Swedish Cup Champions!!!


I know I never write about Kalmar FF. It's not that I'm not a fan. I don't know why really. So many others do write about them, and I think they are better than me of doing so. But today, I can't ignore them... Nooo, I just HAD to write something....

Yesterday was a great day. Kalmar FF won the Swedish Cup. We haven't really won anything for twenty years. We won by beating IFK Göteborg 3-0. It was about time we won something at least... Now we're looking for the double! Let's just cross anything you could possibly cross!!!!

Well done guys! Well done! :)

I've been looking for a cashmachine...

Nah, it's not like the song by the... Fuck... This is so annoying. I keep forgetting bands, titles of tracks, movies, actors and other (non)important stuff! I can't believe it. I'm really getting old!!! Or something like it. I don't know what it is. I used to have a memory filled with stuff like that. Nowdays, it's like my RAM is broken. I don't know what it is. I usually blame it on the fact I'm no longer working with music on a daily basis. Now I'm not too sure... HARD-FI! That's the name I was looking for. See... I might not be as quick anymore, but I've still got it! ;)  Don't even remember what I was talking about. Oh yeah, that's right. I was just about to tell you something that happend to me today. Damn... Can't remember what that was! I don't think it was anything lifethreatning or exciting even. Oh, that's it... I was supposed to get some cash before lunch today. I ended up at Sveavägen and put my card in the slot... Like you are supposed to. (In Sweden you actually insert your card upside down! Don't know why, you just do it. Is it because we are so stupid, we actually might try to insert it in the wrong way? Um... I am... I tried to insert it IN THE RIGHT WAY LIKE YOU DO IN THE REST OF EUROPE!) Well, to cut a long story short, I was lucky. I realized my mistake before I lost my card inside the cashmachine.

Also just realized this is only proof of me being stupid... And old! ;)

(At least this is not as stupid as waking up with nothing on except Dr Martens...) ;)


I think the concert last night was brilliant. That's right. I think it was. I don't remember everything, and no, it' wasn't because I was drinking heavily. No, it was the fever. I should probably have stayed at home, but I didn't, and I'm glad! :) Me and Oskar went  to Universitetet. This was the perfect place for Nitzer Ebb. The only thing that surprised me, was the fact that Jason Payne is back and Kourtney is out. Not that it matters, but I didn't know she wasn't in the band anymore. Payroll will be released on the Saw IV soundtrack. Don't remember it really, but I do remember thinking, this is a better concert than the one I went to i December last year.

And I also noticed this. Hard core EBM fans, they don't know how to dance. They just march... We had this dude infront of us. All camouflage gear, no shirt and suspenders. And shades of course... He was marching, airboxing and punching holes in the air. That's just stupid. Perhaps it's just me... ;)

Good concert though. I think. Oskar had fun! And he called Mikael and left Murderous on his answering machine. I wonder if he appreciates that! ;) Now it's time to crash on the couch... I have to go to work in a few hours time. Still running a fever...


We've been to Kolmården. All of us at K5 + some of the guys from London. It was so great to see them again. I've missed them a lot. We did have some meetings and stuff, but this was mostly about checking out the animals. A bad cold hit me, and I was out of action for the better part of yesterday. Went to bed early last night. I missed all the action. Just typical. But I had to rest. Had to work today when we got back to the office.Tonight, me and Oskar is on our way to Universitetet. Nitzer Ebb... Live. Should be fun! Even though i'm still running hot. Hopefully I'll survive the night. I have to. I have to work tomorrow. As well...

Do you know what it's like when you're in the middle of something, and then it hits you. You can't breathe!!!? Do you know the feeling? The Panic?

I was using mouthwash and I just ran out of breath. My nose was blocked due to the cold or flu or whatever it is. Panic... With a capital P!

Obviously, I survived! ;)

Shooting coffee IV... ;)

I'm soo tired. It's been a long weekden. We had a sneak preview of Kanal5.se. That was friday night. We continued over to Republik and I don't think I was home until late. I was hung over most of the saturday. Me and Leo went for a coffee and later that evening, me, Leo and Gunner went to Hotellet and Anglais. I wasn't really in the mood for drinking. But we had a nice time.

