If you were here...

Me, Leo and Mehdi went to Zinkens IP yesterday to check out the Kent concert. Thåström was supporting and I guess he did a good show, but I thought it was a bit. Well, not boring, just a bit too slow. He is very cool, and I do like his stuff, but the queue for the beer only made it worse! ;) It was ok. Not great, but ok.

If you wanted to go to this concert, you could. I don't think they sold all the tickets, and that must be a first. You always read about Kent selling out every concert in a matter of hours. This time, nope! I guess people saw them play on the first leg of the tour.

I'm glad I went. We had a great time. We hooked up with Per, Putte & Hasse with family from Mobile Homes. We also bumped into Maja and her flatmate. Don't remember her name, only the fact she was crazy! We walked back to Slussen and had a beer after the concert.

Oh, the concert. It was ok. Not great, but ok. I think I might have said that before! ;) They played a lot of old songs. Even Kallt kaffe. That's a bit surprising. Overall, 3 out of 5. I had a good time. They even played a new song. Don't remember what it's called. Oh, yeah. "Håll ditt huvud högt".

Actually, I'm just looking forward to my vacation now. Only a few weeks to go! :)

The Voice of K5...

My God! The penguins are taking over!! This is what I found when I arrived at work today!

And I also discovered I've been REPLACED!

Kick (me into action, with a slip of the tongue)

I went to this great party last night. It was finally time for the Megahype releaseparty for Lowe's Kino International and Mobile Homes single Close.

What a great turnout. A lot of people showed up. :) And a few guys down in the basement here at work, well, they've seen better days! ;)

There was of course one person missing... The night would have been perfect if you were here.

Oh, I've gotta mention something else. Leo sent med a few songs from the upcoming Rupesh Cartel album. DAMN!! It's great! It will be released on Megahype very soon. I hope! :) I'm gonna scream from the top of my lungs when it's released! Look out for it! :)

I'm also looking forward to the new Alkaline Trio album, Agony & Irony. I've heard a few clips from it, and you can too. Just go to the iTunes store and search for it. :) It sounds very promising. It will be released on the first of july.

All I do right now, that is waiting for tomorrow... I am so looking forward to it. :) And let's all cross everything possible for the Swedish national team tonight! Ok? :)


"I wanna wake up naked, next to you. Kissing the curb of your clavicle..."

Nice words. I've had a fantastic week. That's all I've got to say. :)

Weak week

Another weekend has passed. Rather slow, and quick. I'm really looking forward to the next weekend. :)

However, this weekend, I got to celebrate Klings 35 birthday at Hannas Krog (I hope you had a great evening, mate!) and I was also at Hans in Mobile Homes house. Today was a really hot day. Leo was going to shoot the new
West End Girls video, and he asked me if I wanted to tag along. I did, and we went to Hasses house, about 30 km outside Stockholm. Isabell and Emelie are really cool. I think the result will be brilliant. This time it's gonna be a duet with Magnus Carlsson from Weeping Willows. If you're into music, you probably know West End Girls do PSB songs. And this time it's What have I done to deserve this. Swedish P3 will add the song this week. Lookout for the video.

All I can say now, is I'm really really looking forward to next weekend!!! :)