I must be getting old...

I've had a very nice weekend. I've been to the new Simpsons movie, fell asleep during it, had a problem with my toilet, went to O-baren and got a very nice tour of one of Stockholms finest cinemas. Today, me and Leo strolled around Stockholm and we ended up watching 3 movies, had a pizza and a grand tour of Skandia... (Hmm, I think it was..) Tomorrow, or in a few hours it's back to work. :) I hope they've sorted out the problem with the Autograph software.

Eat, work, sleep...

Yup, that's about it right now. Haven't really done anything at all. Well I met Ebba and Ira today. That was really nice. But that's it really.

And oh... Tip of the day: Check out

It's highly addictive! :)

At world's end...

Me and Helena went to the movies, twice this weekend. First we went to see the new Harry Potter. Well, that one was ok I guess. The Order of the Fenix? Phoenix? Foenix? Nah, that can't be right! ;) Today we went for the final Pirates of the Caribbean. Pretty cool, however, I was hoping for some more of Keith Richards. A good adventure. A bit too long I think. But, entertaining. It's been a long time since I've been too the movies at this frequency. :)

I was watching new episodes of Mythbusters. They did the menthos + cola experiment. You know what happens, right? What happens if you drink a lot of diet soda and swallow a menthos by mistake? Will explode? Their test showed diet soda has more "punch" than regular cola or sparkling water... Interesting. I'm giving up diet cola and menthos... For sure! ;)


Helena and her "homies"! ;)

Ba-da-booom... BIG ba-da-booom!

We went to see the new Transformers movie. I've never been a fan of the big robots from outer space, but I must confess the movie wasn't too bad at all... A lot of nicely done CGI and real explosions. That's what you want when you go to the cinema. :)


A bit over the top here and there, but good entertainment value!

Finally, my own desk!! :)

So, this is what the new office looks like. :)


Yup, that's my desk to the left! :) Just look at that chair. Makes me feel... Important! ;)


The other side of the office isn't finished yet. But it's gonna be great! :)

I just activated the bluetooth on my computer. These pics have been sent from my phone. It works! :)

Here are some more pics from my vacation and more...


So, this is what it looks like, underneath my bed. From my new apartment. Well, not mine, but the place where I live.


The view from my kitchen window.


H looks like she's got a strawberry on her head. WAIT! It IS a strawberry! ;)


The escalator at Duvbo station. Looks a lot cleaner than London Underground, right? ;)




We went to sumpan to visit Gunner. We also strolled around a bit. First time I've been to Råsunda.


I guess this picture is only funny if you know of Jocke Broberg. He made a mash-up of Sean Paul and some accordion music. Sean Paul på Skansen. Well, here he is! ;)


On the 15th of june, the guys from London came to visit. Here's Clara, Dogge, Mirka and Anna. Damn, I'm good at taking pictures! ;)


Anna, Veronica and Pazuzus friend, Jesper.


Anahita. :)


And Mr Marc Damon. :)


Um... Well, I don't know why I took this picture. Just looking forward to the Simpsons movie I guess! :)


Modern art... Or just candy on a table. ;)


A pic from Kustpilen from Linköping to Kalmar. Look, everything I need! :)


For the first time in years and years, I went to Torsås and to Sunelycke! This is where you find Torsås Glasteknik. Peters father has a very cool hobby! :)




This is the new office for Mix Megapol Karlskrona. Behind the desk, the one and only Jepster! :)


Aah.. Cruise control...


Ikea in Kalmar.


We celebrated Kalles birthday. I think most of them got a bit drunk! ;) Kalle and Andreas. :)


We also ran into Knutte... Haven't seen him in a looong time.


Pelle and Mikael! :)


Mikael and Kalle... What's that sign again...? ;)


Taken on the way home from Malmö on the E22. A looong trip. Luckily I had Hasse as company. :)


Also from E22 from Malmö to Kalmar. You can't see it here, but the visibilty was horrible.


Mr Lenkov at Gröna Lund. It took a while. Was rather expensive. But he finally won something. ;)

Time to go back to work...

