I got a text message yesterday. It was a reminder saying I had post at my local post office. I've been waiting for two records from Bengans in Gothenburg for almost a week. They usually deliver within a day or two after the package has been sent. Anyway, this time, it took them approx 10 days. Not their fault. My post was at the local Coop post office for 5 days before I got a message saying I should probably go get it. And I haven't had any mail for more than a week. Something fishy is going on...

This is what I got today.

LP Pascal - Revy
LP Stilla Havet - Början På Ett Slut


Nice gifts!

I met up my buddy Anders today. I managed to buy a record I already had in my collection... Luckily, I've got nice friends where I can unload them. And every now and then, you get a nice payback!

12" The Sound - Shock of Daylight
7" Bad Religion - American Jesus



A new 10" arrived today.

10" Only Edges - Permanent Heart