My shopping spree ended in a big disappointment. One pair of socks. Horrible. I know I can do better than that. Sara had much better luck. She found clothes AND some stuff for the kitchen refurbishment going on at her house.

We also went to the cinema. It seems like most of my friends already went to see District 9.

I'm not gonna say anything if you haven't seen it. Except it's pretty cool. Peter Jackson offered Neill Blomkamp $30 mil to do whatever movie he wanted after the planned Halo movie fell through. This is what he decided to do.

Feeling this...

So, I'm finally back in Stockholm. It feels great. I went by my flat today. Here are some before and after shots.

This is what it looked like when I was at my flat last time.

Not very exciting, right?

This is what it looks like today.

I like it. Ok, let's be honest. It's not like it was before they tore it all to pieces. However, this is nice.

And here are those damn penguins again.

I guess they're finished throwing up.

I'm going back to work on monday. I can't wait. I miss the guys at work. I've actually been there a few times already. Now I'm gonna spend some cash!

Wake up exhausted...

Thank you...

Sort of. I guess. At least I think so.

In a hole...

Lost track... Day, whatever. 11?

The latest JAMC collection is called "The Power of negative thinking". I find it rather suiting.

If you do try your best, and that's not enough, it's when you give it up, right? Or at least break a bad habit. That's what I'm gonna do. It's never enough, is it? It's like poker. You go all in carrying a full house. There is always that chance someone might call you, pulling out a straight flush. I'm just a shitty player. That must be it.

God's speed...

One man's meat...


Day 8.

So tired. Need to go to sleep. Today's good deed: I vacuumed the entire store today. Watched Zlatan do the impossible. Went by Hasses place to say hi. Went home. Straight to bed. Headache. Tired.

Now I'm going back to not sleeping. This is what you get for being misunderstood and honest. I can't deal with it anyway. I don't have the energy. I don't know. What you do need to know, is making the wrong assumptions, is not a good thing. I've known this all along. And no, I'm not at all happy about it. I guess I've become a bit of a cynic over the years. I was waiting for this actually. I'm not surprised at all. It's the reason that baffled me. If anyone in general is reading this. It doesn't even matter who you are. Just promise me, never take things for granted. Making the wrong assumption can be a dangerous game to play. Especially if you don't know the whole story.

That's it. Over and out of bounds.


Can't sleep...

Don't wanna go...

Day 7.

It's been a week now. Feels like an eternity. Not very good at being on vacation. I suck at it to be blunt. I've never been good at taking time off. I always long for it, but when I get there, it turns to shit.

Just found out TBR posted their entire new album on Myspace.

 Check it out here: ...

It sounds just like as you'd think it would. Makes me kinda happy, and that's a good thing right now.

Why is it, I always find myself into fucked up situations? I don't want to sneak around. I hate that. I've never wanted that, EVER. Perhaps I'm not better than this? I don't know anymore. I'm just very tired. And I miss being at home. Due to circumstances things didn't turn out the way I was hoping. I can't do anything about that. Right now I need to go somewhere. I don't know where. Just somewhere else. I can't stay here for 3 weeks. That'll exhaust me. Don't get me wrong, I love so many people living here, just seeing them, hanging out with them and stuff. Right now, I can't relax here, and I'll be even more tired than before going on holiday. That's not the way it's supposed to be. Need to go.

So why so sad? You tell me... Your guess is as good as mine. You can't be disappointed at something that didn't happen due to circumstances you can't control. Things just pan out that way sometimes. It's like having everything you ever wanted, then letting it slip right through your fingers. I wish I could do something about it. But I can't. It's out of my hands. It's not something you can do anything about anyway. I just wish... I wish for a lot of things. Right now, I wish I could go to sleep. I can't.

No, time to change mood. I'm on my fucking holiday. I'm off work and still getting paid! I shouldn't complain. Really I shouldn't. And I won't.

I'm just tired...


Day 6.

I've been to Kalmar, Nybro, Vetlanda, Nässjö, Vetlanda, Nybro, Kalmar today. These are som pics from our roadtrip.

The first and only intermission. Just after leaving Nybro. Don't even remeber what the place is called. It was a rather rainy day, I was kept waiting for cats & dogs.

My compadres.

We went to a warehouse full of this! There was candy, sodas and snacks, all over the place!

Customers, energydrinks and more candy. I should have brought a bag. You could actually grab what you wanted and enjoy it at home. I'm glad I didn't.

Just got back from hanging out with The New Modern Angels. I got to hear some new stuff, and it's very promising. Can't wait for them to finish the new songs. They're great!

Now it's back to WW2.

Swallow it...

Day 5?

Five days without anything to do with what I usually do to make a living. Strange. It feels like it's been much longer than that. It's a strange feeling.

I've been to "work", stacking dvd's, unpacking stuff and, well, what's become normal to me these past few days. I also met an old co-worker from the past. Way way past that is. It was great seeing her again. I remember meeting her on the tube in Sthlm.

Tomorrow I'm off to Nässjö. I'm gonna check out candy. A lot of candy. Tons of candy. There are worse things you could do on your vacation.

There are things I wish could be different. You can't change stuff you can't change. That's the end of it. Shit I'm tired.

Now I'm gonna watch Band of brothers.

Make room...

Day 4.

No rest for the wicked. I managed to get through one movie last night. The Boat that rocked was actually pretty good. Very good cast. The other movie wasn't worth staying awake for. After watching Ibra score for his new team, I realized it was pretty late, and I was supposed to back at Videobolaget at 8:30 today.

I've been handing out bags, and I've been very nice to new students. Sometimes very crowded.

Our spot.

Curious students...

Muddi, the bag-man... Or the man of the bags?

Our means of transport.

And finally, a pic I snapped yesterday. Sorry, swedish only.

Kalas tjock? The thinner version was named, yes, you got it; Kalas smal. Oh, it's sausage. If you didn't get it...

I've also been to P4 today. Janusch was on-air, and I joined Movie Muddi today. I haven't been on air for 4 years. Time flies. It was nice. I might join them next week as well.

Now I'm gonna hit the sack. I'm exhausted.