In the middle of summer?

Ok, I'm officially on vacation! For three weeks! Midsummer was very very calm. Went to Gunners place. Didn't really do anything. I've also tried to do some workstuff from home, and it works perfectly. No more going into work and setting the alarm off by mistake! *phew*

I've had a great day today. I met up with Leo and Mas. We went for lunch at some very nice place close to where I work. I had the chilichicken pasta. Very tasty! We went to check out the latest Quentin movie, Death proof! I loved it! After the movie we went to medis for a late dinner. Later we went to the studio and I got to hear a few tracks from their forthcoming album. Sounds very promising.

A perfect way to end the weekend. :)

My stuff from London is arriving on wednesday. That's gonna be great. I miss my guitars. On thursday, I'm going back to my roots! ;) It's gonna be great to go back to Kalmar for two weeks. :)

Postat av: Roger

Du vet var vår brevlåda bor.. eller??

2007-06-25 @ 22:27:55
Postat av: superdigital

Nä, men jag räknar med en vägbeskrivning! :)

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