I've had a great weekend. The Friday was spent with Lenkov and his family at Gröna Lund. One thing hit me, it's a very small amusement park. Compared to Liseberg. But it was fun. :) Saturday, me, Helena and Gunner went for a ride in Gunners parents new Hyundai. We went to Kista Galleria. I finally got me some speakers for my cpu. Just some cheap ones, but it's better than nothing. Today, me and Helena met up with Peter. We went to Kungens Kurva. Yep, I've been to Ikea. And yep, I had meatballs. ;) I got some pillows and a laundry basket. Now I actually have a place for my dirty laundry! ;) We also went to Långholmen for a coffee. I got the chance to drive around in Peters car. Sthlm isn't that difficult to find your way around. IF you have a guide... ;)

Tomorrow it's time for me to go back to work. I don't mind at all. I look forward to it. :)

X-2000 won't wait for you... You'd better run mate...

Travelling between Kalmar and Linköping... On kustpilen. Well, let me break it down to just two words. It sucks.
It's slow, cold, and the smell of diesel is in the air. If you ever consider this route, you should make sure
you go to Alvesta and from there on to Kalmar. That is much better. I almost got seasick aboard this train.
It goes to the left, up, down, right, left, right, up, well, you get the idea. Luckily I saved Apocalypto for this trip. Did I enjoy it? No, not really. I tell you one thing. It's much better than The Passion of Christ...

I realize "much" is a pretty big word. I'd say it's better than The Passion of Christ. Well, I'd say it's not better, perhaps... Just not the same movie. If the first one was a -4, then this one would be around 0?

Doesn't matter.... My train was late. When we arrived in Linköping, the X-2000 was already there and waiting for me and 1 other passenger. I had to run across the platfrom, and then walk from car 11 to 2... Across the whole train... *sigh* People, get the F**K out of my way!!!!! X-2000 won't wait for anyone...

I'm looking forward to unpack my stuff and just sit down in my sofa... RIght now, I'm on the X-2000. I have about an hour left before reaching sthlm.

My friends have gone bananas...

You decide for yourself. (Swedish only... Sorry...)


I'm a winner! ;)

Last night, we played a bit of poker. I came in second place the first round, third the second, and then I actually won one tournament. I'm the greatest! *yeah right* ;) Kalle always told me my way of playing is a bit on the defensive side. I changed that, and he didn't like it at all! ;) I kicked his ass all the way back to tegelviken! ;) No, we were not 3, we were 6 players!

Ok, let's spell it like this: E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-O-N

It's all coming back to me now. I forgot what it was like last summer. I feel bad in many ways. I've neglected some of my friends in a bad way, and I wish I'd done things in a different way. But you can't change what you've done. I just hope there was no damage made.

I've been to skåne, met my "family" and their kids. My God!! They've grown! :) The trip home was almost twice as long as it usually is, due to heavy rain. We're talking MAJOR heavy rain. But I got home in the end, safe and sound.

I've been out with my old co-workers! That was nice. I've also bumped in to a lot of people while spending time here. But I haven't spent "enough" time with some of them. But I have a few days left...

Had a pretty interesting "boys night out" last night. ;) They all got very drunk. Except for me... I also ran into Knutte who I haven't seen in a long time! :)

But my energy is starting to drop. I guess it's a good thing I have a few days off when I get back to Sthlm.

This is how you spell it: V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N ;)

Kalmar is so beautiful. I'll post some pics when I get back to Stockholm. I've been to Torsås, visiting a few friends. Peters father has a very cool shop. Like I said, I'll post the pics later! :)

We had sort of a gathering with the guys I used to work with. We had a very good time. We went to Harrys (?) and Krögers. Nice to see so many old faces. I really love it here. Last time I was here, this place didn't feel like home anymore. Now I guess it does. A bit more. I do like living in Stockholm. And at the moment I guess I'm glad I'm not living in the UK.

Tomorrow I'm headed for Malmö. :) It's gonna be so great to see my "family" again! :)