like the two latest releases. I haven't really listened to Tigerdrottningen. I guess I should do that. I got the red 7" today. Figured I might as well get it...

7" Kent - Egoist

Closing time...

No call for alcohol. Well, at least not for me. On March 17, 1986, Depeche Mode released Black Celebration. I still remember that day. We passed 30 years yesterday. Amazing. I also found out, Kollaps Records is closing down the store. It's a real shame, but I do understand the reasons why they decided the time had come. I've spent a lot of money in that store. I've met a bunch of great people in that store. I've spent so many hours in their store, it almost feels like a second home. Both stores that is. I'm sure gonna miss it. I know they will do a lot of stuff in the future. I wish them luck in their future endeavor. Those guys have introduced me to more than half the people I hang out with these days. I owe them a lot. Jonas and Mattias, you're fucking awesome. Both of you.Thank you for everything. I'm sure gonna miss the store. You can still buy records from them via their webshop. You should. Always support people who loves music.


Jonas and Mattias at Kollaps just put out some stuff from their own private collections. I got these today;

LP The Danse Society ‎– Demos Vol. 1
LP James Rays Gangwar ‎– Dios Está De Nuestro Lado
LP Modern Eon ‎– Fiction Tales


Without You I'm Nothing...

I was so close to pick this up just a few days ago, but for some strange reason, I decided not to. I corrected this today.

LP Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing (Yellow clear, 180 g)

Twice A Man

A long long time ago, I went to the theatre in my hometown to see Twice A Man. It was the Driftwood Tour around 1988. I loved it. It wasn't at all what I expected though. I recently got to see them at Södra Teatern here in Stockholm. Tonight, you can go see them at Klubb Nalen. Not doing that, but I am going to see New Order, tomorrow.

LP+CD Twice A Man - Presence

Beyond the Beyond

A long time ago, people started exchanging their vinyl albums for CD's. I am in the process of going the other way. Because I can.

I went by Jonas at Kollaps today. Brought home:

LP The Weathermen - Beyond the Beyond
7" Doric - Doric


Kernkrach and beyond.

For years, I've been keeping track of all my record purchases at Last FM. Last FM is being re-designed and I've lost all the info for 2015. They can stick it. I will stop using all their services and keep track of all my stuff here instead. 
So, here is the first post. 
Last weekend, I attended the fifth annual Kalabalik på Tyrolen. It was freakin awesome, and I even bought some nice records. I even got to buy some stuff from Mr Kernkrach himself, Jürg.LP
Kollaps Records in Stockholm is a great place where I've met some really awesome people these past few years. Come to think of it, most of the people I hang out with these days, are people I've met there. 
Ok, so this is what I bought today.
LP Mängelexemplar - Heim und Garten
LP Dada Pogrom - Kolophonium
And I might as well add the previous stuff from 2015.
7” Uppgång & Fall - Uppgång & Fall
7” Ra - These Days/Prism
LP Stry & Stripparna - #4
LP Pets Or Food - No Romantik
12" Raba Hiff - FRBFRT STHML
LP Chromagain - Any color we liked
12" Agent Side Grinder - This is us
LP Veil Of Light – Ξ
LP Psychedelic Furs - Psychedelic Furs
LP Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves
LP Etage Neun - Once
LP Seppuku - Under Your Control
LP The Devil & The Universe - Imprint Daath
LP The Devil & The Universe - Haunted Summer
12" Ra - Remixes
MLP Celldöd - Pulsdisco (grå)
7" Flowers Must Die ‎– Psykjunta/Pärsonligt Söund
LP Nag!, The ‎– The Nag!
CD VA - Kollaps #2
7" Nowhere Is The Lion - (Nowhere is) The Lion
12" The Beautiful Losers - Same
LP XTR HUMAN ‎– Atavism
LP Discodeath - Discodeath
LP Född Död - Studie i närhet, Längtan och besvikelse (White)
LP Silent EM & Ortrotasche - Common Loss
12" Kord - Absence of fear
7" Nina Belief ‎– Feel The Feast
LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Walk and crawl
LP Funeraria Vergara ‎– Después De Un Día Antes
12" Camera – Système Solaire
12" I Break Horses ‎– Faith
12" I Break Horses - Denial (White)
LP Sad Lovers And Giants ‎– Epic Garden Music
LP Demon†ré* ‎– Masculin / Féminin
LP Cat Rapes Dog - Life Was Sweet
7" Dreamweapon - Body Electric
MLP Oil In The Eye - The Surgical Fatherland
12" Frak - Alice in Acidland
12" Kreidler/Automat Snowblind/Escaped/Berlin wall
LP Soft Metals - Lenses (Remixes)
2LP O.Children - O.Children
2LP Hurts - Exile
2LP Kent - Tigerdrottningen
LP Sad Lovers & Giants - Feeding The Flame
LP Metro Decay ‎– Υπέρβαση
LP VA - The Thing From The Crypt
LP Mass – Labour Of Love
LP UV Pop - No Songs Tomorrow
LP Minuit Machine ‎– Live & Destroy (Black/white marble)
LP Agent Side Grinder ‎– Alkimia
LP Cassandra Complex - Satan, Bugs Bunny And Me
LP Marsheaux - A Broken Frame (White, ltd)
12" Hemgraven - Sanddyner av glas
LP Blipblop - Noll Fyra Arton
LP Sine City - Such A Fragile Thing We Are
LP Operation Blue Eyes - The Sound Of Breaking Glass
LP Kingdom Of Evol - The Second Coming Of Pleasure & Pain
LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Barrowlands Live
2LP Cortex - Spinal Injuries
7" Distel - Nord
12" Veil of Light - Head/Blood/Chest
LP Daybed - Weird sailing
7" Sturm Café ‎– Koka Kola Freiheit
2 x 12" Sturm Café - Europa
7" Beast - Människan
7" Nightmen - Girl for you
LP Bent Spanner Arty Banner - Same
LP The Soft Moon - Deeper
7" Wedding Present, The ‎– Meet Cute (Welsh Version)
LP Pure Ground - Standard of Living
7" Claus Fovea - Cyanide
7" Kardinaljävel - Jesus
LP A Split - Second ‎– Stained Impressions
2x12" Cabaret Voltaire: 2x45
7" Veil of Light - Cold skin
12" Kite - VI
LP Vanligt Folk - Jag har utvecklat mig till både en hund i en katt
LP The KVB - Mirror Being (Clear)
12" Youth Code - A Place To Stand
7" Nitzer Ebb - As is
7" Stadion Der Jugend - Väktare av mörkret
7" Vicious Pink Phenomena - My private Tokyo
7" Devo - Satisfaction
CD VA - Electronically Up Yours - Anarchy In the E.Y
12" James Ray And The Performance - Mexico Sundown Blues
12" The Smiths - Heaven knows I'm miserable now
LP New Order - 1981-1982 (Clear)
7" Pure Ground - The Arsonist (Gold)
LP Hante. ‎– Her Fall And Rise (Clear)
LP Västerbron ‎– Idiotologi
LP Petra Flurr + Modernista ‎– Download Selbstmord
LP Nicole Sabouné ‎– Must Exist
LP Sally Dige ‎– Hard To Please (Clear)
CD Hellvoxters - Hellvoxters
7" The Mobile Homes - Don't give up
7" The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of love
12"A Split Second - Scandinavian Bellydance
12"A Split Second - Mambo Witch
12"Portion Control - Rough Justice
12"The Weathermen - Daytime TV
12"The Weathermen - Once For The Living
12"The Weathermen - Take it off!
12"The Neon Judgement - A Man Ain't No Man...
LP Click Click - Bent Massive
12"Siglo XX - Till The End of The Night
LP Siglo XX - Flowers For The Rebels
LP Signal Aout 42 - Pro Patria
LP Sleeping Dogs Wake - Understanding
LP Imiafan - Neurozone
7" Tata Technikk - Bláskertel Flakka
10" Container 90 - Roller Derby Girls
LP Alles - Post
LP Selofan - Verboten
LP Diskoteket - Det ska se ut som slutet
What can I say... I love vinyl...

