Raw Power!

I don't know which is worse. The current situation in Belarus, or the fact that Pussy Power is on trial for their performance in a church. Freedom of speech is something we take for granted. For good and bad.

If you want to read more about Pussy Power, click

There is an unpleasant wave of darkness moving through Europe at the moment.

So, I haven't really been in the mood to write anything here. To me, a blog should probably contain something interesting. This is obviously not the case here. This is just my personal space for ranting about stuff I like/dislike.

I guess it's a web based reminder of things for me. And I guess I'll keep it like that too. So if you're not interested in that, you should stop wasting your time here...

Last week, I just couldn't help myself. I had to get another guitar. I bought a Fender Telecaster 72 Deluxe FSR. It's got the smaller headstock and it's in arctic white. I wish I had the larger CBS headstock, but this particular guitar was really cheap, and it just looks stunning.

My friend Börje was asking if I left the dark side. Might be the case. The last two guitars I've bought, they are both white. I guess my black-guitar-buying-days are over...

There is a running joke among some of my friends. Question: How many guitars can you own? Answer: Just one more...

Which is rather true. I would like one or two more I guess, but now, I'm very specific. What I would love, is a white Fender Jazzmaster. It would be awesome.

Something like this:

I would change the pickguard though. I think it would look even better in black. And if there was a model avaible with a white headstock, I'd sell some of my old analogue synths.

Which I kind of did. I decided to sell my Roland SH-2. I don't really miss it. I still have the SH1 and the SH09. I might get rid of more of the old synth stuff in the fututre.

I went to see Social Distortion the other week. A great show at Cirkus. Which is an awesome venue to start with. And I got to see Alonso & Fas 3 which was even better. I never heard of Royal Republic before. Not a bad liveact. I was also attending Pearl Jam at Globen earlier this summer. Yeah, I know. Quite surprizing. Very good show. If the everyone would be as humble as Eddie Vedder, the world would be a better place. I'm sure.