Sunday was washingday! ;)

Just got my hands on The Bones debut! :) Screwed blued and tattooed. Brilliant rock'n'roll. :) Looking forward to the 22nd of October when their new album is released.

I was listening to the new Kent single yesterday. I think it's released today. I think it's gonna be a radio smash. Can't say I don't like it, but I don't really like it either. I know. It's quite contradicting. I know I'll buy it. Need it for the collection! ;)

Jesper also hooked me up with the essential A Split Second albums. Mattias, it's done! It's taken care of and I finally got them. No more yelling... ok? ;)

And Roger... Alle's ist gut! :)

Tonight we'er headed for The Anchor once more... Tonight, it's time for another musicquiz! :D


A few years ago, Varanteatern ruled SVT. Nowdays (well not sure they still do it) they call themselves Tyskarna Från Lund.

A few years back, I saw these guys live. This is one of the greatest moments.

Knut: Rakar mig...

Swedish only... Sorry...


The Anchor...

I've finished the first remix of NMA's I'll have it all. Mats helped me out and I think the result was better than I imagined it would be. We still have a few ideas how to make an all rock'n'roll version. Should be fun. I'd really like to try my explorer in a real marshall stack! I've only "podded" it so far.

Last night me and Matte went to The Anchor. A nice rock'n'roll bar, not far from where I work. They have a musicquiz every monday night. I thought I'd be totally useless. We did alright. We finished in 3rd place. Just 2,5 points after the winner. We got 21,5 points of 30. Not too bad at all. We made a damn good team! :) I'll be there next week!

I overslept for work today... And I almost drowned my laptop. I didn't put coffee into it on purpose. But it's still running. Cross you fingers, toes... Or what ever you have avaible. ;)

Some pics from last night...


Johan, Fabian and Mats at Therese and Oskars party.


I went to KTH to see Rupesh Cartel. Around 2 AM, everything got very bright inside. They told us it was the fire alarm and they made us leave. We thought it was a joke... However... Here comes the first firetruck...


This is Josephine from Rezonace... This is how happy she was, the firetrucks finally got there! ;)


Leo made his famous Billy Idol impression... ;)

I don't have to explain the party was over... I went home. Oh, by the way... Rupesh Cartel... Very good liveact! :)

Oh... The memories... ;)



At least 3 of the lines have good service...

Bill Bailey in da house! :)

Some pics from this weekends activities...


Frida and her sister in Märsta... It was cold. She thought it'd be a good idea to wear gloves... ;)

Plan 3... They were really good live!


A very thirsty Mehdi at Doors, Odengatan...


I just got this DVD boxset. Guess what I'll be doing tonight! ;)

Swoosh... Aka, the end of the summer...

So, the summer is gone. It's a lot colder. Time to bring out the warm clothes. HEY, I don't have any!!! Didn't really need them in London.

It's been a really nice weekend. We went to Hotel Anglais (don't really know how to spell it...) on friday for a few beers. We continued to Café Nero for some food. That was really nice. Saturday, me and Frida went to... MÄRSTA!!!! Yeah, would you believe it!!!? It turned out she also know Peter who work at Bandit. His Band, Plan 3 were playing this rock contest, and we thought we'd check it out. They were really good. And I saw some real rockers. You know... They looked like Mötley Crüe/Guns'N'Roses having dinner with Ratt or something like that. A lot of big hair and tight trousers! :) And this dude from Shotgun Messiah was running back and forth on the stage screaming. No, not Tim Sköld... (In Mansons band)...

Later on last night, I met up with Mehdi, Leo and Rickard. We went to a place called Doors at Odengatan for some food and beer. That was fun... And today I was really tired! Me and Helena went for a brunch with Leo and Rickard. I bought this Sean Connery DVD box, and we watched The Presido. Haven't seen that one for a long time.

Mattias, my best Fopp buddy from London was here on friday. I hope he's still around. :)