You can't always get what you want...

We all know that, right... I should try to be here more often. I do have things to say at times. Perhaps not right now. I'll just blame the pollen. I really hate the blooming of the birches.
I'll just skip that part and ask if you think you might be able to buy happines. I wasn't sure until I bought this:
It's a Fender Jaguar FSR. It's got blocks & bindings and a matching headstock. It's the most beautiful Jag I've ever seen. Surprisingly, my Telecaster FSR has been my number one the past two years. It's  my go to guitar, and I must say I'm surprised I used it more than my Gretsch. Now I need to switch out my Jazzmaster for a white one and I would love to find a white Jaguar Bass too. A white Jazz Bass would do the trick, but the Jag is the one I want. So, you CAN buy happiness. At least some kind of happiness. 

Losing the battle...

Today is the day when you should reach deep down in your pocket and donate just any amount to any charity.
Rest in peace Kristian.

May the 4th be with you...

It's been ages. Probably more than ages... I've been busy, and I think I actually forgot I used to write something here every now and then.
First things first. I want to show my respect for Sir Alex and Paul Scholes from Manchester United. Hats off to you guys. Even though I am a Gunner at heart, I will miss Sir Alex. Same goes for David Beckham who announced he is retiring from the game.
Sweden beat Canada in the quarter final last night. What an amazing victory!
I currently working on two projects. Dirty Grounds and NMA. The latter is coming here this weekend. I'm looking forward to play through the songs a few times! Dirty Grounds will be recording a few more songs before we will put them on Soundclound.
However, the greatest thing for me, is my upgrade to Reason 7. Reason finally supports MIDI. It's freakin' awesome!!!
Hm, this isn't very interesting. I hope you find something more interesting to read.

Silent night...

December 13, 2012. That calls for some kind of weird celebration in Sweden. I'm not gonna bother telling the story about my adventure as the gingerbread man. I will however share this for guide for my non Swedish friends.
Regarding my latest fascination, I might have bought two more guitars during the past 4 months. First of all, this beauty:
A very nice Fender Jazzmaster, Classic Player. I'm very happy with it. It was pretty cheap too..
Two days ago, I found myself a very nice Fender Jazz Bass. It's not stock. The previous owner slapped on a mirror pickguard. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I'm gonna let it stay for now.
It does go rather well with my Jaguar, doesn't it?

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