War sucks, let's party!

Back at work. Everything is going very slow. My mind is not really at full capacity. I guess. It's a good thing, things are pretty slow at work now.

And for a mental note for myself:

*No snus for 68 days.
*Vegan for 78 days.

Time flies when your stomach is working better.

Worry rock...

I don't know why I worry about stuff. I just do. Stuff that doesn't concern me. Well, of course it does in some strange way. And I keep reading people in the precise wrong way. That sux to be honest. I thought, and oh no... That wasn't the case. However if this is like this, it must be, no... How about no. And then you disappoint people. And things are never what they seem. It doesn't matter what you do really, it's never gonna change. Some facts at least.

Well, we went to Copenhagen for a short trip, and it was nice. At least the train didn't stop for some strange reason and left us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Then we decided to go to Turkey. Why not? I've never been there before. We went to Antayla, a very old ancient city in the south of Turkey, just by the coast. It is a surprisingly large city. Over one million people actually live there. It was just a bit too hot. During the day it was around 30 with a humidity of 85%. That's way too high. We went to the beach, took a trip to the pirate caves and a big waterfall and strolled around the city. It was a nice experience. However, the only thing we could eat was a vegetarian casserole. I do not want to see one of those again. Being a vegan in Turkey, not very easy. We couldn't even find a falafel anywhere. And that was rather surprising.

Back home, we got attacked by a heatwave. That sucked. A lot. Now all I can do is to wish for some cooler weather. And my mind to be somewhere else. This sux. Actually, right now, life in general sux.

And no. I do not wish to talk about it.