LP Killing Joke - What's This For...!
LP Killing Joke - Outside The Gate


Record Fair at Kraken. Not too bad.

LP Wire - Pink Flag (Red)
LP Magazine - After The Fact
LP The Jesus & Mary Chain - Send Me Away; Early Demos


It's rather slow. I'm blaming the eurocrack!

2LP Dive - Concrete Jungles
LP Glaare - To Deaf And Day
LP Clustersun - Surfacing To Breathe


2LP The KVB - Always Then (Sky blue)


Sometimes you go to dinner at a friends house and you leave with a couple of records. If you're lucky like me.

LP VA - Sangron Volume 1
2LP VA - The Closet Tapes


LP Various ‎– Snow Robots Volume 4


So this is the first post of 2018.

CD Severe Illusion - A Familiar State Of Passive Compliance
12" NIN - Add Violence
12" NIN - Not The Actual Events
LP NIN - Broken